Loveballs: You have the questions, we have the answers!

You still have special questions about love balls.?

All the questions we’ve had about love balls we will answer you here in detail in the following Form of a FAQ.

If you’ve read all this, you know. more than 99% of of all other users of love balls! ��

Here we go. Have fun.!

love balls

Application of love balls is difficult?

Application der Liebeskugeln

Application of love balls

Thus, as a rule, the application of love balls is absolutely simple and painless. ��

It is simply important that you take your time when inserting the love balls, because otherwise you may tense yourself and your muscles; and THEN it can also be painful sometimes.

Apply enough lubricating gel over the entire surface of the love balls and relax! The second or third time at the latest, the insertion is very easy..

The Fun Factory Smartballs come with a soft silicone coating and an ergonomically shaped finger recess..

You and your vaginal muscles will get used to the new situation relatively quickly and you will soon appreciate the wearing comfort..

Especially easy this will be with the thought in the back of your mind, you and your body with the love balls really something good to do and in the future better and stronger orgasms to have! ��

Detailed information on how you should introduce the Love Balls and what you need to know about them can be found here!


How to use love balls?

Important note: We recommend that you always use enough water-based lubricant for the use of the love balls, otherwise it could become unpleasant..

We are very happy to use the ToyFluid from Fun Factory because we have had very good experiences with it:

The application of the love balls is more than simple: Apply the lubricant evenly on your love balls and then slowly introduce them into the skin.!

Perform this procedure very slowly and allow yourself enough time to do it; this will prevent your muscles from tense or cramping.!

Inserting Love Balls: Once your Love Balls have been inserted, you will feel how you are slowly getting used to the feeling and how your muscles are adapting to the new situation..

Now actively tighten the pelvic floor muscles and let go again after a few seconds; repeat this process several times! Try a little here and experiment with your Sextoy.

Once your pelvic floor muscles are well trained, you’ll even be able to squeeze out the love balls without any external help..

How benutzt man Liebeskugeln?

How to use love balls?

Once you have done this exercise several times, it is time to wear the balls during everyday things, such as walking. You will find that this is a challenge at first..
How long you would like to wear the balls, or how long you can wear them, varies from woman to woman. Everyone has to find out this individually for himself..

Tip: The loveballs sit correctly if they are little or not at all to be felt..

Can I wear loveballs during sports too??

Meanwhile we could also try DAS! ��

So this is of course absolutely a matter of taste, but for me personally the stimulation during jogging is simply too intense and almost unpleasant. But that depends very much on your sensitivity in this sensitive area! ��

I had worn it at the gym once before: that was absolutely no problem at all..

However, I was here only 10 min. on the crosstrainer and about 40 min. on the equipment. Since I am from the sport in general already a bit horny, this effect was of course doubled with the things inside me …


How love balls work?

How exactly do loveballs work now??

How funktionieren Liebeskugeln?

How love balls work?

This Sextoy usually consists of two small plastic balls, which are connected with a string to each other. The string also helps to remove the love balls from your vagina without further ado..

Inside the ball casing of this type of sextoy there is another small heavy metal ball, which generates vibrations when the wearer moves and thus automatically leads to the unconscious contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, thus training them..

So, sitting down, the loveballs bring the yarnüschd. ;-)

In contrast to other sextoys, loveballs predominantly train the pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles), which should lead to both partners having more fun in bed or more sensation during sex and the woman reaching orgasm faster..

Already in the middle of the 20th century it was researched that women with trained pelvic floor muscles have better control over their primary genitalia and thus reached orgasm easier and faster than women with less developed pelvic floor muscles..

The reason for this lies mainly in the better perfused musculature..

The wearing comfort is strongly dependent on the current training condition of your pelvic floor. If your muscles are not particularly eye shaped, it will initially be a little more difficult for you to “hold on” to the love balls..

But don’t worry, it’s getting better and better! ��

Are the loveballs really soundless?

Well, we can’t answer this question in general. The loveballs we’ve tested so far, including the Fun Factory Smartballs, were absolutely unheard from the outside..

In principle, there is no electric vibrator built in, but the vibrations of the inner and rotating balls are generated solely by the movement of the wearer; accordingly quiet is this sextoy (luckily) also. ��

Conclusion: absolutely noiseless!


Help love balls orgasm?

Can I get an orgasm while wearing the love balls??

orgasm durch Liebes Kugeln?

Orgasm through love bullets?

So there we have to disappoint you: If you are not mega sensitive and sensitive, you can jump, run and jump as you want… You will not come from just carrying the love balls to orgasm. ��

At least this is the experience that WE have had in testing the presented products. If you have had other experiences, we would be very happy to receive the corresponding information..

Help the love balls with orgasm problems?

Although I never really had any problems getting to orgasm, I was positively surprised after a four-week long-term test..

After regularly wearing the Fun Factory love balls, I can report that I am both faster and harder. My life partner could also observe that I have become “tighter”, so that he has more pleasure during sex. ��

How often and how long do I have to carry the love bullets for it?

The package insert of the Fun Factory love balls states that they should not be worn for longer than three hours at a time in order to prevent vaginal soreness. ��

In our opinion, it is not the wearing time that is decisive, but that the love balls are worn regularly. So better 3 times a week 30 min., than once a week a whole day!

This is the only way to achieve a sustainable training effect.

I started wearing it 1-2 hours a day and later, after getting used to it, I’m up to 3-4 hours, but not everyone will find it as comfortable as I do…


Liebes Kugeln: Experience with Safety & Hygiene

Love balls experience: safety of the sextoy.

dear Kugeln Erfahrung: Sicherheit & Hygiene

Love balls experience: safety & hygiene

In most cases the love balls are equipped with a return strap, so that these will never disappear inside you..

After wearing this sextoy regularly you won’t need this band anymore, because you can push them out of your body with your muscle power alone..

Please make sure that you allow yourself enough time to insert the gel, that you relax and, above all, that you use enough lubricant..

Please also make sure that you really only buy high-quality love balls. The material is absolutely crucial here: We like to recommend silicone to you here..

Finally, you introduce this sextoy into your body; and you certainly don’t want to confront it with harmful substances..

Short: Don’t buy anything you wouldn’t put in your mouth! Health always comes first! ��

Love balls experience: Hygiene of sextoy.

So first of all I would like to point out that love balls can be even health-promoting, because with regular wearing they can protect both from incontinence, and from vaginal infections!

It is important that you clean the Liebes balls thoroughly and intensively after use, before you store them dry, clean and clean (preferably in a protected bag or in a small box)..

Materials like silicone are waterproof and can be easily cleaned under running water with a little soap; a special toy cleaner is usually not needed..

In general, a water-based lubricant should be used as it does not attack the sextoy’s material and is much easier to wash off than an oil-based lubricant..

Further detailed information on the operation and care of sextoys in general can be found here: Sextoy – Operation & Care.


Where can I buy loveballs??

love balls kaufen

Buy Loveballs

If you want to buy loveballs, you should inform yourself sufficiently in the apron.

When choosing a sextoy, it’s not just your taste that counts; a number of other factors also play a role, such as aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and price..

In addition, it is an advantage if the material of your sextoy is harmless to health, such as silicone..

You can buy the love balls either directly in erotic shops on the spot or of course via the Internet..

The advantage in an erotic shop is that you can take different love balls in your hand and consider which of them suit your individual needs. Especially if you buy your first model, you can get advice when buying in the erotic shop..

If you like it more anonymous, the purchase of your love balls via Internet is also unproblematic..

There are not only detailed product descriptions as on this side here, but also detailed information about possible lacks or health-endangering contents materials; in addition there are still multiple customer evaluations. :-)


We have forgotten a question that is burning on your soul? Just write us an email; we will answer it in detail and include it in this section as well.!

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