Tenga Flip Zero: How to get a super-strong orgasm in no time. (+ competition)

I have a confession to make..

Today’s Toy has been in my bedside cabinet since October..

This article could have been online 2 months ago..

But what can I say? I had so much fun with this marvel of technology that I preferred to use it extensively myself instead of reporting about it..

Sorry, not sorry! ��

My last masturbator test was also some months ago (BKK Cybersex Cup).

Since I know how popular good masturbators are with my male readers, I have a very special treat ready for you today..

I’ve had a lot of sex and masturbation sessions in my life, with innumerable toys from innumerable companies..

But seldom has it felt SO good, SO intense and SO genuine.

The Toy, which is everything today, comes from the house Tenga.

And if you read all the way to the end, I also have a great surprise for you, which will surely please you..

Tenga is a Japanese company specialized in the production of sex toys for men. Tenga has sold more than 50 million products in 45 countries since its foundation in 2005..

And what can I say? You’re doing a really good job! The numbers speak for themselves..

And yet sex toys for men have not yet arrived in our society as toys for women have. Many men are ashamed to call a mastubator their own and hide it from their buddies and girlfriends..

I wonder why this topic is still such a taboo. Where exactly is the difference between the funny and colorful vibrators that women use to enjoy themselves and the diverse toys that we men use to do it?? Call them trucker pussy, pocket vagina, silicone pussy,… whatever.. I think we also have the right to variety in masturbation..

Or not?

And that’s exactly what I stand for with this blog.!

Before we go into a little more detail, take a look at Tenga’s handball report. You’ll be surprised what the Germans do when they’re alone. And above all how often!

For some time now Tenga has been penetrating the European market with its toys, so that we in Germany can also enjoy these toys without having to import them from abroad..

If you, like me, don’t want to do 0815-self-satisfaction with your hand any more, now pay close attention.

I got something great for you.!

Tenga Flip Zero: My Rating.

Tenga Flip Zero: Overview.

name flip zero
overall mark very good
manner masturbator
price 85 € (subject to change)
current Amazon price 56,47 €
Amazon Rating
for beginners
little/no smell
one-handed operation
Vacuum adjustable
material Elastomer, ABS
easy cleaning
Size medium
Length (insertion depth) 18 cm
insertion distance approx. 5 cm
diameter 7 cm
colors White/transparent
weight 732 g
quality very good

Overview of all Tenga masturbators.

The most famous masturbators of Tenga are:

  • Tenga 3D (5 different structures possible, each approx. 40 €, usable up to 50 times).
  • Tenga Eggs (over 15 different structures, each approx. 8 € and usable only once).
  • Tenga Cups (over 10 different models, air hole for adjusting the drinking power, for single use, each approx. 12 – 15 €).
  • Tenga Air Tech (8 different models, width adjustable in 5 steps, multiple use, each between 30 and 50 €).
  • Tenga Flip (High Tech Pur, Flip Hole and Flip 0, multiple use, vacuum intensity adjustable, each between 85 and 100 €).

And the last model, the flip zero, we take care of today.

The Flip Zero is the latest development of the professionals from Japan..

By the way: If the above-mentioned toys are too expensive for single use, you can simply use a thin condom. Then multiple use is also possible..

Alternatively, you can turn some models (e.g. the Tenga Eggs) to the left after use, clean them intensively and then use them again..

It’s also worth visiting the German website of Tenga, because for the cups and the flip series there’s a diagram on every subpage, which shows exactly how far the toy serves the following features:

  • Size
  • firmness
  • suction
  • close-fitting
  • stimulation
  • tenderness

Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator Diagram

So you can choose in advance the toy that comes closest to your requirements..

For the cups from Tenga, there is also a so-called vacuum controller, which helps to control the vacuum generated by the toy even better, easier and more targeted. You will quickly find the perfect suction effect for you..

Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator Vacuum Controller

The Vacuum Controller helps to control the vacuum generated by the Toy even better, easier and more precisely.

For the Vacuum Controller 4 AAA batteries are required, which are not included in the scope of delivery..

The Vacuum Controller is available for about 80 €, but also comes with a Tenga Cup, so you can use it immediately..

You can see which of the Tenga Cups are compatible with this controller by looking at the stickers that stick to the mastubators..

It is not compatible with Eggs, Air-Tech Cups and Flip Hole products, nor with products from other manufacturers..

But it’s not worth using many words if a nice video can explain the functionality of the controller wonderfully.?

Which Tenga Masturbator is Right for Me?

On the one hand it’s great to have such a large selection of products, but on the other hand it makes the decision for people like me very difficult..

I’m asking myself questions like:

  • Is the optics of the Toys important to me? MI would like to have a purely manual stimulation or should it be automated??
  • Do I want a disposable mastrubator, which I throw away afterwards? Or do I want the Mto make effort to remove the goo from each groove in order to be able to use it several times?
  • Which Opening I prefer? Mouth, vagina or anus?
  • Do I want a hard or soft toe?At the latter, pressure can be exerted manually from outside..
  • MI would like a Toy, with which I can produce additionally vacuum?
  • Usw.

If you tick like me, I’d like to give you a little decision guidance:

  • If you’re looking for a mastubator to get you started with, which you can leave open and which is also good for design, I recommend one from the Tenga 3D-series. There are 4 different designs, there is no vacuum adjustment and the cover has to be turned out before use. The material used is very stretchable elastomer so that almost every penis fits in without the pressure being too strong. For about 50 € you can use this masturbator about 50 times..
  • If you only have a small budget and just want to get a taste of the world of Tenga Toys, then the Tenga Eggs are the right thing for you.. For about 8 € you can choose from 15 different structures. You can save the cleaning, because the thing will end up in the barrel after the single use. At least that’s the information of the manufacturer. With a thin condom or after intensive cleaning you can also use it several times. The eggs are also made of elastomer and therefore very stretchable. The eggs are made of soft or hard elastomer, with heart structure or also with cooling lubricant. To try out the different internal structures, I recommend the Variety Sets, which contain 6 different eggs..
  • If the Eggs are not demanding enough for you, you can try your luck at the Tenga Cups.. These are also meant for single use, but here there is a much greater variety of stimulation: Besides the standard version there is one that simulates a deepthroat, one that simulates the circular movements of a female pelvis, one with vaginal and anal opening, and and and and and. But they all have one thing in common: The air hole on top of the toy, with which you can create a vacuum by holding it closed. With the Hardcase Cups there is a limitation regarding the penis width, because the housing is not stretchable. With above-average wide pencils there is a limitation regarding the penis width, because the housing is not stretchable. With above-average wide pencils there is a much greater variety of stimulation here: Besides the standard version there is one that simulates a deepthroat, one that simulates the circular movements of a female pelvis, one that simulates the vaginal and anal opening, and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and..
  • The Tenga Air Tech models have exactly what most – especially automatic masturbators and blowjob simulators – do not have: the possibility to adjust the narrowness or width of the internal channel.. The price of one of the 8 different models designed for multiple use is between 30 and 50 €. The different models differ only in their interior, which is not made of TPE or elastomer, but of silicone. In this video you can learn more about the Air Tech Cups.
  • For the advanced and experienced man who knows exactly what he wants, I recommend the Tenga Flip models.. The Tenga Flip Hole is available in white, silver, red and black. The different colors stand for different stimulation intensities. Here they are compared with each other. These professional mastubators have a sophisticated high-tech interior. There are overlapping walls, moving balls, continuous ribs and accentuated stimulation points. The interior of the Flip 0 I show you further down on a detailed photo. And now comes the clou: The Fliphole has a control panel that can be operated with only one hand. With the middle button you can operate it with only one hand. With the middle button you can use it with one hand..
  • The Flip Zero, which everything is supposed to revolve around today, is virtually the further development of the Flip Hole.. It differs from it in that the Flip Hole consists of 2 separate halves, which are held together by a hinge, whereas the Flip 0 has the hinge virtually inside the case. This makes the entrance seamless and prevents the escape of lubricant, so it’s a very clean affair. And in addition it makes the vacuum quality a bit better. The further development also ensures that the Flip 0 lies slightly better in the hand and is easier to assemble. By the way, for drying after cleaning, I would leave the sliding arms open. The Flip 0, however, instead of 3, only has 3 instead of 3..

Here again all models mentioned in a Clear comparison table:

product name appraisal price
tenga 3D - Spiral Tenga 3D – Spiral (4) EUR 25.73
tenga Air Tech Twist wiederverwendbarer Masturbator Ripple, 16 cm Tenga Air Tech Twist reusable masturbator ripple, 16 cm (2.7) EUR 22.34 PER SHARE
tenga Cup Double Hole, Einweg-Masturbator, Regular, Durchmesser 6 cm, 15 cm Tenga Cup Double Hole, disposable masturbator, Regular, diameter 6 cm, 15 cm (2.9) EUR 9.99
tenga Egg Einweg-Masturbationseier Mix-Box, 6 Stück Tenga Egg disposable masturbation egg mix box, 6 pieces (4.2) EUR 28.08
tenga Flip 0 Zero wiederverwendbarer Masturbator Tenga Flip 0 Zero reusable masturbator (3.8) EUR 56.47 PER SHARE
tenga Flip Hole (weiß) Tenga Flip Hole (white) (3.5) EUR 48.97

What is the best way to use the Tenga pocket vaginas? What do I need to keep in mind??

The procedure is basically the same for all Tenga Toys:

  1. First you pull a possible foil and sticker on the vacuum hole at the tip of the toy..
  2. Before the first use it should be once intensively cleaned turn.
  3. Then you’re wearing Lubricant (water-based) on the opening on the outside and also on the inside..
  4. You put your best piece into it and change – depending on the device – the Intensivity of the vacuum. Either via the hole on the top or via the vacuum controller. The pads (if available) can be used to additionally Pressure from outside be exercised.
  5. After the use you rotate the Hose (if possible) to left and remove it from all the lubricant and sperm residue.
  6. Very important: Before you stow it away again, make sure that you allow to dry completely. And then protect from sunlight and excessive heat/cold if possible.

By the way, every Tenga Toy can be warmed up in advance with the Hole Warmer to make the pleasure even more realistic..

Here the whole process is shown once more in pictures.

tenga Flip Zero: Gleitmittel auftragen.

tenga Flip Zero: Verwendung des Druckpads

tenga Flip Zero: Scharnier schließen.

Now close the hinge.

Tenga-Flip-Zero-Masturbator_Cleaning Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator Drying

The Flip Zero isn’t just some artificial pussy – it’s a revolution.!

Let’s see the Flip 0, in which the development of the last years at Tenga culminates, times in the detail to.

When I look at this thing and especially at its inner workings, one might think that the Tenga Flip Zero was developed over decades in a NASA laboratory..Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator Internal Structure


The inner workings of the Flip Zero are very sophisticated and provide intensive stimulation.

The fact is: The progress of development of Tenga of the last 10 years culminates in this one Toy. From the outside it cannot even be identified as a masturbator for the untrained eye..

What I immediately noticed was that the Flip 0 is relatively tightly built, which is simply due to the fact that the average Japanese penis is slightly smaller than the European penis..

Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator Input

The input of the masturbator is already quite narrow.

Unfortunately, the hard case of the masturbator prevents the internal canal from expanding too much, which also results in increased pressure on the best piece..

But that’s exactly what we want, isn’t it??

Unfortunately some mastubators of Tenga (e.g. the cups) – especially those with Hard Case – are so tight that it is a real problem for well-equipped men to get in and therefore the stimulation is already ZU intensive..

With the Soft Case Cups the whole thing works a little better and the counterpressure is not quite so strong..

There is another thing that all Tenga Toys have in common: In contrast to Fleshlight products, which have many extremely detailed masturbators on offer, the Tenga Toys are visually very far away from the “original”. However, I am pretty sure that this is exactly what was intended..


From the outside it is not visible to the untrained eye that this is a masturbator..

The best and most popular vibrators for women are also mostly superbunt and have a design, which does not resemble the male meat whip in the slightest. If this is healthy. ��

There is one last thing that, in my experience, applies to all Tenga Toys that have already been tested, but above all to those with a sophisticated inner workings: I just get to orgasm incredibly fast..

I am circumcised and sometimes even need up to 40 or 50 minutes during sex. With the Flip 0 I was already finished several times in less than 5 minutes..


Tenga-Flip-Zero-Masturbator_Eggs_Lubricating Gel

The Flip Zero along with a couple of little brothers, the Tenga Eggs..

The first impression of the Toys was pretty awesome for me. I bet the Flip 0 with its futuristic appearance and the white color wouldn’t even stand out in the Apple Store..

When I wanted to use the Flip Zero for the first time, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. It happens very rarely that I have to read a manual before using a device, but in this case it was absolutely necessary.


The short instructions and the detailed instructions are both in the foot of the packaging..


How the packaging opens.

Without the instructions, which are in the bottom of the packaging, I wouldn’t even have gotten the toy open. It’s completely in English, by the way, but everyone who only had a few months of English at school will understand what is meant in combination with the printed pictures..

I pull the hinge upwards and press firmly with both hands on the sides of the toy to open the masturbator. Once opened I apply enough of the enclosed lubricant to the opening and also the inside of the toy and close it again with a firm pressure..

It is now important to put the sliding arms back on so that the sextoy does not open again (sometimes forgotten), even under heavy load. This is also important so that no sliding gel can escape..


The hinge should be repositioned so that the masturbator can withstand the pressure..

The practical test proves: Good mastubators are almost as good as real sex with real women..

The thing is so tight and the stimulation is so intense that I don’t move at all for some time and just enjoy it..

Of course I want to experience the 4 different chambers inside the Tenga Masturbator, so I push my best piece all the way to the back..

I have to admit: I’m not sensitive enough at the tip of my penis to tell if I’m in the Ripple Dome, the Ridge Wall, the Triple Chain Gate or the Layered End Orb. But I know one thing for sure:

It feels awesome! ��

Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator Toy Tip

Dildos also feel at home in the End Orb… ��

Depending on my mood I sometimes stick my best piece in and just hold it in place for a while and play with the pressure from the outside and sometimes I get it like the Duracell rabbit from the TV commercials..

Out of curiosity I press the two pads on the toysides to create a vacuum in the masturbator and exert more pressure on my penis. I don’t notice much of the pressure in itself, but the vacuum… Holla the forest fairy! From a purely emotional point of view it comes relatively close to a good and intensive blowjob.!


With pressure on the pads on the toy side you can create vacuum inside..

No matter how rough you are with this thing: The Flip Zero does everything and is 1A in the hand.. One-handed operation is possible, so you have the other hand free for other activities. Drinking beer, smoking cigarettes,… whatever you want. ��

The Flip Zero is super processed. You won’t find any flaws or sharp edges to hurt yourself on..

The material of the Tenga masturbator is almost odourless, so some manufacturers might cut off a slice of it. If you get a biting rubber smell in your nose while masturbating, it’s not exactly antörnend..

Tenga flip zero masturbator_cover

You can keep the Flip 0 well protected and clean in the supplied packaging..

After use I inspect the pocket vagina and in fact: No lubricant has escaped. Neither at the front of the opening, nor at the sides..

A clean affair, then..

Apropo clean: After use, you can easily clean the Tenga Flip Zseheero under running water and use the glide arms to dry the product as quickly as possible..

But don’t let the photo fool you. In the pictured position the Flip Zero doesn’t hold very well and falls down quickly. In my case it mostly dries on a towel, in lying position..


Unfortunately the Flip Zero doesn’t hold very well in this position and falls down quickly..

It is very important that you do not close and stow it until it is completely clean and dry to prevent bacteria from forming..

You can also use the housing in which the mastubator was delivered to store it safely and securely. This also has the advantage that it stays clean and pretty in the long run, because the material attracts fluff faster than you would like it to..

Flip Zero: Price Comparison.

So that you can Purchase of your new Mastrubator are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of the Flip 0 at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Tenga Flip Zero

Product price*: 55,91 EUR | plus shipping costs*: n.a. | Price may be higher now.
Product price*: 79,95 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 5,95 EUR | Price may be higher now.
Product price*: 99,90 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 0,00 EUR | Price may be higher now.
Product price*: 99,95 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 0,00 EUR | Price may be higher now.
Product price*: 99,95 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 4,95 EUR | Price may be higher now.

Status of data: 06.09.2018 17:08:41
Information on price comparison

Conclusion: Intense orgasm in record time – no problem with the Tenga Flip Zero!

Tenga flip zero masturbator article image

The biggest advantage is at the same time the biggest disadvantage of the flip zero: I come with it very fast to orgasm.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort. If I just used my hand, I wouldn’t need any preparation or follow-up..

The stimulation is very intense despite my circumcision and without using the pads on the toy side.. But sometimes this is because my penis is wide and the toy comes from Japan, where the average penis is less wide..

If I had to decide for a model, I would definitely buy a Tenga masturbator, which is intended for multiple use. It is hard to say if a total beginner should start directly with the Flip Zero. Vmtl. you should first get a cheaper toy and if you like THIS you should just change to it..

Because I find it a waste to spend 10-15 € for a unique masturbation pleasure also for environmental reasons..

The Flip Zero or the Flip Hole are definitely my first choice.. Especially if it has to go fast and I want a strong stimulation. If you like it more realistic and don’t want to get an orgasm so fast, you should have a look at one of the many Fleshlight-models.

For about 90 € and less you can get a high-end masturbator from a company that specializes in developing such toys..

Beside the Fleshlight products mMn the best masturbator which is currently available for sale.

After many masturbation sessions in the last 6 weeks with the Tenga Flip Zero I can say quite clearly: This thing is a revolution.!

The feeling is very intense and I think it is quite realistic. The soft, very stretchy and cuddly TPR inside the toy is partly responsible for this..

You have to try something with the right amount and the right type of lubricant, the right external pressure and the right vacuum intensity, but THEN… THEN it is really a pleasure..

Oh and honestly? Sometimes I would wish my girlfriend had such an exciting and textured inner life! ��

But most of all it’s a super clean affair. After I’ve come, I just go to the bathroom, fold out the Flip Zero over the toilet, let the sperm run out, clean the masturbator vigorously under running water and let it dry overnight in the air..


It may be necessary that you have to help with your fingers because of the strong structure on the inside to get out really all the lubricant. Especially at the back of the End Orb (which feels really good by the way) this is not that easy..

If you want to be a part of the masturbation revolution yourself, try the Tenga Flip Zero for yourself!. You won’t regret it!

P.S.: For whom it is interesting: There is now also an electronic version of the Flip Zero..

P.P.S.: The Flip Zero was kindly provided to me by Tenga z.Vfg. But as you know, this doesn’t affect my evaluation of the product in any way in this review..

Flip Zero: Our competition.


So that you can convince yourself of this Toy, there is today a brand new Tenga Flip Zero to win.

You can also take part directly in the competition here:

The winners will be notified by e-mail..

End of the competition is Sunday, 14.01.2018, 8 p.m..

The entire Strap on it team wishes you every success.

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