What vibrators are there?

Thanks to the previous article you now know exactly what vibrators are, in what shapes and materials they are made of, what you can do with them, where you can buy a vibrator and what you have to consider when buying a vibrator.!

So that you do not lose the overview in the vibrator jungle and are also completely in the picture, you get from us here additionally a detailed and illustrated listing of all vibrators known to us and available. And these are viiiiy many!

So you might want to get a cup of coffee first; due to the amount of text there are two parts to this article. Have fun!

What kind of vibrators are there??

All, all of them! That’s obvious..

Whether sex toys for women or sex toys for couples; with the current range of excellent vibrators, you can really get into rotating..

For almost every taste this popular sex item is available.

With a good vibrator blows some new wind into your bedroom and with security you will also want to buy yourselves sooner or later a beautiful new vibrator. ��

In order to unknot the thicket of the vibrator jungle a little and to give you a current overview, we simply take a closer look at these special sex toys here.

How do the vibrators differ from each other??

Whether large or small, colourful or skin-coloured, classic or avant-garde; when it comes to vibrators, every prospective customer will get a little bit wobbly at first..

Because the popular sex toy for women and men differs mostly in material, design, function, length, size, diameter, technical inner life, vibration programs, and much more..

More and more men are also developing great interest in using a vibrator, either from their godmother or directly from themselves..

For this reason we present you here a selection of the well-known sex article without prejudices simply times before and start right away with the popular massage stick.

Quite classic: The Massage Wand (Wall Massager).

Vibrators: Deluxe Magic Massagestab

Deluxe Magic Massage Wand (Magic Wall Vibrator)

The vibrating Deluxe Magic massage stick, for example, is a little puristic, if not simple, and can be used multifunctionally as a discreet source of pleasure..

YES, the thing looks a little old-fashioned, but still stimulates the erogenous zones and is not immediately recognizable as a “real” vibrator.

So if you don’t necessarily want to buy a “typical” vibrator, but still like the vibrations that give you pleasure, you’ll be well served with an appropriate massage stick..

Features of the ‘Deluxe Magic’ massage stick:

  • can be used as a massage stick, but also as a sex toy.
  • powerful and quiet motor with various stepless vibration programs.
  • flexible attachment for cleaning can be removed; can also be exchanged for other attachments.
  • does not require batteries; can be charged via USB cable.
  • Amazon Price & Rating:EUR 36,99 € // deluxe Magic Wand Massager, kabelloses Massagegerät mit 10 Programmen & Akkutechnik von 5 Sternen with 91 votes

Update 09/2017: We have put a similar vibrator, the My Magic Wand, through its paces and published a review of it..

The Mini Vibrator: small but oho.

Vibrators: Fun Factory Mini Vibrator Ocean

Fun Factory Mini Vibrator Ocean

If you are interested in mini vibrators such as the waterproof Fun Factory Mini Vibrator Ocean, you are never wrong..

The little love servant can be used everywhere, whether at university or in traffic jams, and is also ideal for beginners..

The handy Sextoy can be used vaginal or as an anal vibrator, but of course also effectively the clitoris to shake bring.

Of course, the little one is also in demand for the love play for two, which can be purchased in different colors and shapes and, depending on the model, also has considerable vibration capacities for its size..

Features of the Mini Vibrator ‘Ocean:

  • made of skin-friendly, ergonomically shaped and waterproof silicone (vaginal/anal and for the G-spot).
  • easily rechargeable per Click ‘n Charge.
  • quiet and powerful motor.
  • due to its minimal size in the handbag stowable and usable everywhere.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: — € // fun Factory Vibrator Ocean ultramarine von 5 Sternen with 12 votes

Other good and cheap mini vibrators are e.g. the SmartVibes or the FreeVibes from Fun Factory..

Rather puristic: The nature boy.

Vibrators: Der Naturbursche

Vibrators: The nature boy

The realistic Tommy Blade Cyberskin vibrator looks like a lifelike penis, is made of very realistic and waterproof Cyberskin and scores with its naturalness..

Girls who like to be authentic, whose blood gets up in flames at the sight of this magnificent toy, and who want to do without colourful trallala and daring design, are perfectly served with the vibrating natural bush. ��

vaginal, clitoral or anal (here please consider smaller models) you come with the infinitely adjustable vibrator guaranteed on your fooden.

Characteristics of the nature boy ‘Tommy Blade:

  • Vibrator unit with seven steps and touchpad.
  • strong hold on smooth surfaces due to suction cup.
  • realistic replica of a pornstar penis; waterproof and without harmful plasticizers.
  • dyed and worked by hand.
  • Amazon-Alternative Price & Rating: EUR 29,99 € // Tracy's Dog Vibratoren Für Sie Mit Fernbedienung - Realistischer Dildo, Erotik Spielzeug, Sexspielzeug Für Frauen - Aus Natürlichem Silikon, Geruchlos - 360° Rotation Für Ultimativen Spaß (21 * 4 cm) von 5 Sternen with 58 votes

Quite refined: the Vibro egg.

Vibrators: LELO Lyla 2 Vibro Ei

LELO Lyla 2 Vibro egg

The Vibro egg, such as the noble LELO Lyla 2 made of waterproof silicone is suitable for Solosex, but can also heat you both up quite nice.

The tiny pleasure donor scores above all with his versatility..

Whether the vibro egg is used vaginally or lovingly stimulates the clitoris, the rosette massages or vibrates along HIS penis, there are no limits to your imagination; with this sextoy ‘pure excitement’ is guaranteed..

Several vibration levels, wireless or remote controlled, the chic thing scores with unexpected stimuli and gives you or your partner highly erotic feelings..

Properties of the Vibro Egg ‘Lyla 2:

  • Vibrator egg with remote control (range up to 12 m).
  • Intelligent touch sensor technology (the Lyla reacts to the movements of the remote control and transmits them).
  • The following possibilities: shaking, swinging & weighing.
  • Vibro Ei is rechargeable (5V cable + batteries included).
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 111.33 € // LELO LYLA 2 Bullet Sex Massager, Black von 5 Sternen with 68 votes

Simply sensual: the vibrator on the table.

Vibrators: Auflegevibrator Lelo Nea

Lelo Nea vibrator for laying on

This sensual sextoy looks a little girlish, but spoils your clitoris in a wonderful way..

Depending on your taste, you can set different vibration levels for the anatomically shaped Lelo Nea vibrator, for example..

This promises a particularly intense pleasure experience..

Optically these pleasure donors differ strongly from conventional vibrators, are however for it with the female Genitalanatomie in the best way familiar. ��

Another advantage is the low volume of the vibro eggs..

The vibrator is therefore powerful, but also discrete..

Nevertheless, the sensual seducers are also suitable as ideal sex toys for couples, can stimulate during sexual intercourse, but can also electrify the male genitals..

Features of the LELO Nea vibrator:

  • 5 vibration programs: gently stroking to strongly pulsating!
  • The vibrator can be recharged (charger included); charged and ready for use for approx. 7 hours..
  • skin-friendly, anatomically shaped silicone and ABS plastic.
  • with locking function
  • quiet operation.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 74,83 € // lelo Nea Deep Rose, Aufliegevibrator, 1 Stück von 5 Sternen with 17 votes
laying on Vibrator 'Womanizer pro'

The Womanizer Pro vibrator

Also to the family of the laying on vibrator I count the Womanizer and its successor, the Womanizer Pro.

It is not a classic vibrator, because it does not exert vibrations, but “sucks” the clitoris with negative pressure, but it is not inserted, but just put on..

It is a new and very modern invention from the year 2015 and has already made many women happy. The manufacturer even goes so far and promises a orgasm guarantee.

In our test, we put the laying on vibrator through its paces. We were also very impressed, but have also identified some weaknesses..

Features of the ‘Womanizer Pro’ vibrator:

  • Fast & intense orgasm possible.
  • 8 very different intensities.
  • One-handed operation possible.
  • Can also be used during sex.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 160,00 € // womanizer PRO W500 Auflegevibrator, Klitoris Stimulator Sauger mit 12 Intensitätsstufen, wasserdicht von 5 Sternen with 189 votes

Intense feelings with the pearl vibrator.

Vibrators: Orion Perlenvibrator Icebreaker

Orion Pearl Vibrator Icebreaker

Fast & uncomplicated on a direct way to orgasm?

Also with this pleasure donor you will probably have your fun. 100 percent authenticity is announced; therefore a rendezvous with a pearl vibrator is also a great pleasure..

This sextoy, such as the pearl vibrator ‘Icebreaker’ from ORION is strikingly constructed and irritates all sensitive areas in the vaginal area with its massage pearls..

Of course, the clitoris is not neglected either and is made to bloom by sensual massaging..

Due to the low price of the pearl vibrator this is very well suitable for the entrance into the world of vibrators..

orgasm guarantee!

Properties of the ‘Icebreaker’ bead vibrator:

  • perfect for a fast orgasm.
  • Pearl vibrator with clitoris stimulator made of a slip-resistant material
  • Right-left rotation and vibration separately steplessly adjustable.
  • made of low-odour PVC; easy to clean; does not attract lint.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 34,99 € // Orion 558664 Icebreaker Perlen-Vibrator aus Jelly-Gleitmaterial, Gesamt-Länge 25 cm lang, Ø 4 cm, von 5 Sternen with 43 votes

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