Is it difficult to use loveballs?

Application der Liebeskugeln

Application of love balls

Thus, as a rule, the application of love balls is absolutely simple and painless. ��

It is simply important that you take your time when inserting the love balls, because otherwise you may tense yourself and your muscles; and THEN it can also be painful sometimes.

Apply enough lubricating gel over the entire surface of the love balls and relax! The second or third time at the latest, the insertion is very easy..

The Fun Factory Smartballs come with a soft silicone coating and an ergonomically shaped finger recess..

You and your vaginal muscles will get used to the new situation relatively quickly and you will soon appreciate the wearing comfort..

Especially easy this will be with the thought in the back of your mind, you and your body with the love balls really something good to do and in the future better and stronger orgasms to have! ��

Detailed information on how you should introduce the Love Balls and what you need to know about them can be found here!

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