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Condoms and condoms have never received as much attention as they do today. In times of enlightenment and sexual openness, they play a key role..

Because condoms protect not only effectively against unwanted pregnancy, but also against unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases. Even if one can never assume 100% protection here..

Anyone who thinks “condom is condom” is making a huge mistake. There are sometimes clear differences in size, thickness, shape and material..

In addition to correct storage, the right size of condoms and, above all, correct use are particularly important. Only then can one really speak of “safer sex”..

Beside long-established and established brands like Durex, Ritex, Billy Boy, etc. Lelo has now also made the breakthrough with her revolutionary honeycomb technology in her hex condoms and unicorn from Germany with her vegan Parisians..

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The shelves are full of them. You can find them in different sizes, colours, with or without taste: condoms. Never before have they received so much attention as they do today..
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On these pages you will learn..

  • Why condoms are so important,
  • What brands of condoms are there?,
  • To what extent these differ,
  • Which materials are used,
  • Why the right condom size is so important,
  • The best way to store condoms,
  • With which lubricant you must not use condoms,
  • Why you should pay attention to the MHD and the CE marking,

For some of these points we have even created our own FAQ page, which is regularly updated and extended..

In the category Condom Test you will also find a clear table, in which we have listed all Parisians tested by usn. Here you can see not only our own rating, but also the current price, the main features, the Amazon customer feedback, and the benefits of rubber.

This table should help you to keep the overview, to compare the condoms directly against each other and to Protect you from mispurchases From here you can also go directly to the respective test report or directly to the corresponding online shop. Below you will also find a detailed description of the product and a price comparison of the best-known shops, so that you can also save some money when buying..

In addition, there are 2 other comparison tables in which we compete with the condoms that are best known and sell best. Everyone should find what they are looking for here..

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