Sextoy: Operation & Care

What should I pay attention to when taking care of my sextoy??

So that your Sextoy prepares you in the long term joy, the following points are to be absolutely considered to the use and to the care:

  • Clean the Sextoy with warm water and mild soap before the first and after each further use.. Please do not use alcohol or other solvents; for thorough cleaning we recommend special toy cleaning agents (see below), which you can buy in erotic shops or on the Internet..
  • tipIf you keep it under warm water a little longer before use, you will also have a nice pre-warmed toy..
  • esteem: With vibrators please pay attention to the following, that no moisture penetrates into the battery compartment; otherwise the part is over.
  • Apply enough lubricant to the surface of the sextoy. Please make sure that no liquid gets to the electrical parts.. Attention: For silicone products Use only water-soluble lubricant., because oily lubricants attack the material of your sex toy..
  • After gentle application or insertion, please adjust the vibration speed slowly and carefully. Do not force the regulators into place..
  • Switch off the sex toy (with vibration) after use and slowly remove it from or from the body.
  • Please enter Let sextoy cool down after use, before you stow it away.
  • petition keep the sex toy dry, clean and cool after cleaning (otherwise germs can form) and protect it from sunlight. We also recommend that you do not dry the Sextoy on the heater, as many materials can become brittle..
  • To avoid unwanted chemical reactions, please do not store the love toy with products made of other materials.. We recommend storage in a nice small box or in a suitable bag.. Here the Sextoy is also protected from damage.
  • Your favourite toy remains dust-free and antistatic, which works well against the annoying fluffiness of silicone products..
  • A special care product should be used from time to time for leather sex toys.. This care product prevents signs of wear and the leather remains soft and cuddly and does not become porous..
  • Toy accessories, such as the dishes of a strapon, should also be cleaned regularly. If the care instructions on the label indicate this, you can wash the dishes in the washing machine at a low temperature..

Sextoy vaginal and anal use?

Sextoy: Bedienung & Pflege

Hint: If you use your sextoy for both vaginal and anal stimulation, we recommend that you,  to put on a condom before use. The same applies if the toy is to be used by more than one person. If you do not do this, an infection can be a very unpleasant consequence..

You should also make sure that you only use anal toys that are really expressly intended for anal use. There were already one or two sex toys lost.

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