Virtual Reality Sex: How the new trend is changing our lives – Interview with Henning

A few weeks ago Manuel from knocked on my door and asked me for an interview about the topic Virtual Reality Sex and Toy-supported Cybersex. Since I already own VR glasses from Samsung and was already allowed to test the Couple Toys from KIIROO, I agreed to a.

You can read a part of the interview in the brand new article “VR-Ausblick: Liebe und Sex in Zeiten der Virtual Reality” of PC Games.

The full interview Have fun with it:

virtual Reality Sex - Ein Interview

ManuelYou’ve tried Kiiroo Couple Toys, which is designed for couples. Do you think that such concepts can be a chance for long-distance relationships??

In general it can be said that this new & modern technology is still in its infancy; with a lot of air upwards. Such a technology will of course never replace human contact, closeness and heat..

BUT: Couple toys like those of the Dutch manufacturer KIIROO definitely offer a possibility to be at least a little close to each other, as long as you are willing to dig deep into your pocket. Especially the fact that you can see your counterpart via webcam when connecting over the internet brings some intimacy into the (remote) relationship..

ManuelWhat has worked well, what has worked less?

Both the loading process and the setting up of the account and the installation of the required software worked almost smoothly under Windows 7. Unfortunately, I had to get a separate USB dongle, as my PC does not have this function by default. In addition, the Firefox browser is required for a firmware update of the Toys. Unfortunately, this does not work with Internet Explorer. Connecting the two Toys via Bluetooth and via the Internet ran smoothly. However, the transmission of the movements was somewhat time-delayed and not completely synchronous..

Meanwhile KIIROO also offers good possibilities for single men: You can watch live webcams or virtual reality pornos in which the actresses handle the corresponding female counterpart “PEARL”, whose movements are directly transferred to your “ONYX”. In addition, the ONYX can also be used on its own without an Internet connection..

Despite encrypted transmission (with PIN code), I’m a little worried about security. Who wants their webcam to be tapped while they’re getting it themselves? �� ��


ManuelDoes the technique still feel too much like a foreign body or can you “immerse” yourself after a while and interpret the mechanical stimulation as a touch of partnership? If I have understood this correctly, the movements are synchronized.?

For me personally, the stimulation is still too mechanical, although quite intense (there’s only one rather tight sleeve size so far), but I’m circumcised and not quite as sensitive. The movements are too linear and too even for my taste, not as known from reality. Regardless of whether you use the ONYX on your own or together with your partner via the Internet..

The latter works as follows: The vibrator “PEARL” has a total of 5 ring sensors, which transfer your signal to a total of 10 sensors of “ONYX” when they are inserted. The signal is then contracted accordingly. Unfortunately, the whole thing does not run completely synchronously, but, as I said, is somewhat time-shifted. At least that’s how it was with us.

In my opinion, there is still a long way to go until the stimulation is true to feeling..


ManuelIf I understand that correctly, you have tried the toys via video chat. Do you think that the feeling would be more intense with a real virtual reality glasses, if you also see each other spatially closer??

Yes, that’s correct. And yes, in any case, the intensity is increased by VR glasses. I’m sure of that. I personally own the Samsung Gear VR and like to play a virtual reality porn on my Samsung S6 while I masturbate with a sextoy. That’s a very good combination. Since you can’t stare at a laptop monitor and be distracted by the environment, you immerse yourself much more intensively in the action with VR glasses..

virtual Reality Sex: KIIROO Couple Toys


ManuelVirtual Reality Sex is more about the visual level. Apart from Virtual Reality Pornos, there are hardly any real applications that make it possible to live out a sexuality. Where do you see the future of technology, Virtual Reality and sexuality??

Yes, that’s true. The market is still quite empty in this respect. But there are also (good) virtual reality porn very few so far. At the moment I’m testing the BKK Cybersex Cup, This set consists of a masturbator and a pair of VR glasses, in which you have to insert your smartphone; similar to the Samsung Gear VR. The moving pictures (as far as I know Manga-Girls) are available via the app. I’m really excited about what to expect, but I’m afraid it’s just “cheap China-gaming”..

It is nice to see that the demand, as well as the supply in this area continues to grow. Currently I am in talks with the provider of an app store similar to Google Play, but only for erotic apps. Here you can be curious.

It’s hard to say exactly where the journey is going. In my opinion, you should first work with the intensity of feeling of the existing toys, so that the whole thing is even more authentic and realistic. And then we should make sure that we don’t get lost in the vastness of technology and finally get more and more lonely with all the progress..


ManuelDo you think that VR or artificial intelligence is a chance for humanity to explore its own sexuality or to discover new forms??

Phew, I’m sceptical about that. VR is a great invention and a great opportunity that boosts the entire sex industry. Just like pornography, to which I have developed a kind of love-hate relationship in recent years. Love-hate relationship, because it blunts me and I increasingly prefer it to real human contact..

It’s important to always find the healthy middle in everything. Too much pornography and too much technology, or too much of both, could destroy interpersonal relationships in the long run. In a world where everyone only lingers in their own artificial environment, surrounded by digital pornstars and wacky new (masturbation) techniques, I don’t want to live..

I already get the crisis today when I walk through the park and stolpre over 100 young people staring at their smartphones and trying to catch Pokemons. ��

I repeat myself: Nothing, but also absolutely nothing at all will be able to replace the interpersonal (sexual) contact in the long run..

Otherwise, VR technology could also offer the possibility of fulfilling wishes and fantasies (e.g. a quick threesome), which someone in real life does not dare to implement..

In addition, I could imagine that the technique could be a prostitution substitute for one or the other. Yes, perhaps it could even reduce the number of rapes…


ManuelWhat would your favorite Virtual Reality Sex look like? What would still have to happen/develop for it??

So I personally think it would be super cool to have sex with a partner while we both wear VR glasses and both see the same thing; at the same time. I think that would be the ultimate experience. Technically it would be possible now, but I don’t think there is much experience in this respect yet. ��

To have sex with a “robot” or a robot-like machine I can’t imagine, for example, to have at all. Of the Autoblow 2, which we have also tested on the blog, I was not very convinced.

You see, I am not averse to machines and technology, but I prefer – as long as possible – man, flesh and blood..

I don’t think much of dolls in general, even though they seem more and more lifelike and humane and therefore in combination with VR certainly offer many possibilities..

Thank you for the interview, Manuel.


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