How do you use loveballs?

Important note: We recommend that you always use enough water-based lubricant for the use of the love balls, otherwise it could become unpleasant..

We are very happy to use the ToyFluid from Fun Factory because we have had very good experiences with it:

The application of the love balls is more than simple: Apply the lubricant evenly on your love balls and then slowly introduce them into the skin.!

Perform this procedure very slowly and allow yourself enough time to do it; this will prevent your muscles from tense or cramping.!

Inserting Love Balls: Once your Love Balls have been inserted, you will feel how you are slowly getting used to the feeling and how your muscles are adapting to the new situation..

Now actively tighten the pelvic floor muscles and let go again after a few seconds; repeat this process several times! Try a little here and experiment with your Sextoy.

Once your pelvic floor muscles are well trained, you’ll even be able to squeeze out the love balls without any external help..

How benutzt man Liebeskugeln?

How to use love balls?

Once you have done this exercise several times, it is time to wear the balls during everyday things, such as walking. You will find that this is a challenge at first..
How long you would like to wear the balls, or how long you can wear them, varies from woman to woman. Everyone has to find out this individually for himself..

Tip: The loveballs sit correctly if they are little or not at all to be felt..

Can I wear loveballs during sports too??

Meanwhile we could also try DAS! ��

So this is of course absolutely a matter of taste, but for me personally the stimulation during jogging is simply too intense and almost unpleasant. But that depends very much on your sensitivity in this sensitive area! ��

I had worn it at the gym once before: that was absolutely no problem at all..

However, I was here only 10 min. on the crosstrainer and about 40 min. on the equipment. Since I am from the sport in general already a bit horny, this effect was of course doubled with the things inside me …

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