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What the oil is for the engine, the lubricant is for people. If you want it to slip better, you have a huge arsenal of different types of lubricants at your disposal: water-based, oil-based or silicone-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are the most commonly used and most widespread.

It is not only a question of taste, but also of requirements. While for “normal” use (during sex or with sex toys) pH-neutral water-based lubricant is completely sufficient, for many purposes (e.g. anal intercourse) which oil- or silicone-based lubricant is advantageous, as it lubricates much more intensively and for a longer period of time..

But there is a lot to consider here, because the last two can attack both sextoys made of silicone and even worse condoms made of latex and thus remove their protection..

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Not everything that slips is a good lubricant replacement, but unfortunately the large tube with the lubricant is not always within reach..
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All the questions we have been asked about lubricants so far are answered here in detail in the form of an FAQ. If you have read all this, you know more than 99% of all the others.
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Well lubricated is half the battle. In any case, I was allowed to make this experience or rather had to and would not like to withhold my experiences on the subject of lubricants from you..
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On these pages you will learn (today and in the future)..

  • What types of lubricants are there?.
  • What are their advantages and disadvantages?.
  • What to consider when using with condoms and sex toys.
  • Which brands to recommend.
  • Where you can buy lubricant and what you need to consider.
  • What you can and cannot use as a lubricant replacement.
  • What else you need to know about this topic.

For the last point, we have even created our own FAQ page, which is regularly updated and extended..

In the category lubricant test you will find in the future also a clear table, in which we have listed all lubricants tested by usn. Here you can see not only our own rating, but also the current price, the main features, the Amazon customer reviews, and the benefits of the gel.

This table should help you to keep the overview, to compare the lubricants directly against each other and to Protect you from mispurchases From here you can also go directly to the respective test report or directly to the corresponding online shop. Below you will also find a detailed description of the product and a price comparison of the best-known shops, so that you can also save some money when buying..

In addition, there are 2 other comparison tables in which we compete against each other for the best known and best selling lubricants. Everyone should find something suitable here.

Last but not least, you will find a very detailed article, which shows you which alternatives there are and what you can use as a lubricant replacement. It is hard to believe how frivolously many – especially young people – deal with this topic. For example, the soap from the shower is simply used and sensitive inflammations are accepted; even if I have to admit that this is obvious. Nevertheless, it is absolutely not recommended. Alternatives are e.g. Aloe Vera or coconut oil.

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