What do women really want? I’ll tell you the secret.

What do women want?

Mel Gibson already asked himself this question in the film of the same name from the year 2000.

And that’s exactly what tens of millions of men around the world ask themselves every day..

It is one of the best kept secrets and THE mystery par excellence.

I tell you: Women want a man who is there when you need him and who is not there when you don’t need him..

So simple.

Thanks for your attention! ��

No, of course it’s not that simple..

That’s why today I want to explain to you my view of things and show you what I think is really important for women (about a man) and what they long for.

With this knowledge you will understand the women much better in the future and will be much more successful in dealing with them..

But before I do, I want to tell you about one very important thing..

Warning! Don’t get confused. What do women REALLY want??

I have to take the lead right now: What women really want is not always necessarily what they SAG, what they want and also not what they THINK, what they want.. I.e., they just don’t always know it themselves..

Maybe you know the situation: Your swarm, which you have been attached to for years, tells you again and again: “Oh man. You’re soo nice, so sweet, so understanding, soo good at listening. Why can’t all men be like you?”.

What Frauen wollen:

You want to be the guy who’ll comfort women when they get screwed again by the bad boy.?

I’m telling you, if ALL men were like this..

It’s that simple.

And while she tells you that she is looking for a nice, loving man who loves his mother and is socially committed, she gets back into bed with the asshole who treats her like dirt and takes another one home every week..


Because attraction is illogical and cannot be explained rationally..

That’s exactly why they say, “Mr. Nice Guy never gets a shot at women.”

We humans tend to make decisions emotionally and explain them rationally afterwards. This is exactly what women do when they end up in bed with the “wrong” type again..

Short story: According to an anecdote a young man sought advice from Benjamin Franklin. The problem: He could not decide between 2 women..

Franklin advised him to make a list of all the advantages of the two ladies. So he did this..

When the winner was determined, he noticed that he preferred the other one after all. He then chose the other one as well..

Or just look at all the Rome coms:

  • The man is the most charming man in the world..
  • He’s courting her and showing that she’s the only one for him..
  • etc.

In the movie this works very often, in real life it doesn’t. Unfortunately, these men often end up in the famous Friendzone and don’t get out of there that fast..

These men are only allowed to listen to their bedtime stories from the girls and comfort them when they get screwed again..

What do women like about men?

In my opinion, what women want cannot be answered with surveys.

According to statistical surveys, women are predominantly looking for tall, dark-haired and athletic men. A Mediterranean type is also popular.

Maybe that’s what the statistics say, but I don’t see it that way..

For example, I’m anything but tall or southern. I’m not even the type of man the women would look after on the street. At least not because they’re positively taken with it..

And yet: I’ve had many beautiful women in my life..

The appearance of the man is therefore not quite as decisive for women as different character traits.

That gives us men a huge advantage, because it’s exactly the other way around with women. A woman can be as funny and intelligent as she is… if she doesn’t appeal to us men visually, she has a bad hand..

You got your own life. Do your thing and don’t always be there for her..

What Frauen wollen: Vertrauen ist sehr wichtig.

For many women, trust is an absolute cornerstone for a good relationship..

In my opinion, the following characteristics of a woman are particularly important:

  • honesty.
  • faith.
  • humour.
  • attention.
  • masculinity.
  • fidelity.

These are the classics that everyone knows, which are obviously decisive for every woman. But there is much more to it than that..

To come back to the opening sentence: “Women want a man who’s there when you need him and isn’t there when you don’t.”

What exactly do I mean by that??

Now, so that I may say that you shall not always be available for the woman, you shall not always jump immediately when she wants something from you, you shall not always answer her messages immediately, you shall not always say yes and amen to everything..

Cause it’s NOT sexy when she knows that you’re staring at your phone all day waiting for her messages to get you out of your lethargy..

You’re supposed to have your own opinion. Represent your values. Stand up for yourself. Do your own thing..

Women find these qualities incredibly attractive in men.

Apropo: If you want to know what other qualities make men attractive (like humor), have a look here: How do I become an attractive man??

Humor, by the way, is incredibly powerful.. Why do you think the ugliest male comedians often have super-hot women by their side??

Exactly. Because they’re funny and they make women laugh..

Because they don’t shy away from making fun of themselves (shows self-confidence).

Because humorous men are usually also very intelligent. And that is simply incredibly sexy..

BUT – and that’s the decision – if it’s really important and the woman really needs you at her side, then fucking be there for her. Take care of her and give her 100% attention..

So that she can trust you and always rely on you. So that she feels safe with you and can let herself fall. She wants to be with you the way she really is. She doesn’t want to have to pretend to please you..

If you say, “I’ll take care of it,” please do it. Don’t just say, “I’ll take care of it..

What do women like? Two well-known proverbs, which are still true and correct..

What Frauen wollen: Verfügbarkeit

Be always available for her around the clock. Don’t wait for her messages. Make yourself scarce too..

Here I can think of two wonderfully fitting proverbs:

  • If you wanna be good, don’t get too involved..
  • Carrot & Whip.

Both incredibly powerful “strategies” to increase your attractiveness to women.

To No. 1: I have already written a lot about it.

  • Live your own life and don’t put it on a pedestal.
  • Don’t be a pussy and don’t always be available for her around the clock.
  • If you are dating a new woman, don’t be too interested from the beginning, but hold back a bit and let her approach you a little bit..
  • If the woman’s too safe with you..
  • You better hold back a bit, don’t tell her your whole life story, but listen to her attentively..

A little tip on the side: People always want what others have already found to be good (so-called Social Proof).

You can see this in restaurants, for example: If a restaurant is empty, there is a high probability that it will remain so, but if guests are already there, other potential guests will also see it and it will automatically draw them in..

Of course the concept also applies to women. If your date notices that other women also find you attractive, she will do more for you. That’s why let her know something like that (through the flower). A pretty ex-girlfriend can also be quite helpful here. ��

To No. 2: I don’t want to go into the concept of “carrot & stick” any further here, as this would go beyond the scope of this article. In a nutshell: Don’t always give her exactly what she wants immediately, but give her what YOU want to give her WHEN YOU want it..

Example: If she says “Give me a kiss”, you say “Nope.” And you do it 2 hours later, if she doesn’t expect it, from you. This is much more effective..

Some might think that’s manipulation..

I’m not.

I think it’s part of the natural game between man and woman (especially when getting to know each other). It makes the whole thing exciting and keeps it exciting for both sides..

Just please don’t overdo it. And don’t be unpredictable, unpredictable..

Do you understand?

Stay in your masculinity and stand by it. Be strong and not sweet. Be prepared for their tests..

What Frauen wollen: starke Männer

Women are attracted to emotionally and physically strong men.

Women prefer strong (physical & emotional) men to loving and nice ones, except maybe for women who have had super bad experiences with assholes. But these are exceptions.

Example: I have been lovesick for about 1 week. It hurts and I often feel lonely and sad..

But do I let myself down? I give up.?

No! I don’t. I keep going, I keep going, I think positively, I work on my mistakes and problems and keep my head up, with a focused view on my goals and visions..

Women don’t want men who are in bondage to them. Men who can control and manipulate them and with whom they can do whatever they want. They will get bored super fast and leave you for the next best asshole who really gets it for them..

Women don’t want men who don’t pass their tests and always react super dramatic and emotional instead of casual and cool. It’s perfectly normal for women to test you. They test you for your masculinity, your leadership qualities and your emotional strength. Women test you as long as they’re unsure with you. And until then, you should pass these tests with flying colours if possible..

A man who in every situation (no matter how hard it gets) does not lose his composure, keeps his nerve and keeps a cool head is clearly in advantage.

Bizarre example from my life: A few weeks ago I had sex with my (meanwhile ex-)girlfriend. Among other things a small, beautiful anal glass plug was used. At some point it got so wild that she slipped the plug with her foot completely in. :O

A pretty nasty fauxxpax that, at worst, ends up in the night E.R..

BUT: I automatically kept a cool head. I calmed her down and assured her that we would solve the problem..

A few minutes, a lot of lubricant and a few courageous moves later, I held the thing in my hands and after a short break we could finish our love play. ��

Play nothing for her and stand by your imperfectionism. Show her the direction, show initiative and give her support..

What Frauen wollen: Weinender Mann

Men are in a bad way too. Let it go, stand by your mistakes and your weaknesses..

Women want an authentic man.. They don’t want a man pretending something to them just to get them into bed. A man who disguises himself and puts on a mask. Women want a man who is at peace with himself, who sometimes shows himself to be vulnerable and stands by his mistakes..

Boys are allowed to cry too.

A lot of men wonder: “How can I impress a woman to win her over to me?

They buy her expensive gifts, invite her to the restaurant and tell her about her job or her possessions. That’s absolutely the wrong way to go. The woman will feel like you want to buy her, and in most cases you won’t succeed. Let it go.!

Women want men who take the lead and set the pace.. Men they can lean on without collapsing..

Women are often emotionally blown back and forth by life like a blade of grass. They want a man who stands up to it. A man who for them is the famous “rock in the surf”..

Women want to feel 100% like women. And for that they need the appropriate counterpole. Namely a man who is 100% in his masculinity..

As a man, it is your job to be dominant, to state the direction, to take the initiative and to lead.. Her job in turn is to follow you in her femininity..

Women (in times of feminism and co.) are often annoyed by the fact that men become more and more effeminate and lose their male strength. On the one hand, society wants us men to adapt and integrate, but when we do, the girls run away by the dozen..

You always have to be the one:

  • takes the next step.
  • After the first date..
  • She starts flirting..
  • Kisses you for the first time.
  • You rip your clothes off when you’re wild with each other..

Women want a man who is happy and content even without them and who loves his life.. Someone who experiences something and who naturally takes it with him to his experiences and creates positive emotions in her..

I strongly advise you Take 100% responsibility for your life. Follow your goals and visions hard and don’t let anything and no one dissuade you from the realization. An incredibly attractive and attractive quality in a man.

BUT: As I said… just let your hurt, emotional and thoughtful side go. Because that’s part of being a man too..

Get out, meet people, be social and take care of your friends and family. Be attentive.!

A point I personally find very difficult: It’s important to many women that you’ve arrived in society.. That you have friends and acquaintances, that you’re popular. That you take care of your family..

They don’t want a lonely wolf who tears a sheep from time to time and is otherwise always alone. That’s almost the same as in the restaurant example from just now..

Besides, women want an attentive man.. A man who sees when she’s dressed up for him or when she comes fresh from the hairdresser. A man who knows how she’s doing and what she needs, even without big words. Just someone who’s attentive and attentive..

And yes, compliments are allowed. A little confirmation and recognition hasn’t hurt anyone yet. ��

A very rare quality, I think..

What do women want in bed? What do women like in sex??

What Frauen wollen: Sex

Women often want something completely different in bed than men..

Finally, a few words on the subject of sex.

If you ask me what women like most in bed, my answer (in most cases) would be this:

  • An extensive and intensive foreplay.
  • Women are not aroused at the push of a button, so take your time, take care of every single part of your body and don’t jump directly on their genitals..
  • Show her that you want her and that you are crazy about her and that she can let herself go and relax with you (take a bath? back massage?)..
  • Lead her in bed and take control, but if she asks, you can also leave it to her..
  • Don’t go through the same predictable program, otherwise she’ll get bored and stop wanting sex (with you) at some point..
  • Pay attention to her breathing, her face and her sounds in everything you do, so you know pretty much if she likes what you do or not..
  • Talk to her. Exchange what you like. So you can coordinate well with each other and you don’t do anything that she completely turns off.

In my experience, this is the answer to the question: What do women love in bed??

So… memorize as well as possible!

Conclusion – What women want is only one side of the coin.

What Frauen wollen: glücklicher Mann

You do all this only for yourself, to be happier & happier without a woman.

Because what I have not yet mentioned is that all that you have just learned is important for women, yes. They are the foundation stones to conquer the woman of your dreams..

BUT: All these qualities and behaviors not only please the girls, but they also improve and enrich your life immensely..

And isn’t that what it’s about? That you feel good? That you love your life? That you’re happy? And that even without a woman at your side.?

I always say: “A good, loving and fulfilling relationship is the cherry on the cream cake.”

So work on yourself first and foremost for YOU yourself. The fact that women will automatically find you more attractive as a result is virtually a nice by-product. ��

You should definitely be worth it..

Decisive for your success with women is that you are as you are and do not pretend to be something and pretend to be her e.g. the alpha man..

Women smell the 10 meters against the wind and you immediately fall through their grid.

Chance wasted forever…

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