What is a Pepper Party and what am I experiencing?

One Dildoparty or Pepper Party is an ideal opportunity to get closer to the wonderful topic “Sextoys” together with like-minded people and/or good friends..

Instead of being advised in the local sex shop or ordering sextoys on the internet (after extensive research, of course), at a dildo party a consultant will come to you or to your home. Either just like that or in the context of a theme party (birthday party, hen party, etc.).

Men have to stay out there, by the way. ��

In her luggage she has a collection of various toys, which she presents to the audience over a few glasses of sparkling wine; ideally professional, of course, but still relaxed and with humour..

pepper Party

The type of Toys depends on the interests of the participants. Usually everything is there, from dildos and vibrators to lubricants, massage oil, creams and toys from the BDSM corner.. The latter mainly thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey boom.

It is a well-known fact that champagne often ensures that inhibitions fall and that the silent grey mouse becomes THE sextoy expert, who replaces the consultant from now on and for the whole evening..

By the way, some consultants bring the sparkling wine with them as a small gift. ��

Of course she can also have beautiful lingerie in her luggage, although there are very special lingerie parties for this purpose again.

The best known providers of Pepper parties are Dildofee, Liebesengel, Amorelie and Pepperparties. Of course there are also independent consultants who organize these parties on their own..

At Pepperparties, the last mentioned provider, for example, the consultant first has to pay in advance, as she has to pay for the set she takes with her to the customers herself. Several hundred euros can quickly be spent there. Nevertheless, it can be a good opportunity for many women to earn a few bucks at the same time. Some women even do it as their main job..

How such a Toy Party can look like, you can see in this video:

Of course the advisors are there to inform you, to make you want more and to introduce you to the latest Toytrends.. But of course they also want to sell something, because they live off it.. So you earn something with every sold toy and get up to 30% commission depending on the provider..

However, there is no obligation to buy, even if you have a guilty conscience because of the work the consultant had to do. Experience shows, however, that most consultants rarely go home empty-handed, provided they do their job well..

It is important that the consultant has a feeling for what the participants expect from her on this evening and what kind of toys they jump at. The price range also plays a role here; therefore a preliminary discussion should be held at all costs. Unfortunately, not every provider offers this, which is why it sometimes becomes a failure..

Young girls often buy the cheaper toys and the older ones, who already know what they want, more expensive and more demanding because of their experiences..

But even if the toy assortment does not meet the taste of the customers, it usually becomes a very entertaining and funny evening. And this in turn has a positive effect on the image of the consultants and/or the associated suppliers..

Girls, who already have experience with toys, are curious, try new things and already have some toys in their pool, are sometimes disappointed at the Pepper parties., But for girls who don’t have any contact with dildo and co. yet, such a Toy Party is a great chance to broaden their sexual horizon..

The special flair at such a dildo party is very important and, as already mentioned, the intuition of the consultants. After all, this is not a tupper party, where the cans are handed around and the sale takes place later in a quiet chamber, but a very intimate event. If it comes to a conclusion, the consultant can – if desired – sell directly from her own pool or take orders, which the customer gets sent by mail afterwards..

The order is then usually carried out in accordance with the 4-eye-principle and absolutely confidential with the consultant and paid immediately by EC-card..

By the way, in the vast majority of cases the hostess receives a certain percentage of the turnover that the consultant was able to achieve that evening, or even bonuses in kind. So it is of course in the hostess’s interest that it comes to corresponding deals. And of course she will make sure that as many girls as possible come..

Nevertheless, you should make sure that the participants know each other well, so that a corresponding atmosphere is created and the ice is quickly broken.. Otherwise there is the danger that it is a pure presentation or sales event and the consultant will monologize the whole evening..

SummarizedIf you haven’t had a lot of contact with sex toys yet, a Pepper Party can be worth it for you. Even if you can’t find a suitable product, you still had an informative and funny evening with your girlfriends. And it’s definitely worth it. ��

P.S.: If you yourself are interested in becoming a consultant, have a look at the FAQ of Pepperparties.

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