Love balls against pelvic floor weakness: These models are available!

Loveballs can help against pelvic floor weakness?

Now that you know what’s going on. love balls are, for what & how they are used and what is to be considered with the purchase, we would like to describe here again somewhat more detailed, which Types of love balls are currently available, such as these differ and whether they were Sex toys for women are suitable.

We also explain how love balls can really help with pelvic floor weakness..

Have fun reading!

How do love balls differ from each other??

Loveballs differ mainly in the following points:

  • material.
  • Number of balls.
  • Size.
  • shape.
  • weight.

Before we present here some well-known models, let us briefly go into the points mentioned:

1. material.

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Liebeskugeln aus Glas

Love balls made of glass

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid during production to ensuring that the material is skin-friendly and hygienic, i.e. harmless to health, and offers a good feel. The first choice is often silicone, as this material meets most requirements..

You can view a good and detailed material overview here!

But you can also find balls made of metal, plastic or even glass on the market; they all have their advantages and disadvantages and therefore their raison d’être. You can find further details under the link above..

By the way, in addition to the smooth love balls, there are also models whose surface is provided with various structures (patterns, grooves, etc.) for additional stimulation..

2. number of balls.

As already written under “What are love balls”, the traditional Japanese model consisted of three hollow wooden balls.

Today, there are models with just one ball; with two, three, four or even more..

3rd size.

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche:herzförmige Liebeskugeln

heart-shaped love balls

Love balls, the sex toy for women is available in completely different sizes and different diameters..

As a rule, in models with 2 balls, these two balls are the same size (e.g. Smartballs Duo from Fun Factory)..

The models with 3, 4 or more balls often have different sizes (e.g. “descending” getting smaller and smaller or vice versa)..

Here it is easy to make sure that you don’t select too big balls for the entrance..

4. shape.

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Liebeskugeln aus Metall

Metal love balls

The majority of loveballs sold are round, but there are also some models with oval or egg-shaped contours..

There is also the possibility that the individual balls are not classically connected with a string on all models, but can also “merge” into one another..

In addition, there are even variants in which the balls can really be used individually and independently of each other (completely without connecting cord)..

Very seldom you will find models with a certain motto, e.g. heart-shaped love balls for Valentine’s Day (see above)..

5. weight

Another point, which distinguishes many different love balls from each other, is the weight. From featherlight models (e.g. made of plastic) to really heavy models made of metal, the whole range is represented here..

The weight of the balls can be selected according to the field of application.

In other words: If you want light erotic stimulation and a light training effect, you use models with a lower weight. If, on the other hand, you are a little more advanced and want an intensive training effect, you use heavier models.!

Loveballs with only one ball (e.g. Smartballs Uno).

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Fun Factory Smartballs Uno

Fun Factory Smartballs Uno

The simplest, but still a widespread love-ball variant is the one with only one ball..

The Smartballs Uno model from Fun Factory shown here is completely made of skin-friendly and well-tolerated silicone and, of course, has a return strap so that you don’t have to go looking for it later, in the infinite worlds of your… you know! ��

The Fun Factory love balls also have a finger recess to help with the introduction..

This love ball, or in this case this love ball, is perfect for getting started with pelvic floor training and for trying it out..

So if you’re not sure if this sex toy for women is really something for you or if the version with 2 balls might be too big for you (maybe your anatomy doesn’t give away any more), the Fun Factory Uno would be worth a try.!

There are also models on the market with only one ball, which are much heavier..

The Train-Ball from Smile, for example, weighs a proud 55 grams. Would also be an alternative if 2 balls are definitely too much for you..

Properties ‘Train-Ball:

  • perfect for beginners and for trying out, because only one ball is needed..
  • also available with higher weight.
  • Fun Factory love balls are odourless and skin-friendly; adapt to body temperature.
  • Amazon Price & Rating:— € // smile Sweet Smile Trainballs Warm Up von 5 Sternen with 2 votes

Loveballs with 2 balls (e.g. Smartballs Duo).

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Smartballs Duo von Fun Factory

Smartballs Duo from Fun Factory

The most common model among the Loveballs is the one with 2 balls connected by a string..

The elliptically shaped Fun Factory Smartballs Duo shown here is made of medical and odourless Elastomed, which automatically and quickly adjusts to your body temperature..

Of course no return strap should be missing here. We also classify these pleasure balls as suitable for beginners, as size, weight and number of balls are manageable �� (ca. 10 cm long, diameter of balls ca. 3,5 cm, weight ca. 75 g).

Should the Smartballs UNO not stimulate you enough, the Smartballs Duo would be the optimal ascent; then it should work again with the orgasm during the act of love.!

Both the UNO and the DUO are available in many different colours, but we will not go into them now..

To Fun Factory it has to be said that it is a German company from Bremen and you can be pretty sure that you get German quality products here, which you can not necessarily expect from some other manufacturers…

Features ‘Smartballs Duo’:

  • next higher level after the Smartballs UNO.
  • also suitable for beginners.
  • Fun Factory model odourless and skin-friendly; adjusts to body temperature.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 23,99 € // fun Factory Smartballs Duo Weiß/grape von 5 Sternen with 17 votes

Love balls with more than 2 balls.

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Liebeskugeln Flower Balls

Loveballs Flower Balls

Of course you can also find Loveballs with 3, 4 or even more balls connected with a string in the usual shops. In how far this makes sense or not, you have to decide for yourself and try it out on your own..

Anyway, our team hasn’t had any experience with pleasure balls that connect more than 2 balls..

The model “ORION Flower Balls” shown here has a total length of approx. 23 cm and the balls have a diameter of 3.5 cm, 4 cm & 4.5(!) cm each..

Probably these measurements exceed the anatomy of one or the other woman; at least it could be a bit unpleasant..

Properties ‘Flower Balls:

  • higher training effect and more stimulation through more than 2 balls.
  • maybe too big for some women.
  • possibly not suitable for beginners.

Love balls for anal pleasure.

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Fun Factory Liebeskugeln 'B Balls'

Fun Factory Love Balls ‘Balls

This sex toy (for women and men) is the newest highlight on the sextoy market..

The Fun Factory love balls with the beautiful names “Balls” act as analtoy for both the woman and the man..

In principle, they work just like ordinary love balls: Without motor and therefore absolutely silent, they vibrate with every movement (internal and evenly rotating weights) and penetrate the wearer; only at a different point.!

The Fun Factory Balls shown here consist of 2 connected balls of different sizes (the front one is conically shaped) and a narrow toy foot, which should provide a secure hold..

Thus the Balls sit also with large movement firmly in place; much like with a classical Analdildo, and/or Butt Plug.

So for fans of anal penetration, it’s definitely worth a try.!

Properties ‘Balls:

  • Material: silicone (outside), ABS (inside), waterproof.
  • a pleasantly full feeling for women.
  • well suited for pre-stretching.
  • simultaneous penetration with another sextoy or partner possible.
  • The partner feels the vibrations of the balls during vaginal penetration..
  • indirect stimulation of the prostate when worn by the man.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: — € // FUN FACTORY: B Balls Analplug magenta/black von 5 Sternen with 20 votes

Love balls with vibration.

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Liebeskugeln mit Vibration

Love balls with vibration

The next model in our series are love balls with vibration. The shown, exceptionally designed and admittedly very expensive model with the beautiful name SWAN Clutch contains a vibration motor in the smaller of the two balls..

You insert the silicone balls and then the vibration motor starts due to the pressure of the vaginal muscles. This should further strengthen the existing stimulation..

love balls gegen Beckenbodenschwäche: Vibroei!

Sex toys for women: Vibroei!

You can also buy models where the vibrator can be controlled by remote control..

There are many similar models on the market to match:

  • Loveballs with remote control.
  • vibro eggs sewn into underwear.
  • voice-operated vibro eggs.
  • etc.
  • Amazon Price & Rating: EUR 111.33 € // LELO LYLA 2 Bullet Sex Massager, Black von 5 Sternen with 68 votes

bottom line.

In our eyes love balls are the sex toy for women par excellence. Regularly in use they increase your orgasm potential and give you more fun during sex..

In addition – if trained regularly – love balls help against pelvic floor weakness..

So, what are you waiting for? ��

What do you think? What experience have you had with loveballs??

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