How do I become an attractive man? 5 easy ways to success.

Every man can be attractive.

Yes, everyone. Without exception..

For the opposite sex, or the same sex, whatever..

I am 100% convinced that you can learn everything.

And so also, you become an attractive man and exert strong attraction.

Today’ I’ll tell you what a man has to have/do/be able to do in order to be attractive in the eyes of a woman. I’ll give you valuable tips and tricks with which you can increase your attraction to women without much effort significantly.

But first, I’d like to tell you a little story..

What do women really like about men?

Yesterday at noon I was like almost every Saturday in my gym.

I love it.

For me, there’s nothing better than to free your head after a hard day’s work on the rowing machine or at the lat pull. Closely followed by fitness boxing, which I’ve reduced quite a bit because of my back problems..

I also use the lunch break every now and then for a little detour between weight benches, training mats and men with bull necks, who push their weights into the air with a red head and thick cheeks, they almost burst them..

Yesterday when I was doing my biceps curls in front of the mirror, a good friend came unexpectedly, whom I had not seen for years, sneaking up from behind and falling into my arms effusively..

I almost didn’t recognize him: his shoulders wide as from the 80s, his chest thicker than my girlfriend’s C-basket and his thighs with which he can crack walnuts..

When I last saw him about 3 years ago, he was half a shirt. Maybe half of me, and I’m not super wide already..


Heeeey, Andy, what’s up? Man, you’re a box.!” shot it out of me instantly.

While my T-shirt absorbed my entire training sweat, he told me his story in an almost 30-minute dialogue: After 5 years of happy relationship, his girlfriend Carina broke up with him about half a year ago. They had grown apart and she had also met someone there. Pasquale, a southern 1.85 giant who spends half his week in the Muckibude.

Andy was devastated. For weeks, he looked at old photos of himself and Carina, spent every evening with a bottle of Bordeaux and visited her Facebook page at least 50 times a day to see what’s new with her..

Until he got tired of feeling sorry for himself and had a switch flipped in him. He solemnly decided to inflate his body until it was no longer possible..

Since then, he’s been running to the gym for at least 2 hours every day. Bench press, knee bends, pull-ups, crucifix lifts. Until he drops.!

In less than six months, he was transformed by Bruce Banner into an incredible Hulk..

He also told me that he originally wanted to win back his ex, but has now decided, with the new self-confidence that the training gives him, to enjoy his single life to the full..

He ended his dialogue with “Dude. The girls are all the same. All they want is muscle. They don’t give a shit what you got in your head..

Is that so? Do women really only want big, strong, southern men with dark hair, broad shoulders, fat arms and pumped up chest.?

I find: No.

Of course there are a few women who care about such things, but to be honest: Do you really want a woman like that? I certainly don’t..

Okay. But what exactly makes men attractive?

My recipe to increase your attraction consists of several components, the most important of which I will now enumerate for you:

Social Status

It is very important to a woman that you are socially integrated, that you have a circle of friends and acquaintances and are not a lonely wolf. They want to see that you have arrived in society..

What you can do: Get out. Leave your comfort zone. Try to be sociable. Meet new people. Sign up for a sports club. Positive side effect: You yourself will have more fun in life..


The key to almost every woman. Humor turns every 0815 standard into an attractive man in the twinkling of an eye. If you only want to concentrate on one thing, then on it. Women find humorous men super attractive. Not for nothing there are so many visually completely unattractive comedians who have super beautiful women at their side..

What you can doYou can learn humour, look at stand up comedians, learn where you can, because good humour also includes intelligence and a certain general education. Read books by Dieter Nuhr or Eckart von Hirschhausen. If you are funny, it shows that you feel good in your skin, which also loosens up the situation on the date. What also goes down well is cheeky humour (teasing) and irony, especially self-irony. But please don’t exaggerate. Don’t be the class clown.


Self-confidence & self-confidence

Clearly. A man who feels comfortable in his skin has a completely different charisma. He goes completely differently, he stands completely differently, he speaks completely differently. Of course, this is also noticeable to the woman. A self-confident man does not make himself small and does not speak with a soft peep voice..

What you can doStand and walk upright, head straight and shoulders back. Take your hands out of your trouser pocket. Keep eye contact with the woman. Be prepared to speak slowly, clearly and as deeply as possible. Leave enough breaks between each sentence and don’t get carried away. Form a body that you like yourself and wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and which ideally underline your character..


A very important point. Women have such sensitive antennas that they immediately recognize when a man pretends to be something he’s not. Then you’ll be down very quickly by.

What you can do: Don’t put on a mask to be anybody else. Know your values and stay true to yourself. Don’t do anything that contradicts your values just to please her. Nobody’s perfect. So stand by yourself and your mistakes. They make you human and therefore authentic and real..

What macht Männer attraktiv - heiße Frau

Listen & Attention

Being able to listen well is a gift. Recently I have seen a lot of conversations between two people who were nothing more than successive monologues. No one has listened attentively to their counterparts, but in the end everyone has got rid of his story, but can’t remember what the counterpart has said. Sadly.

What you can doListen to her attentively, sometimes nod at it (not too often) and remember what she said. Women love it when you’ve kept something like this for a week and she doesn’t ask you things they’ve told you before. If you just listen attentively, ask questions with interest and let her be the leading actress, she’ll automatically like you. And for heaven’s sake: Leave your smartphone where it belongs, in your pocket! women also love it when you’re attentive and pay attention to details, and if you’re attentive and pay attention to details..

Of course, this is not something you master from one day to the next. For this you need patience, devotion and practice..

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There are 5 other important characteristics to round the whole thing off. These are listed here, but would go far beyond the scope of this article..

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Thank you for your attention..

best regards,


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