With lubricating cream it runs like clockwork. But what types are there?

I don’t know how you feel, but I’ve already dealt with the subject of “lubricant cream” several times. I made the start after a really unpleasant sex faux pas a few years ago. Stupid if it doesn’t work out so well and the woman doesn’t get going. Then it can hurt men and women alike..

Well lubricated is just half won. In any case I was allowed to make this experience or rather had to and would not like to deprive you of my knowledge about lubricants..

So today I’ll tell you how lubricants can be used, what advantages they have, what different species there are and what natural alternatives I prefer..

Sliding cream – what is it and what do you need it for??

By lubricant we mean a substance that moistens a woman’s vagina or any other desirable opening, for example if she does not want to become moist due to a lack of estrogen. ��

The gel prevents a painful penetration and an unpleasant irritation. Also for lovers of anal sex lubricant is particularly well suited and is almost indispensable, since the “rear area” of the woman or also the man does not wet itself. The penetration of a penis or a Sex Toys is facilitated thereby.

Many lubes are also suitable for massage purposes. I would like to go into this in more detail in the next paragraph..

Flutschi Time – These are the different types of Flutschi gel.

In principle, there are three different and common types of lubricants:

  • Water-based lubricantThese lubricants are particularly well tolerated by the body and the skin. In addition, this lubricant is particularly easy to remove from the laundry. It also makes almost no stains. Stupid only that water-based lubricants often contain chemical additives and dry out quickly, so it is essential to read the package description before buying..
  • Silicone-based lubricantLubricants based on silicone have a very long life span and are pleasant on the skin. The disadvantage: Washing out the silicone based lubricant is really bad. I sometimes messed up my bed linen and got quite annoyed afterwards. Sometimes even parts of my floor were so slippery for days that I almost broke my foot. ��
  • Oil-based lubricantOil-based lubricants have the great advantage that they do not dry out. They are particularly suitable for use in water, for massages and anal intercourse. Unfortunately, they are difficult or impossible to remove from clothing and are suspected of containing oil and chemical additives..

I don’t have a concrete favourite among the conventional lubricants, but personally I always prefer products without chemical additives.. My body is very important to me and so I don’t want to burden it with any harmful substances.. For this reason I usually choose the silicone based lubricant..

Even if it can mess up your laundry, you can clean everything. You can buy the various lubricants on the Internet or at your local drugstore. Even a well-stocked pharmacy usually has one or two lubricants in its range..

However, the healthiest, cheapest and easiest to clean are not the conventional lubes, but one or the other alternative. I would like to introduce these to you with pleasure.

Natural alternatives to conventional lubricants.

lubricating cream Arten_Kokosöl_klein

Coconut oil is a good alternative to lubricant and also cares for the skin..

A welcome and fragrant alternative for me is coconut oil.. I attach particular importance to organic quality, because it comes into contact with the most intimate parts of the human body and nobody wants unnecessary irritation..

If you heat the initially hard coconut oil in your hands, it becomes soft or even liquid very quickly. You can also warm it up well in the microwave. Then it is warm and liquid like water. A massage with this incredibly good smelling oil is not only super relaxing but also stimulating. In my opinion it is also suitable in any case as a suitable oil for a hot foreplay..

In addition to coconut oil, there is also olive oil, which also has a particularly caring effect. For me, however, it is not as pleasant as coconut oil in terms of odour technology. The tastes here are different.

Contraception, Sextoys and Co. – what to consider when using lubricants?

The problem with lubricants and co. is that they can damage contraceptives such as condoms..

When using condoms, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer knows best whether his condoms are compatible with lubricant, so always check on a case-by-case basis to avoid unpleasant faux pas..

In principle, you should never combine greasy lubricants with latex condoms. Incidentally, oil, butter and baby oil are also greasy – and that’s only a marginal point ��
The stupid thing about fatty substances is that the oil can cause minimal cracks in the condom. In fact, the cracks are so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye, but sperm and pathogens don’t matter how small or large the cracks are. They find their way through them and in the worst case they can have serious consequences..

Of course there are also condoms made of a different material, which are also suitable for lubricating gels. If you are unsure, please check the manufacturer’s notice in the package again, so you are always on the safe side..

By the way, the same applies to Sex Toys! If the material of your Toys is compatible with the lubricant in your drawer, you can find out if you read the instructions in the user manual. But remember also here: Greasy lubricants are not good for Sex Toys made of latex, rubber or silicone. And since most of them are made of silicone…

Conclusion & Summary

So let’s hold on: Water, oil and silicone based lubricants available. The former is the most common, hardly stains, but dries out quickly and is sometimes stretched with unsightly additives. Oil and silicone lubricant lubricates stronger and longer, but is difficult to wash off and can leave annoying stains. Both are usually not “compatible” with silicone condoms and sex toys..

By now you can buy them online in the well-known shops like Amorelie, Orion, Adultshop or Amazon.. But also in well-stocked drugstores like DM Markt (now also selling sex toys from Amorelie) or Rossmann. You can also find some lubricants in pharmacies..

If it should be a natural and well-tolerated alternative, I can highly recommend coconut oil to you. It smells good, cares for the skin and lubricates (almost) as good as real lubricant, but it is rather unsuitable for anal sex. If you want even more detailed information on this subject, have a look here: lubricant replacement.

To be on the safe side, you should always read the pack description of condoms and sex toys carefully before use.. Yes, I know that the Germans don’t like to read instructions, but especially with regard to the safety of condoms, there is a lot at stake here..

Do you still have suggestions, suggestions or criticism? Always use it in the comment field to this topic or write us a mail!

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