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Since the last Blog post in February is of course again some on passed.

New sex toy test.

sex toy Test: Fun Factory Smartballs Duo

Sex Toys Test: Fun Factory Smartballs Duo

Last week, we had a brand new Sex Toys Test Specifically, it is about the very well-known Fun Factory Loveballs with the name ‘Smartballs Duo‚.

This qualitative very high quality sextoy first and foremost trains the female pelvic floor musculature, and promises to the woman more fun during sex and a higher orgasmic chance.

In addition love balls can help to make the woman after the pregnancy again fit in the step . ��

They can also protect against incontinence and vaginal infections..

The Fun Factory Smartballs Duo have our Sex Toys Test very well survived and a very good rating get from us.

That’s why we also raffle brand new Smartballs to one of our attentive readers. In addition, we hold several Tips for using the loveballs ready for you.

But see for yourself: Sextoy Test Fun Factory Smartballs Duo.

Loveballs FAQ.

As in the category “strap-on dildo“we have also created a FAQ for the loveballs, in which you can find all the information you need. interesting questions on this topic reply.

Today, this category is still quite unfilled and we are working hard to fill it with important and meaningful content in the next few weeks..

If you have concrete suggestions or questions that are on your mind, please contact us and we will answer your question and include it in the FAQ.!

Strapon Bestseller List & Revised Sex Toys Test’s.

sex toy Test: Umschnalldildo Bestseller

Sex Toys Test: Strap-on Dildo Bestseller

Since we have had a lot of experience in the last few months in the Dealing with strap-on dildos and got some input from the outside, we’re all already back on the road again. published sex toys Test’s they’ve been working over, with the latest information enriched and broken links updated; see Strapon Test.

So that you have an overview of all recommendable and high quality strap-on dildos on the market, we have taken the trouble and created a strap-on dildo bestseller list for you.

Just like the Strapon comparison page, we have created these in a clearly arranged table form, distinguishing between Models for beginners and models for advanced users and address the following criteria, among others:

  • price.
  • Size.
  • vibration.
  • odor.
  • material.
  • Dildo exchangeable.
  • etc.

Infosites about Vibrators & Prostatatoys (Prostate Vibrator).

sex toy Test: Rabbit Vibrator Paul und Paulina

Rabbit Vibrator Paul and Paulina

We can also present a new category, which will be very interesting for most of you: vibrators!

So when you’re looking and you can’t make up your mind., if you should buy a vibrator and if yes, which one… then we could possibly help you! ��

So far we have written two detailed articles in which we explain what a vibrator is and which vibrators there are on the market (very detailed). With this we want to inform you in detail so that you can use the Overview in the vibrator jungle and prepare for the next one as well. future sex toys Test’s via vibrators.

A second category that we have published: prostatatoys. In this first article, we inform you exactly about what prostate vibrators are, what they do and how they work..

Information about the corresponding sextoy test can be found in the next section.

Future prospects: new info pages & new test reports

sex toy Test: Prostata Vibrator Fun Factory Duke

Prostate Vibrator Fun Factory Duke

Of course we will not rest in the future and get everything out of us, so that you always get the information you need! ��

On the one hand, we are currently writing on a further information page about the coming and for men very interesting category “Masturbators.

Secondly, we are currently testing the Prostate Vibrator ‘Duke’ from Fun Factory and can already say: We have a lot of fun! ��

So you can be curious!

Do you still have suggestions, suggestions or criticism? Always use it in the comment field or write us a mail!

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