What are Loveballs & How can they help me?

What are Loveballs – Info’s & Explanations.

  • You have problems getting to orgasm and IF you get one, isn’t it particularly strong? your pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissue are weakened due to your last pregnancy & you may even suffer from incontinence?
  • Your lover lies in your ears and complains that he would hardly feel anything during sex, because you are too “far”? And although you are a pretty and yet satisfied with your body, this gnaws at your self-confidence?

I know this only too well! Please pay attention now exactly, because I have a solution for you:-)

What sind Liebeskugeln?

What are Loveballs?

Loveballs, like the very popular Fun Factory Smartballs Duo shown here, are first and foremost a sextoy for women. This “secret weapon” among the sextoys can increase desire & enhance orgasm and is invisible & silent.

Some of you already know her from the bestseller Shades of Grey.

There are many different names for these little wonder balls: pleasure balls, anal beads, loveballs, smartballs (Fun Factory) or also orgasm balls.

The terms “love pearls” and “pleasure pearls” are also often used in this context; perhaps one or the other knows them as sweets from his childhood!

But what do they actually do now??

Now some objective and emotionless words and facts, so that you really know what I am talking about…

Usually this Sextoy consists of two small plastic balls, which are connected with a cord directly with each other. The cord is meant to pull the love balls again without difficulties from the vagina, before they disappear there for eternity..

These balls are available in many different colors, sizes and materials.. There are also models with more than 2 balls on the erotic market.

In general it can be said that the balls are normally not worn during the actual act (even if this is done sporadically), but rather in everyday life. There are even girls who wear them for a complete working day, so 8 hours and more.

Little history of love balls (for those who can never know enough).

Love balls have quite a long tradition. They existed in Japan 500 AD in the form of the “Ben Wa balls” (translation: “ringing bells”). These balls were made of metal or ivory material; they were worn by the woman during the act of love to increase man’s lust, among other things..

The traditional model consisted of three hollow balls connected by a small chain. In the cavity of the balls there were metal tongues, against which a small ball struck and caused the construction to vibrate..

The results of Dr. Kegel’s research in the middle of the 20th century were absolutely revolutionary..

Dr. Kegel found that girls with trained pelvic floor muscles have better control over their primary genitalia and climaxed more easily and quickly than women with less developed pelvic floor muscles..

The reason for this lies mainly in the better perfused musculature..

Why are loveballs worn? How effective is pelvic floor training?

Why werden Liebeskugeln getragen? - Fun Factorys Smartballs Uno

Fun Factorys Smartballs Uno

There are several reasons why you can use this sextoy.

The most important of them:

  • love balls exercise & fortify sb./sth. that pelvic floor muscles (PC musculature), which is to lead to the fact that both partners more fun in bed, resp. more sensation have sex and the woman faster & stronger to orgasm comes (main reason).
  • Wearing the Smartballs can be done before Incontinence in old age & before vaginal infections guard sb./sth..
  • Wearing the balls in everyday life can fantasy incite, which in turn very exciting can be for the woman.
  • Many people wear the smartballs because the thought their Partner excited.
  • Loveballs against pelvic floor weakness: Some carry the balls after their pregnancy, around the weakened musculature to make you fit again and to make the weakened Tighten fabric.
  • The balls can also be used for problems caused by overweight, that menopause or stronger physical stress aid sb./sth..

tipOn the website of Frauenzimmer.de there is a pelvic floor quick test with which you can check how fit your pelvic floor really is.!

Further information about your pool floor can be found in the book ‘Beckenboden in Bestform’..

How to use them?

What sind Liebeskugeln: Swan's Liebeskugeln mit Vibration

Swan’s love balls with vibration

The use of love balls is child’s playInside the ball casing there is another small heavy metal ball which, when the wearer moves, generates vibrations and automatically leads to unconscious contraction of the muscles in the pelvic floor in order to train them..

So, logically, these things don’t do much good sitting down..

However, there are also models with a small vibrator instead of a metal ball; this is intended to enhance the sensation even more.!

By the way, the bullets sit right when they’re not felt..

Tip: Are you afraid that the balls could slip out, just wear a tampon and the thing is scratched?!

Please always use some water-based lubricant when training the pelvic floor. Spread the lubricant evenly over the balls and slowly insert it. We recommend the Fun Factory Toyfluid for this..

Once the Love Balls are inserted, you will notice how you slowly get used to the feeling and how the muscles adapt to the new situation..

Now actively tighten the pelvic floor muscles and after a short time you let go again; repeat this process several times! Try here a little bit and play with the Sextoy.

Once your muscles are properly trained, you’ll even be able to squeeze the Loveballs out without any outside help. ��

Once you have done this exercise several times, it is time to wear the balls during everyday things, such as walking. You will find that this is a challenge at first..

How long you would like to wear the balls, or how long you can wear them, varies from woman to woman. Everyone has to find out this individually for himself..

What else do I need to know about?

What sind Liebeskugeln: Liebeskugeln Joy Division

Loveballs Joy Division

More detailed information about the Liebes balls available on the market can be found in the category: Love balls for pelvic floor weakness.

There, in the FAQ and in the actual product comparisons, we also answer the following questions:

  • If the Application of love balls Difficult? Did I have Pain with love balls introduce?
  • How it works Dear bullets now exactly?
  • Are there also love balls with remote control?
  • Can I carry it myself? a climax get?
  • Do the Smartballs help with orgasm problems?
  • Can I have her too? at sports take?
  • Love bullets are too really noiseless?
  • What about the Safety of the wearer?
  • How long should the bullets be worn?? 30 min. per day? Can you get sore muscles in the pelvic floor?
  • What’s with the hygiene to note? How do I clean the love bullets?
  • Which lubricating cream I shall use?

Where can I buy loveballs??

Either directly in erotic shops on site or via the Internet.

One of the advantages of an erotic shop is that you can touch different products and think about which ones meet your individual needs. ��

Here you can also check the Sextoy regarding its volume (e.g. with balls with vibration function).

If you like it more anonymous, the purchase via internet is also unproblematic. Here there are not only detailed product descriptions as on this page here, but also detailed information about possible defects or harmful ingredients; in addition there are multiple customer reviews (e.g. on Amazon)..

By the way, good loveballs are available in pretty much all price ranges.

What are Loveballs: Summary & Conclusion.

This little miracle weapon can really help you to increase your orgasm potential and also the fun during sex lastingly if you wear it regularly..

For some it is the best invention since sex toys exist, for others it is absolute nonsense..

So you have to try it yourself.!

Anyone who followed the last jungle camp diligently may have noticed that jungle queen and blonde Melli wore these things during their 14-day stay and swore to them. ��

For my part, I have had almost only good experiences with love balls so far. I admit that these things took getting used to in the beginning and were not so easy to introduce..

But after the second or third time I became more and more a fan..

More detailed information about my experiences & emotions when using the balls can be found here: Fun Factory Smartmalls Duo.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the next (online) shop, choose your new love balls!

Please pay attention to the quality of the balls when making your purchase..

The love balls should be well coated (e.g. with silicone), so that no vaginal secretion etc. can penetrate into the cord and the balls..

Again, it’s better to play it safe and make a little more money. Many of the cheap products contain plasticizers and other substances that are hazardous to health; and THIS really doesn’t have to be THAT.!

You should already consider exactly what you would like to carry in your body..

And please always pay attention to the hygiene, so that you do not harm your beautiful and unique body – more information under Operation & Care.

Short: Don’t buy anything you wouldn’t put in your mouth! Health always comes first! ��

What do you think about it? What experiences have you already gained with loveballs? Just write in the comment field!

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