What do I have to look out for in the harness of the strapon?

First of all you have to make sure that the harness of the strapon is really tight after putting it on..

For if this is not the case, the wearer always needs a hand to hold the thing in place; this can become a nuisance at some point, especially when things are going wild.!

A good sextoy seat often goes hand in hand with a sufficiently large “front panel”. In addition, you must make sure that the crotch is open so that the wearer also has fun with the matter. ��

For the beginning the dildos should be exchangeable, so that one is not limited in his flexibility and can start also small.

Tip: Dildos with a slight upward bend can be used simultaneously for prostate stimulation (in the missionary position). However, in order to carry out this practice intensively, we recommend you our Prostate Vibrator section.

The best way is to test different models (e.g. in the sex shop); you can still buy the strapon on the Internet. OR you just rely on our sextoy tests! ��

Strap on dildo: So-real Strapon

Strap-on dildo: So-real Strapon

Please make sure that the material of the tableware is not plastic; better leather or fabric; these are generally better processed, have a better fit and are healthier and more environmentally friendly..

It is also important that the straps are wide so that they cannot be constricted. It is perfect if two straps run past the hip in addition to the strap through the crotch; this gives the strapon further stability.!

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