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You feel like working with us.?

In principle we are open for the time being and ready for new partnerships and collaborations. So that you can get an idea of our work, a few words in advance…

On Strap on it you will find authentic & detailed test reports, many background information and clearly arranged comparison tables for the various sextoys. From vibrators via masturbators up to dildos, strapons, etc. almost everything is represented.

We attach particular importance to the fact that the products are tested neutrally and without external influences. This is how we differ massively from many so-called “test portals”, which often copy and finish only manufacturer text and product pictures. Our test reports are in great detail (mostly between 2.000 and 3.000 words), illustrated, in part video and always reflect exclusively our own experiences and opinions. And we don’t mince our words – that’s exactly what makes us so unique..

With currently approx. 15.000 visitors per month (as of July 2017) we are a German-speaking blog with a steadily growing reach. We are also represented on Facebook and Twitter..

If you would like to know more about us and need some additional statistical data (e.g. average visiting time, number of pages per call, etc.), please send us a message and we will send you our Media Kit..

The following cooperations are currently possible.

guest article:

You are a blogger or author yourself and have a good and detailed article on a topic that fits to our blog? you would like to publish it on our blog? or you just want to share your own story with us? just write us and we’ll look together if it fits or not.

First put your topic suggestion in the mail and a few words about you so that we know who we’re dealing with. And please check the blog first to see if your topic isn’t already covered in an article. And if so, write to us about which one.

We have no age limit, so the pictures and the text must not contain too pornographic elements, but you don’t have to worry about that now, because your article will be checked by us before publication anyway..

But that doesn’t mean that you have to write in a very matter-of-fact and stiff way. Let your words run wild and simply express yourself as you are used to. As if you were telling the story to your best friend..

It’s no problem to publish the article under a pseudonym, that’s the way it goes and doesn’t pose any problems. But you can also publish it under your real name..

Most of our articles are between 1,000 and 2,000 words long. It would be nice if you would orientate yourself a little. Please not shorter, but also not much longer..

If you are already providing pictures, make sure you get the permission of the author in advance, so that there will be no unpleasant surprise later. If you don’t have any, it’s no big deal; we’ll take care of it..

And now let’s go. We are very excited to hear from you. ��

Product test & lottery (with and without affiliate program):

You’re part of a team sextoy manufacturer or run your own online shop and would like us to have test selected sex toys? Then use your chance and let us as experienced bloggers a fantastic review to your toy. Discover the wide reach of our blog..

Our readers also always find the following to be particularly popular sweepstakes So should you be able to provide another product for a raffle in addition to the actual test product, this would really be great..

coupon codes:

In addition to competitions, our readers are always happy if you can save money by shopping online. That is why we are very happy if you or your company have the opportunity to offer us or our readers a exclusive discount on your assortment. Short mail in addition suffices completely.

Long-term partnership:

If your brand fits well with us and our blog, we might be able to get together via a long-term partnership Just write us an email and we’ll see if we can find a common denominator..


Also about advertorials, Sponsorings, banner advertising among other things we can talk to each other with pleasure.


Just write us a message..

What we not do.

We like to work together with companies and are open for different kinds of cooperations.

BUT: It is important to us that we only report on products or services that suit us and our target group..

So there is also Things we reject. This includes among other things:

  • We do not allow ourselves to be paid to write a positive article about a product or service that we are not convinced of. We only do this if we are convinced of it ourselves. We are therefore not for sale..
  • We do not publish advertorials that do not add value for our readers or do not fit our editorial content..

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If you like our site, we would be very happy if you set a link to us on your own website. ��

But you can easily do it according to your needs the following HTML codes to use: – Sextoys in test

What is a Strapon?

What types of strapon are there??

What is a vibrator?

What are Loveballs?

What love balls are there?

Vouchers & coupon codes

Alternatively we can also offer you our Banner in different colors and sizes to the linking z.Vfg. Write to us for this simply a email!

If you are webmaster of a thematically related website you are welcome to contact us for possible cooperation contact sb..

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