How do we test sex toys?

How Do We Test Our Sex Toys?

In order to present our approach more transparently, we now explain to you in detail how such a sex toy test runs exactly.

Our Why & Procedure.

sex Spielzeug: Warum Sextoy Tests?

Why are we running sextoy tests?

First the selection.

sex Spielzeug: Wie wird getestet?

Sex Toys: How to TEST?

We are already very experienced in dealing with sextoys and prefer to choose one that appeals to us in some way and in our opinion might be interesting for you as well..

Whether they are toys for men, women or couples is unimportant for the time being..
Anything that makes us curious will be investigated extensively and the advantages and disadvantages will be uncovered mercilessly..

Only then do we categorize the sex toy accordingly, assign our rating (see following diagram) and finally publish the article.

We hope that we can help you to choose the right toy for you, because our articles are not only about the characteristics of the products, but also about telling you intensively about our experiences with them..

Who trusts blindly the article descriptions of the Sex Shops? Clearly that they do not want to represent your Toys in a bad light.

We are absolutely honest, we do not shy away from doing it when a sextoy is completely worthless and the orgasm is waiting for it, but when a toy keeps what it promises and inspires us, we will do everything we can to let you know exactly that..

How we test?

How testen wir Sex Spielzeug - Infografik

How does a sextoy test work with us??

We objectively take a close look at many different toys for you and tell you in detail about our own experiences, so that you don’t fall for unfunctional scrap..

After all, your toy should give you a lot of fun and possibly even broaden your sexual horizon..

What do we do when writing test reports??

sex Spielzeug: aktuell im Test

For a high quality and informative test report our testers need of course some time..

Please keep in mind that all our testers are private individuals who create these reviews in their spare time! ��

The following steps are usually performed during or before the creation of a test report:

  • Procurement: First of all the sex toy must be procured of course. Either we buy it ourselves or a producer/shop provides it to us z.Vfg.
  • Preparation: It may be necessary to make preparations, such as procuring additional aids or charging the battery..
  • Optics: Meaningful pictures and videos of the Sextoys must be made.
  • Fun: The sex toys must undergo multiple practical tests.s (different positions, environments, functions of the device, etc.) and tested thoroughly..
  • Critique: The advantages and disadvantages must be identified and then weighed against each other..
  • Summary / Conclusion: In the end we have to make a constructive conclusion about the tested sextoy and make a recommendation to buy; or not! ��

Sex Toys Test: The General Structure.

A tested toy can achieve a maximum rating of 100%. The product gets its own rating for each criterion in the test..

The average of all 6 ratings gives the total rating..

And this is usually the structure of our reports:

  • Material/Processing/Optics (Haptics, design, smell, ….).

  • handling (Size adjustability ….).

  • Practical application/stimulation (Load capacity, operation, seat of the toy, ….).

  • volume (can also be used in a shared flat, …)

  • Packaging/Accessories (protection, charging cable, lubricant test, manual, …)

  • Price/Performance (Is Toy worth his money?)

You will also find the following information in our test reports:

  • price comparison (automatically updated table with common online shops)
  • Summary of the (table with all properties of the toy).
  • bottom line (Buy recommendation?).
  • possibly. raffle (everyone loves her).
  • further questions (so that in the end you really know EVERYTHING about the product).
  • comments (here you can ask questions or share your own experiences).

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If you have a concrete interest in a presented toy, we would be mega grateful if you would shop over our affiliate links. With this you support this blog and help us, also in the future, to write extensive Sextoy test reports for you..

An absolute WIN-WIN situation, because: No additional costs for you, but a piece of the cake for us..


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