Lubricant Test Joydivision Aquaglide Sensitive ▷ ideal for health conscious & allergy sufferers?

dirty weather.

Here it storms and ships out of buckets. And the beginning of June… what can I say??

And most of all, what are you supposed to do??

Exactly: SEX!

And best of all daily and uninterrupted. ��

In order for THIS to run smoothly – in the truest sense of the word – the grip on the lubricant is only obvious..

What I do NOT mean is: baby oil, olive oil or vaseline as a lubricant (or other alternatives). I can only strongly advise against this as it is not beneficial for any mucous membrane in the world. Please refrain from producing lubricants yourself if possible..

Only, which lubricant is right for me?

Also here – as already with Sextoys – the market is completely inscrutable. There are zig different compositions, innumerable flavours and various package sizes.

To make the decision easier for you, I’m doing some educational work again today. That’s why I’m doing a new lubricant test again today..

If you read diligently with us, you are surely already the name “job division“A Hanover-based company that specializes in the production of sex toys and matching accessories..

That’s exactly what my article today is about: I’ll introduce the new Aquaglide Sensitive The formula used is specially formulated for the application in the Needs of the sensitive vaginal mucosa harmonized.

The “normal” Aquaglide I have already introduced in detail in this article. In direct comparison to the Durex product, it was a good one. It was productive, long gliding and also cheap..

Only the missing pump closure spoiled the fun a little at that time..

Now I hold here the “further development” with the name addition “Sensitive” in the hands. Here was a new formula without glycerine, but with hyaluronic acid – for more moisture exactly DAS is supposed to ensure, among other things, that no residues as we know it from the one or other water-based lubricants..

Lubricating Gel Test Aquaglide-Sensitive_Large image

Joydivision Aquaglide Sensitive – brand new and up to date.

Glycerin is partly responsible for the fact that a lubricant gel dries out over time AND it may have a negative effect on women who tend to have fungal infections (e.g. candida) or cystitis..

Also Allergy sufferers will find out about this new formula I personally have hay fever, but luckily my Mumu has been spared from allergies so far. ��

In front of me are 125 ml lubricant in the hoped for pump bottle. Thanks for that, dear Joydivision team. The price is currently with ca. 13-16 € for 125ml clearly higher than that of the “normal” Aquaglides with approx. 9 € for 200ml. Let’s see what our lubricant test brings to light today and how the product performs in comparison to the competition, how it performs during sex and also during masturbation..

Lubricant Test ‘Aquaglide Sensitive’: My Rating.

Lubricant Test ‘Aquaglide Sensitive’: An Overview.

name Joydivision Aquaglide Sensitive
overall mark very good
price 13-16 € (subject to change)
current Amazon price 8,37 €
Amazon Rating
base Water
pump closure
condom suitable(+sextoys)
free of dyestuffs and fragrances
suitable for vaginal, oral, (anal).
durability 3 months
Size 125 ml
little/no smell
quality very good

Flavorless, water-based lubricant with pump closure for clean dosage..

Before use you must remove the transparent protective cover. Fast & easy to use.

As the name suggests, this is a Water-based lubricant (grease-free) and therefore ideal for use with a condom and/or a sextoy. You can find out what other types of lubricants there are and what you need to know about them in our FAQ..

Lubricant Test-Aquaglide-Sensitive_from_top

The Aquaglide Sensitive from above.

First of all the mMn biggest advantage: The reclosable pump closure. With this the Dosage very easy I’m totally annoyed if something goes down and the bottle gets messed up; after all, I use it more than once. Since the bottle is transparent, you can see early when you need to get supplies..

Lubricant Test Aquaglide Sensitive Pump Cap

The Aquaglide Sensitive is equipped with a pump cap..

The containing lubricant is clear or transparent and has a pleasant, gel-like consistency. A little bit thinner, as I know it from my hair gel, for example..

For my purposes, I usually only need a single pumping process. In combination with my body’s own lubricant, this is completely sufficient. What strikes me positively from the outset: The gel catches unglueable, like it happened to me with other products, so theoretically you could use it for a massage if you don’t have anything more suitable..

Odour: 100% odourless it is not. It smells like lubricant, even if only a little. Not unpleasant. But not sweet enough for my taste either. If you’re one of those who’re afraid to put that stuff in your mouth: I can calm you down. That’s what I’m talking about. Aquaglide Sensitive tastes like nothing.

If you don’t like it – in the truest sense of the word – just try one of the Aqauaglides with taste; e.g. raspberry.


Ergonomic & pH-neutral sliding cream that is easy to wash off. Ideal for allergy sufferers.

Lubricant Test Aquaglide Sensitive Label

The label reveals: without glycerin but with hyaluronic acid.

In the first “act”, which lasted about 25 min., I didn’t have to add anything more. Fertility is thus given. In the following second round, I had to get to it. My smear was simply not enough for my insatiable boyfriend. Nevertheless, I could not feel any unpleasant burning or itching afterwards. My vaginal flora seems to have tolerated the whole thing well..

It’s really amazing how long the gel lasts without drying out or sticking..

It only sticks a tiny bit to the hair, but that’s almost unnoticeable. Apart from that, the “intimate bald look” has been in vogue for years…

Lubricant Test-Aquaglide-Sensitive_from_front

The lubricating cream from the front.

I noticed two positive things in the application:

  • The lubricating cream can be very wash easily. Even completely without soap. If I compare it with the backdoor gel from Pjur based on silicone, for example… a difference like day and night: I sometimes stand 10 minutes in front of the sink and my fingers are still slimy afterwards. But the backdoor is also perfect for anal sex. I can’t recommend this to you with the Aqauaglide, even if the manufacturer says it’s different. A water based gel doesn’t do it for ME. For all those who do anal sex with rubber, however, it does with rubber..
  • E flat leaves hardly any stains. Have a look at the photo: I smeared a big drop on my duvet cover and the next day it disappeared almost completely, but only almost. A small, easily visible, dried and hardened stain has remained. Aquaglide Sensitive is water-based, but it’s not water..
Lubricant Test-Aquaglide-Sensitive_Spot-self-tag

Aquaglide Sensitive – a fresh drop on the duvet cover

Lubricant Test-Aquaglide-Sensitive_Fleck-naechster-Day

Aquaglide Sensitive – the drop the next day.

Suitable for use with condoms and sex toys. Dries out slowly..

Lubricant Test-Aquaglide-Sensitive_Description text

The label on the back of the bottle reveals more details.

In my Lubricant Test in addition to the act with my boyfriend I also tried my beloved Patchy Paul: the meanwhile full-grown caterpillar tolerated the application wonderfully and delivered a TOP-work. The lubricant is thus 100% suitable for use with sex toys.

By the way, my friend has already used the Sensitive for himself and his little friend and has only reported positively so far..


Joydivision Aquaglide Sensitive: Price comparison.

So that you can Purchase of your lubricants are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of Aquaglide Sensitive at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Joydivision Aquaglide Sensitive

Product price*: 8,37 EUR | plus shipping costs*: n.a. | Price may be higher now.
Product price*: 17,95 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 3,95 EUR | Price may be higher now.
Product price*: 19,95 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 4,95 EUR | Price may be higher now.

Status of data: 06.09.2018 17:10:18
Information on price comparison

By the wayI lubricated the lubricant on my forearm for fun and left it untouched. There it dries out only after about 1 hour and doesn’t stick at all. But it’s not completely residue-free either: When I try to rub it off, I have a few little white crumbs in my hand afterwards..

Cleitcreme ‘Aquaglide Sensitive’ – Conclusion: high-quality lubricant cream from a German manufacturer.

Lubricating gel test aquaglide sensitive article imageThe hyaluron really seems to be working. proud price from approx. 15 € for 125 ml you get here a good, natural, productive, water-based lubricant a German producer with a lot of experience in this segment. Aquaglide Sensitive has long gliding characteristics, dries out very slowly, leaves hardly any residue and is good for vaginal mucosa.

Thanks to its new formula, this tasteless lubricant is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and women with a tendency to fungal infections. The pump closure makes a simple and residue-free dosing possible.

Since Aquaglide sensitive is based on water, it can with condoms and/or sex toys containing silicone can be used and is easy to wash off.

The new product was now also a pump dispenser so that it does very well in comparison to the well-known Durex “Play”. There is no best lubricant for me at the moment, because the differences are not very big and all have their advantages and disadvantages. In the DM, Rossmann or other drugstores you don’t get the Joydivision lubricants unfortunately (yet?).

Since I’m someone who’s willing to spend more on good quality, there’s from me: A clear recommendation to buy.

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