About us: Sextoy Test – Why we do what we do.

Why are you here?

Let me guess…

  • You like to read tips and tricks for the use for sex toys or for the nude in itself?
  • Do you want to broaden your sexual horizon? With you alone as well as with your partner?
  • You want to try something completely new, to get new momentum in your sex life?
  • You would like to read detailed and objective Sextoy Test’s before you buy a new Toy?
  • Your love life is rusty, it just doesn’t crackle in bed anymore and sex has become pure routine.?

What is here for you?

Real Sextoy Tests

In contrast to blogs, where only the manufacturer’s text is copied for a product test, we still test the products presented here ourselves. This distinguishes us from many sites, which only copy the manufacturer’s text and use prefabricated images for their sextoy tests..

Independent comparison

We carry out our test reports neutrally, independently and without external influences. We only reflect our personal experiences..

Detailed advice

With our detailed guidebooks we answer all your questions about ‘Sextoys’. If required you can also get individual advice by mail..

So if you always wanted to know what a strap-on dildo is, what you need loveballs for, how a prostate vibrator is used and where the difference between a dildo and a vibrator lies, then you’ve come to the right place!.

If you are afraid that a sextoy could replace you as a partner: Don’t worry, it won’t happen. It’s just a toy, as the name suggests, and definitely no competition for you.!

Sextoys can’t hug, they can’t kiss, they can’t wash up and they can’t take the garbage down..

3 Reasons for using sex toys..

More variety

Sometimes, especially in long-term relationships, the love life has simply fallen asleep. A suitable sextoy can bring the fresh wind into the relationship, which is urgently necessary. You get to know each other anew and possibly even find erogenous zones on the other side or on yourself, which you didn’t know before. With a strapon, for example, you can even change roles and live out your submissive or dominant side (pegging)..

Better masturbation

Both men and women are often and quickly bored by the same masturbation technique. Especially with men, the variety of masturbation techniques is anatomically limited. A sextoy can help to make masturbation more pleasurable and also to increase stimulation. You can also specifically promote health, e.g. by training the pelvic floor muscles with love balls..

fulfill desires

Often one wishes for an extension of the “playing possibilities” and the sexual repertoire, which one cannot fulfil oneself but also the other person. If the woman wishes an additional anal stimulation during sex, for example, she could reach for the anal plug or anal dildo. A man might find pleasure in the stimulation by a prostate vibrator. Whatever you have in mind: I am sure with our help you will find the right sextoy for you..

Why we do all this..

I remember pretty much how hard it was to buy my first masturbator online a few years ago. I didn’t want to go to a stationary shop because I was ashamed..

As sextoys became more and more socially acceptable, the market grew rapidly in the last few years, so that there is now a sheer unmanageable amount of dildos, vibrators, masturbators & strapons..

How much I would have liked to have an advisor at my side who would be completely impartial in my purchase decision. Because then I would have saved myself a lot of money and some junk toys, which all ended up in the trash can..

And to make sure that YOU don’t get hurt, we’re gonna give you.

But that’s not all….

If you are open to new things, we promise that you will have more fun in bed with our information in no time at all.!

Thus we differ strongly from many so-called sex toy test sides, which only pretend to have carried out product test.. Often only the manufacturer’s text is copied and a few finished pictures are inserted. The “testers” never actually held the actual product in their hands..

Why Sextoy Tests?

What our readers say..

Olaf blog reader

Your site is great and I read it every time with enthusiasm. What I am very happy about is the selection of your toys and that you test for both women and men. Also that you test toys that are still “taboo topics” for some people (prostate stimulation). Keep it up. You are super.!

Christian blog reader

You have a great structure and the way the tests are written is wonderful and personal, so that you feel addressed. You feel understood and if not, you can get rid of it in a comment. And the next one: here you get a prompt response and respond to the user, so that no wishes remain open. So you can be very sure that you buy what you are looking for..

Inga newsletter recipient

I devour your new reports. I especially like your blog, that you really test the products on men and women. Especially with the Strapons you get the necessary experience reports for hetero as well as for lesbian applications, because there are experiences and how it feels partly clearly different (e.g. with the Share the too thick glans for the man and the too little contoured for the woman)

Alfred newsletter readers

A big praise for your blog, which you’ve set up here, it’s rather rare to find testimonials about masturbators and anal toys for men; big thanks for that. Just keep on doing as before.

Who we work with..

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Who writes here..

portrait Henning


Henning is currently the only man in our team and with his early 30s in his best years.

After a long and very technical study he is in the “real life” employee in a large mechanical engineering company.

In his rather limited free time, he tries to find enough time for test reports in order to support the men with his expertise..

He prefers to spend the remaining time with friends in the pub or in the gym..

Simone - Sextoy Test


Simone is one of the two girls in our team, doesn’t want to reveal her age and has already gained a lot of experience in love, sex & eroticism. ��

She also regularly writes articles on these topics for online magazines and other blogs. Simone works as a freelancer in an editorial office and attaches great importance to her family. In her spare time she loves to travel and to get to know new countries & cultures..

With her many years of experience and her expertise, she wants to help our female readers in particular.

sextoy Test - Manuela


Manuela is our nestling; the chick in the team!

She is 24, enjoys student life to the fullest and has recently dedicated her free time to our blog; and she does so with love & devotion..

Manuela is very keen to experiment, but not yet so experienced in dealing with sextoys. That’s why she will mainly test beginnertoys for us..

When she’s not in learning and exam stress, she likes to travel and spends every free minute doing sports with her best friend..

Connect with us..

Follow @http://twitter.com/strap_on_it


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Coupon codes & discounts

Get one of our exclusive coupon codes now and save cash when buying your sextoy!.
The table is regularly updated and filled with new discounts..

comparative tables

So that you don’t lose the overview, we offer you detailed comparison tables for each Sextoy in which you can let your favorites compete against each other. Here you can also see our test winners and can directly switch to the online shop.

Your perfect sextoy

Finding the right toy as a beginner takes a lot of time and nerves. That’s why we help you with our new tool: ‘Your perfect sextoy’. You simply choose which kind of sextoy you are looking for and how much you want to spend on it. Afterwards you get your personal evaluation.


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Sextoy Guide

If you still have unanswered questions after reading our info pages and test reports, just have a look at our Sextoy Guide (in the menu under ‘MORE’)..

How this site is financed..

This site is financed by advertising and product recommendations and is completely free for you.. Left with external Links are external and, with a few exceptions, so-called affiliate links..

If you click on these links and buy in the corresponding online shop, we will receive a small commission. Of course you will not incur any additional costs AND you will get the ideal toy for you through our help.!

If you have a concrete interest in a presented toy, we would be mega grateful if you would shop over our affiliate links. With this you support this blog and help us, also in the future, to write extensive Sextoy test reports for you..

An absolute WIN-WIN situation, because: No additional costs for you, but a piece of the cake for us.! ��


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