What is a nipple vacuum cleaner and what does it bring me?

No woman is equal.

Some love something, others can’t stand the devil.

This also applies to the (intensive) stimulation of the breasts.. Many women like it very much when you nibble gently on their nipples, but others are so sensitive that it’s totally turning off for them..

For the first group, there are even very special products that can fulfil this wish: Nipple suction cups or breast suction cups.

Since this very special kind of sextoy is relatively unknown, I would like to bring it a little closer to you today. I have even heard of cases in which breast milk or a milk-like liquid comes out of the breast during this procedure. Wicked, or?

So that you can even imagine what I’m talking about. That’s what classic nipple suction cups look like (summit striker Gr. S at Amazon):

nipple suction cups Fipfelstürmer bei Amazon

Even if it may seem so, there is no glass built in here. These breast suction cups consist only of plastic and rubber seals..

As the anatomy of the woman differs a lot, the breast suction cups are available in different sizes and also different suction strengths..

The application is very simpleThey are placed as centrally as possible on the breast and then the suction strength is adjusted by turning the button. Everything is possible here from very juice to very hard..

But there are also other techniques for adjusting the suction strength: e.g. hand pumps or air cushions, as already known from inflatable plugs..

So you don’t need any additional equipment. No mains adapter, no batteries, no power supply.. Only the nipple suction cups and two (beautiful) breasts. ��

The hard variant is often seen in combination with bondage (shackles, etc.) in BDSM movies. Some women (and also men) find this very stimulating..

Theoretically, these devices can also be used as clitoris suckers; but that’s not what it’s all about today..

If you prefer moving pictures, you can watch the ORION video on this topic:

The function is also explained quite quickly: the suction process increases the blood supply to the area to be stimulated, making it more sensitive. Depending on your mood, the dosage can be adjusted and the suction strength readjusted. This makes it possible to stimulate the breasts for several hours, even to the point of breast orgasm in “extreme cases”. A phenomenon you hear about again and again, but only very few women have been able to gain this unique experience..

The nipple suction cups are quite unisex. Many men use it to stimulate their own breasts or testicles, for example.. But you have to like that too. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea..

At the same time, I can only advise every man in general to include his nipples in the stimulation of sex or masturbation. This provides for a significant increase in pleasure. Do not have to be breast suckers at the same time… ��

So far I have only stimulated my breasts once with this method. To make the whole thing as pleasant as possible, I have also applied some lubricant to the edge of the teat. I can only recommend this to you very much, especially if you are untrained with it..

There are many different models on the market. If you like additional stimulation, you can use nipple suction cups with vibration function. Hipfelstürmer also has a model for you at Amazon.

nipple suction cups mit Vibration

With the strongest breast suckers you can even pull the nipples up to 4 or 5 cm inwards. But at some point it hurts, which should be avoided if possible..

Since the product rarely comes into contact with body fluids, cleaning is easy and uncomplicated..

Please be careful when using them and do not use them too often. It is possible that the nipples become more sensitive over time, the areolas become larger and darker..

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