How do loveballs work?

How exactly do loveballs work now??

How funktionieren Liebeskugeln?

How love balls work?

This Sextoy usually consists of two small plastic balls, which are connected with a string to each other. The string also helps to remove the love balls from your vagina without further ado..

Inside the ball casing of this type of sextoy there is another small heavy metal ball, which generates vibrations when the wearer moves and thus automatically leads to the unconscious contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, thus training them..

So, sitting down, the loveballs bring the yarnüschd. ;-)

In contrast to other sextoys, loveballs predominantly train the pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles), which should lead to both partners having more fun in bed or more sensation during sex and the woman reaching orgasm faster..

Already in the middle of the 20th century it was researched that women with trained pelvic floor muscles have better control over their primary genitalia and thus reached orgasm easier and faster than women with less developed pelvic floor muscles..

The reason for this lies mainly in the better perfused musculature..

The wearing comfort is strongly dependent on the current training condition of your pelvic floor. If your muscles are not particularly eye shaped, it will initially be a little more difficult for you to “hold on” to the love balls..

But don’t worry, it’s getting better and better! ��

Are the loveballs really soundless?

Well, we can’t answer this question in general. The loveballs we’ve tested so far, including the Fun Factory Smartballs, were absolutely unheard from the outside..

In principle, there is no electric vibrator built in, but the vibrations of the inner and rotating balls are generated solely by the movement of the wearer; accordingly quiet is this sextoy (luckily) also. ��

Conclusion: absolutely noiseless!

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