Fun Factory Smartballs Duo ▷ Our love balls test.

You are a big fan of the bestseller ‘Shades of Grey’ and now looking for high quality vaginal balls, preferably made of health friendly silicone.?

You want to train your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles to have more fun having sex and get to orgasm faster.?

Your friend is in your ears, he wouldn’t feel enough during sex since your last pregnancy.?

Then the Fun Factory loveballs with the name Smartballs Duo solve your problems; even in a fun and exciting way.

You can also win something; just scroll down to the bottom!

Smartballs Duo: My rating.

Smartballs Duo: An Overview.

name Fun Factory Smartballs Duo
overall mark well
price 25 € (subject to change)
manner love balls
current Amazon price 23,99 €
Amazon Rating
colors black/grey – black/rawsperry – white/violet – white/red – white/turquoise
Size medium
overall length approx. 17 cm
Ø balls 3,2 cm and 3,6 cm
weight approx. 75 g
for beginners
little/no smell
material skin-friendly silicone (anti-allergenic)
good training effect
easy to insert
quality very good
Price/Performance well

Smartballs Duo: Price Comparison.

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Fun Factory Smartballs Duo

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Product price*: 24,90 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 3,95 EUR | Price may be higher now.
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What are loveballs and how do I use them??

love balls Test: Smartballs Duo der Fun Factory: seitlich

This is how the vaginal balls look from the side.

Loveballs, like the Smartballs Duo, are a sex toy for women. They have a very long tradition and come originally from Japan..

Especially pregnancies, overweight or menopause can have a negative influence on the pelvic floor muscles and thus weaken them. One of the main tasks of Smartballs is to rebuild them slowly and continuously..

In addition, as already mentioned, you can contribute to more fun during sexual intercourse, as your orgasms will be more intense, but you can also protect against incontinence and vaginal infections. In addition, some men think that your partner is “carrying” the things right now..

However, it is important that the Liebes balls are worn regularly, even if it is only 30 minutes a day. Only continuous training brings results here..

Inside the Smartballs there are two metal balls, which rotate when the wearer moves, generate vibrations and thus automatically lead to the unconscious contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and thus stimulate and train them..

The Smartballs Duo from the German house ‘Fun Factory’ are also suitable for beginners, but it is an advantage if you have already trained with the Smartballs Uno, the smaller and lighter version (36g) with only one love ball..

The Smartballs Uno von der Fun Factory

In principle, the Toy is identical, has only one ball less.

In principle, the Smartballs Duo differ from the Smartballs Uno “only” in their weight, the number of balls, the size and the intensity of stimulation during movement of the wearer..

When the postman rings three times..

As always with a pending loveballs test, I look forward full of expectation like a little child on the postman with the small inconspicuous package under his arm!

Most of the time I try to schedule the delivery so that the package arrives on Saturdays when I am free and at home..

Also this time I sit the whole morning and noon with one leg bobbing on my couch, watch the well-known comedy shows on TV and wait for the man in yellow uniform!

Until it is finally so far and my annoying bell exceptionally times one in my eyes sympathetic tone of itself gives!

Slowly I have the feeling that the young man, our messenger, suspects whatever is in all these packages. His cheeky grin and the glitter in his eyes say more than a thousand words. But maybe there is something else behind it… hopefully he never rings three times.!

When opening the small brown and inconspicuous package, I am, as so often, very impressed by the design arts of Fun Factory: In the chic pink-golden sliding box, beside the noble and ‘smart’ Smartballs, there is even a small instruction manual, which is easy for everyone to understand and decorated with a few pictures.

Fun Factory also relies on the well-known and popular silicone for this sex toy; this applies to the love balls themselves as well as to the return strap with which the love balls are pulled out of the vagina. The silicone used is absolutely odourless, free of plasticizers, kind to the skin, firm but cuddly, waterproof, anti-allergenic and of course easy to clean..

An ergonomically shaped finger recess (“easy-in”) on the sides of this sex toy is designed to facilitate insertion, which will then crystallise out during the love ball test..

 Liebeskugeln Test: Smartballs Duo der Fun Factory: Verpackung von vorne

The packaging is plain as usual from the Fun Factory, but very chic..

On the first impression these love balls make a very high-quality impression and seem also well processed..

I suspect that the wearing comfort will depend on the training condition of my pelvic floor muscles. I could well imagine that in an untrained state it will be difficult at first to keep the things in…

You can be curious whether you will hear the love balls while walking or whether they are quiet. If you would hear something whirring, it would be extremely unpleasant for me..

The love balls are perfect for pelvic floor training. You can start right away..

There is not much to say about the handling, because the Smartballs have already arrived ready for use. So there are no preparations to make and it can start right away..

Please always use enough lubricant (water-based) when using the love balls.!

Tip: We have had very good experiences with the water-based Toy Fluid, also from Fun Factory:

Loveballs Test: The Smartballs Duo in practical use.

 Liebeskugeln Test: Smartballs Duo der Fun Factory: Größenvergleich

So you can get an idea of the toy size…

So, here we go: I took a lot of time during the insertion; for the very simple reason that I wanted to prevent my vaginal muscles from tense in any way and thus possibly hurt..

For the first time I generously applied lubricating gel to the love balls and then slowly introduced them into me. Surprisingly, this was very easy and absolutely painless..

Here the soft silicone sheathing and the ergonomically shaped finger recess came to my aid.

According to the instructions, the Love Balls should be worn for a maximum of three hours at a time. I will start slowly and wear them for 1-2 hours of housework..

The first impression: Very high wearing comfort.

If you don’t move and sit still, you can’t feel the smartballs, but when you move, the rotation of the balls inside is pretty stimulating right from the start. Luckily, the things are quiet and can’t be heard at all..

One gradually gets used to the new situation and the new feeling and slowly begins to alternate between relaxing and tightening the muscles and “playing” a little with the balls…

After my pad was clean as a whistle, I went shopping with the balls in me. The thought that none of the other customers knew about my little secret was a bit strange at first, but then gradually made me really hot and somehow already satisfied a little bit.!

Unfortunately I also have to say that the return strap is relatively thick and can be felt a little bit when wearing tight jeans, for example; unfortunately this is a bit annoying..

To all of you who think that you will reach an orgasm while wearing it: I have to disappoint you… this is definitely not possible..

But this is also not directly intended; because they are supposed to increase your orgasm potential during sex..

After the apartment cleaning and the exciting shopping tour it is already evening and I was so turned on, that I could hardly stand it..

Luckily I had a good evening preview with my boyfriend, who was able to satisfy my sexual desire quite well… ��

Of course you don’t feel the difference between wearing it once and having sex; it takes time to do that after all.

How do the vaginal balls perform in the long-term test??

 Liebeskugeln Test: Smartballs Duo der Fun Factory: Langzeittest

Loveballs in long-term test

Update after a long-term test over about 4 weeks: After having used the Smartballs on different occasions (e.g. half a working day in the office) I can say that the wearing comfort is quite high in the long run..

In addition, I noticed that the love balls always had the slight urge in the first week to slip out of me, as if they themselves would not have any fun with the thing. But this has subsided since the second week..

The stimulation of the Smartballs Duo is also quite intense when worn for a long time; only when sitting you hardly feel it at all. Fortunately I have got used to the slightly disturbing feeling of the return cord in the meantime..

What I can definitely say: Through weeks of training, I feel my pelvic floor muscles better now, can actively relax them and conjure me and my boyfriend during sexual intercourse significant increase in pleasure in the bedroom..

Since I’m not yet a mother, was blessed with a strong pelvic floor and always get very strong orgasms quite quickly, I had no other advantages through the use of the love balls. My boyfriend didn’t notice any other big difference during sex either..

What I haven’t tried yet: Wearing the love balls during sports, e.g. jogging. I’m curious about that. If you’ve already gained some experience there, you’re welcome to tell me about it in the comments.

It is said that you can also wear the smartballs directly during the act. For example during anal sex..

Or you hold a vibrator directly to the return strap; this should then transfer the vibrations into the inside and stimulate them even more. I haven’t tried Hapreisverbe myself yet, but it sounds interesting..

Little tip: Fun Factory has a nice set, namely the Women’s Desire: Smartballs-Box, consisting of Smartballs Uno, Smartballs Duo (packed in a Toybag), care utensils and a guidebook about ‘pelvic floor training’..

The purchase would be worth a consideration! ��

Application of the vaginal balls so far a complete success.

After more than 4 weeks of intensive testing of the love balls I am absolutely thrilled.

They keep what they promise, are as usual from Fun Factory of very high quality and neatly processed. The Smartballs Duo have definitely enriched our sex life.

Again, it’s better to play it safe and make a little more money when buying the love balls. Many of the cheap products contain plasticizers and other substances that are hazardous to health; and THIS really doesn’t have to be the case.!

After use, the sex toy should of course be properly cleaned, dried and stowed away cleanly. The material (silicone) of this sex toy for women is unfortunately a little prone to linting..

But under running and warm water it is super easy to clean with a little soap..

You do not need a special toy cleaner or disinfectant..

As always, you will find general care tips here.

Conclusion – TOP for pelvic floor training and ideal for beginners.

fun Factory Liebeskugeln Smartballs DuoThis small wonder weapon can help you to increase your orgasm potential and also the fun during sex when you wear it regularly.

You have to try it yourself, though, because every woman responds differently to it.!

We recommend a Toybag for the clean and gentle storage of your Smartballs; also available from Fun Factory.
If I have aroused your interest and you would like to buy love balls, I can advise you without reservation to the Smartballs (Uno or Duo) of Fun Factory!

The Smartballs are available in the following colours:

  • red / white
  • violet / white
  • red / orange
  • blue / white
  • black / red
  • turquoise / white

Smartballs Duo: The competition.

fun Factory Liebeskugeln Smartballs Duo_schwarz

As already announced, this time we are giving away brand new love balls, the Smartballs Duo in black. Of course this is not the test object, but unused Smartballs..

To take part in the competition, write a meaningful comment below this entry!

We would like to know if you liked the test report or if we forgot anything important.

Also if you would buy the Smartballs Duo or the Smartballs Uno or if you already own and use them. And if yes, what experiences You did with it and whether you’d buy it back.

Among all commentators random number generator a reader is drawn by lot who will be notified of his prize by e-mail.

So you must remember to have correct email address indicate!

End of the competition is Sunday, May 25th, 2014, 24 o’clock on the dot. ��

Update: The sweepstakes is over. Our random number generator has spat out #4, and it’s “Claudette” named the winner of the Smartballs Duo.

Claudette, you will receive further information to the e-mail address you have entered.

Thanks to all for participating in the competition! ��