Which vibrators are there? – Part 2

In part 1 you have already got to know many different types of vibrators, such as the Vibro Egg or the laying vibrator. Here we show you the remaining types.

Have fun reading!

Sharp vibrators for couples.

A vibrator for two? Clearly a great thing, because this chic ‘Must Have’ will stir up your love life, that’s for sure.

The compact, ergonomic and clip-shaped We Vibe 4, for example, is made of soft and waterproof silicone, has two motors, several vibration levels and can also be operated by a stranger using the remote control.!

A waterproof erotic toy of the super class, which will certainly perform well in the future vibrator test..

The pair vibrator is worn during the actual act, stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris and of course also the man’s limb.!

Sex with a vibrator will probably be an unforgettable event for BOTH parties here..

Update January 2014: Recently there is a successor, the We-Vibe 4 Plus. It is available at Amorelie for example.

Properties of the pair vibrator ‘We Vibe’:

  • new design to the predecessor (30% smaller) improved seat and more tender surface.
  • stronger motors than the predecessor model (“echo vibrations”); 6 different vibration modes.
  • With curved clitoral stimulator.
  • is worn during the act.
  • wireless remote control and charging station with USB connection included.
  • Amazon Price & Rating:EUR 129,95 € // We Vibe 4 Purple, 1er Pack (1 X 1 Stück) von 5 Sternen with 165 votes

Ultimate and effective: the G Point vibrator.

Vibrators: ToyJoy G Punkt Vibrator

ToyJoy G Point Vibrator

Undoubtedly, the G-spot is for some women quasi THE epicentre of pleasure..

It goes without saying that you will land there with a suitable masturbation aid in the realm of the senses..

And there’s the flexible and exceptionally shaped G Point vibrator that uniquely adapts to the female anatomy, the perfect sex toy for women..

Very well known and popular in this special segment is the G-Vibe vibrator from ToyJoy..

This eager pleasure donor, not necessarily directly recognizable as a vibrator, has such a sophisticated design that its tip stimulates the G-spot while the end massages the clitoris at the same time..

Update January 2015: Recently there is a successor, the G-Vibe 2. It is available e.g. at Amorelie.

G Point Vibrator ‘G-Vibe’ Features:

  • made of medical silicone.
  • flexible and adjustable tips.
  • rechargeable battery with USB cable (included); up to 4 h operation possible.
  • 6 different vibration patterns.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 61,49 € // G-Vibe G-vibe - Tief rosa von 5 Sternen with 9 votes

Hot Spots for the back door: The Anal Vibrator.

Vibrators: Anal Vibrator LELO Billy

Anal Vibrator LELO Billy

As already mentioned: More and more men enjoy trying a vibrator on themselves..

Admittedly, a prostate massage is not everyone’s cup of tea, but with a suitable vibrator it can be an experience..

This sex toy, like the anal vibrator LELO Billy shown here made of skin-friendly silicone is inserted into the anus and massages through gentle stimulation prostate and perineum.

It is therefore perfectly suited for a slow and careful entry into the world of anal pleasures..

But even women are increasingly looking for an anal vibrator to have.

Slender or stronger in shape, with varying degrees of vibration, these parts offer anal seductions par excellence..

By the way, we have written our own article on the subject of vibrators for men.

Features of the Anal Vibrator ‘Billy:

  • silent anal silicone vibrator for men.
  • Ergonomic shape.
  • rechargeable and with lock function.
  • 5 different stimulation modes.
  • Stimulates the male G-spot (prostate vibrator).
  • Amazon Price & Rating:EUR 134,42 € // LELO BILLY Anal Sextoy, Deep Blue - Prostata Massage Toy für Männer von 5 Sternen with 12 votes

The little animal among the Sextoys: The Butterfly Vibrator.

Vibrators: Deluxe Double Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly Vibrator

The butterfly vibrator, e.g. the Deluxe Double Butterfly Vibrator comes with a lot of advantages.

Its shape is optimally made for the vagina and it gets perfect hold by the supplied (stretch) straps.

Usually there is a part of the Butterfly vibrator that vibrates directly in the clitoris area, as well as an insertable part that can additionally stimulate the G-spot..

Exactly this combination can provide for a completely special sex experience!

One of the Butterfly vibrators, the Sex Spotter, we have taken in a detailed test report under the magnifying glass.

Features of the Butterfly Vibrator ‘Deluxe Double:

  • ergonomic butterfly vibrator with 20 different vibration programs.
  • incl. storage bag, radio remote control and batteries.
  • can also be used as pair vibrator.
  • made of medical and skin-friendly silicone.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 29,99 € // deluxe double Silikon Vibrator Butterfly mit G Punkt Stimulation, kabellos von 5 Sternen with 40 votes

Quite agile: The finger vibrator.

fingers Vibrator 'Hello Touch'

Finger Vibrator ‘Hello Touch’

An outstanding novelty among the Sextoys we offer you here with the finger vibrator: A small vibrator; just as flexible and nimble as your own fingers it are!

With the Hello Touch Finger Vibrator from Jimmy Jane, for example, you can reach all your erogenous zones in the twinkling of an eye and pamper them with vibrations with pinpoint accuracy..

The finger vibrators often consist of (two) silicone finger pads, each containing a strong vibration motor, which can be controlled via a wrist machine..

The finger vibrator does exactly what you and your fingers want: stroking your breasts, your neck or even directly HIS limb..

You have absolutely no limits here; a new great experience!

EFeatures of the Finger Vibrator ‘Hello Touch:

  • 2 mini vibrator pads to attach to the fingertips.
  • 2 small but very powerful motors.
  • Suitable for internal and external stimulation.
  • absolutely ideal for couples.
  • made of waterproof and skin-friendly silicone.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 39,00 € // JIMMYJANE HELLO TOUCH von 5 Sternen with 6 votes

Rabbits are also represented: The Rabbit Vibrator.

Vibrators: Paul & Paulina Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator Paul and Paulina

So-called Rabbit vibrators are becoming more and more popular..

One of the well-known representatives of these vibrators comes from the German company Fun Factory and hears the name Paul & Paulina..

So if we are accurate, it is basically a duo; a very special duo of waterproof silicone that is easy to clean..

The two have only one right to exist: your own sexual satisfaction! ��

Paul for his part stimulates exactly your G-spot, while the dear Paulina takes care of your Klit or your anus..

The two are therefore not exclusively vaginal; friends of anal gimmicks also get their money’s worth here as well.

The duo is joined by a very innovative operating element (incl. Click’n’Charge charging technology) with separate booster..

If you don’t get your money’s worth here, you can’t help it anymore.! ��

Features of the Rabbit Vibrator ‘Paul & Paulina:

  • Vibrator with 4 vibration programs.
  • Illuminated control unit with Magic Touch function.
  • Stimulates G point and clitoris simultaneously.
  • can be used anal and vaginal.
  • Rechargeable & USB cable included.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: — € // fun Factory Paul und Paulina Vibrator, violet von 5 Sternen with 27 votes

Full throttle with the pulsator.

Vibrators: Pulsator STRONIC EINS von Fun Factory

Pulsator STRONIC EINS from Fun Factory

We will finish this off with the admittedly very expensive pulsator vibrators..

The extraordinary thing about these models is that they can not only vibrate, but also happen.!

With the STRONIC EINS, for example, Fun Factory has achieved a significant breakthrough..

This vibrator can do almost everything: from very soft to very strong vibrations in 10 different rhythms up to intensive and rhythmic shocks. HERE really everyone should get his money’s worth!

The intensity and also the rhythms of the shock movements can be adjusted directly on the device.!

Characteristics of the pulsator ‘Stronic One:

  • Strong vibrator with slight G-spot curvature.
  • Rechargeable; USB charging cable included.
  • with innovative shock movements.
  • made of waterproof and skin-friendly silicone.
  • Easy handling & operation.
  • Amazon Price & Rating:

Update Nov. 2015Click here for a review of the latest Fun Factory model: Pulsator ‘Bi Stronic Fusion’..

Vibrators Conclusion – Keeping track is difficult.

Go into yourself and think about which sextoy gives you the most pleasure; that’s exactly what you need now!

Advice is available in the Erotikshop real, but also a lot of virtual information on the Internet, such as on our site.

Note: All vibrators mentioned here are available in different colors, sizes, materials, shapes (curved or straight), surface structures (e.g. with natural veining), with or without disturbing wiring, etc..

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the next (online-)shop, choose your new vibrator!

As you can see, the market is packed to the brim with countless different models; there’s something for every taste.

That’s why we have made it our business to enlighten you and bring light into the dark with our Sextoy Test’s.!

Do you still have suggestions, suggestions or criticism? Always use it in the comment field or write us a mail!

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