Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – What do I get this year? (+ Fifty Shades Info)

To the world, you’re someone. But to someone, you’re the world..

This or something similar could be the saying that you will write on a card or letter of your partner or put into an SMS in exactly one week of your partner’s time. Is anybody still using this medium today?? ��

You probably already know what I’m talking about, huh? Exactly. 14.02., so next Saturday. Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, this year’s figure falls exactly on the Shrove Saturday. I’m sure this will bring quite a drop in sales for the florists..

But what can you do besides the standard gift – Flowers or pralines – because no matter how much you spend?

Well, I’d like to write a few lines about that today..

We’re here to help you find a way Smile on your face To conjure up your counterpart who can really be seen. ��

You’ll also find out what’s been happening on our blog over the last few weeks, which new reviews and features there are AND what we will do for you in the future.

Don’t worry about it.This article is exceptional significantly shorter than usual and in max. 2-3 minutes read.

Valentine’s Day – what gift?

Valentine's box AmorelieOn Valentine’s Day, everyone has their own opinion: Many couples celebrate him extensively with all their might, and others slander him because he is in their eyes a Invention of flower shops is.

In fact, it cannot be denied that the Valentine’s Day in recent years more and more strongly commercialized Wherever you look in February… everywhere you go. sweetheart, roses, flowers or other kitsch to buy.

And TROTZDEM is pleased every woman on Valentine’s Day about a small gift. Of course on every other day too; and then probably a lot more, as she doesn’t expect it.. Just give it a try! ��

If you would like to give a present away from the mainstream: How about something personal? Maybe a nice photo calendar with (erotic) pictures of you or you together? Or how about a gift with a personal engraving??

If you like, just have a look around on – there is something for every taste. I have on this page at the end of last year ALL of you Christmas presents for my loved ones bought it! ��

But beware, you can also try something completely new & sparkling: you simply give it to your partner as a gift. erotic toy. I am sure that Madame or Monsieur will make big eyes if you/he instead of flowers this year a Sextoy or a whole sextoy box receives.

That’s why I’d like to introduce a couple of interesting gift boxes introduce.

100% suitable to the topic is the Valentine’s Box by Amorelie, the total 8 selected products contains… a complete indulgence package with sex toys for couples, massage utensils, etc..

The Valentinsbox contains the following products:

  • blindfold.
  • Paddle with punched heart.
  • Leather handcuffs.
  • massage candle.
  • penis ring.
  • vibrating massager.
  • heart of love.
  • erotic door hanger.

cupid Romantiker SetAnd the firecracker’s coming up.There is the box for a few euros more also in a special version, which additionally contain a Bouquet worth 25€. Two birds with one stone in one stone…

The box is both for beginners, as well as thoroughly for advanced learners appropriate.

You find the Valentinsbox too wicked, too SM-heavy or just don’t like it.?

No problemThe alternative is the Romantic set by Amorelie. This set is a bit cheaper and contains a total of 7 Productsmainly erotic toys:

  • massage candle.
  • Game “100 Romantic Tasks”.
  • Soft Bondage Flower.
  • hand vibrator.
  • sparkling bath salts.
  • romantic rose petals.
  • Sparkling wine (200 ml).

Nothing for you either? Well, I have a hint for you. Look here: Amorelie Sextoy Set’s. There you will find ALL at Amorelie available sextoy boxes, which you can additionally filter according to certain criteria.

If you still need some inspiration, you can find it here. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Even adventure gifts usually go down well and you can’t do anything wrong with gift vouchers anyway. They are available in the value of 20 €, 40 €, 60 €, 80 € and 100 €.

So that you don’t get poor, you should definitely check out our voucher page, because there are currently special Valentine’s Day codes for corresponding benefits gives.

cupid GewinnspielOh, and before I forget: cupid is currently organizing a great lottery. there are prizes to be won:

  1. One City trip from Mydays and a Amorelie Valentine’s Box with a total value of 188€.
  2. One Valentine’s Box by Amorelie with a value of 79€.
  3. 1 of 10 Amorelie 10€ vouchers.

You can find out what you have to do on the above page..

But beware: At the end of the competition is the 11.02.2015so hurry up.!

Start movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”

As you are probably aware, the next Thursday, 12.02.2014, the film version of the Bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey” in German cinemas.

We are really curious like a flash of lightning whether the film about the hot relationship between Christian and Anastasia can keep up with the book.

Of course I will also watch the film this weekend; for purely informal reasons, of course. ��

The following Video of the Fun Factory at STRONIC is brand-new and will be shown in selected German cinemas at the start of each film. You now have the opportunity to exclusively with us I can’t wait to see you now:

[youtube id=”knzLCuRHvvc” width=”700″ height=”390″ position=”center”]

If you have tasted blood after the movie and are in BDSM fever, just have a look at the Fifty Shades articles at Amorelie.

Even the adult shop has a correspondingly well sorted assortment ready. It’s worth taking a look!

Current & future reviews.

dildo Test - Fun Factory Bouncer

Fun Factory Bouncer

About a week ago we published a detailed test report for the new dildo of the Fun Factory with the name “bouncer“A great product, which the boys & girls from Bremen have put on their feet (in this case very suitable)..

Click here for the review: Dildo Test: Fun Factory Bouncer.

Soon we will publish test reports for the following two products:

  • Joydivision Joyballs secret.
  • Durex Play Lubricant.

Further changes and a glimpse into the future.

In addition, we are currently writing to two ebooks, we’ve given you free But I don’t want to tell you exactly what it’s about yet. Only this much: It will not be about Sextoy Test’s BUT it will give you the Dealing with the opposite sex simplify considerably.

So be curious what awaits you! ��

Besides, we’re on it., a tool that will allow you to create a list of the information you need, after providing a few details. perfectly matching sextoys obtainable.

I am sure that this will make your purchase decision much easier..

Until then I recommend the Amorelie Toyfinder for her and Toyfinder for him. Should be enough for the beginning, right? ��

portrait HenningWe have completely revised and extended the page “About us”. There you will find the following exciting information:

  • Who are we? Incl. pictures of the team..
  • What our harvest say about us?
  • Two fancy infographics, how we test sextoys and why.
  • What exactly makes us special and how do we differ from other similar portals??

At the same time, we have also Menu at the top of the screen revised and greatly simplified. I hope you will find yourself on our site right at home..

If you don’t, our search function on the right in the sidebar; I’m sure of that..

Do you have any other gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, wishes or suggestions for improvement? Just add them to your comments! ��

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