Don’t want to be alone at Christmas? Get to know hot women in these 4 special places today.


A very special season.

Like dating in winter..

Not for everyone. But for me.!

I like summer and spring, no question..

But when I have to sit in an office with a long-sleeved shirt in 35 degrees and bright sunshine and no air conditioning, I always wish for winter.

And, even if it sounds funny at first: getting to know women in winter doesn’t work any less well than in Friday.ühling or autumn.

It’s just different, and you need different strategies that I’m gonna show you today..

In spring, when the first warm rays of sunshine come out, the hormones often go through with me. Everywhere I see naked skin, tight trousers, lush necklines and crunchy butts. I don’t even know where to look anymore.

When it gets warmer, you see more women on the street again. And therefore more possibilities to address someone..

But natThe men also go out more, so the competition increases..

But because the girls’ clothes are tighter, you’ll quickly see what awaits you and won’t buy a pig in a poke. In the swimming pool it’s even more obvious.

When it’s warm, outdoor activities are a natural choice:

  • You can spend a day at the lake, pedal and sunbathe..
  • You can have a picnic in the park..
  • You can attend an open-air concert or a festival.
  • etc.

If it’s cold and/or disgusting outside, these activities are of course not ideal..

But since our cold seasons in Germany last a long time, today we dedicate ourselves to a very important, but often ignored topic..

Because: Today I’ll tell you why women get to know each other in winter. can be a very good idea.

But first, I’d like to tell you a teeny-tiny story about my own life..

In both 2015 and 2016, I had a long-term affair with 2 different women..

Both “left” me on 26.12. to enter into a “real” love relationship with someone else..

What I’m trying to tell you?

When it comes to Christmas, there’s something going on in the minds of many single women. Being alone suddenly becomes lonely..

Why appealing to women in winter is easy.

Her desire for a man in her life becomes much greater at this time, and that is exactly what you can take advantage of. Women are then much more open to meeting someone new..

Sometimes their pain is greater than their desire to stay at home in the cold temperatures, so they find themselves at the Christmas market with their girlfriends and pour down their frustration with 2.3 or more mulled wine..

Your chance!

At Christmas or New Year’s Eve at the latest nobody wants to be alone anymore. Everyone wants someone to cuddle and kiss. And if it’s just an affair and not the partner for life.

That’s why I’m giving you some last-minute tips, winter-date ideas and perfect places to meet women in the Christmas season..

At the end of this article you will have the knowledge you need to make a woman clear to you so shortly before Christmas..

Attention: All tips mentioned here have a common prerequisite which has to be fulfilled: You have to go outside and trade!

If you just stay at home and do a couch potatoe because it’s so warm and cozy, you won’t get to know anyone. I’m aware that this is the much easier and more comfortable way to get to know women, but you have to get out of your comfort zone. I’m so sorry.

How important it is that you are spontaneous and feel comfortable in your skin.

One of the advantages of getting to know women in “real life” is that it’s much more exciting for women than getting to know each other through any dating app..

So they always have a story that they can tell their girlfriends or their family; should they ever get more out of it.

The whole thing is also much more spontaneous..

Women love “random” and spontaneous romance.

They stand on it when things happen unexpectedly and unplannedly. As you often know from movies.

And whatever place you go to meet women: Please wOnly choose places and activities where YOU feel comfortable..

Because if you don’t feel comfortable, you radiate that outwards accordingly. That destroys every flirt already in the germ.

For example, if you don’t feel at home in a club like me, you might just be sitting at the bar, sipping your beer, bouncing your foot and maybe nodding to the music. But you won’t talk about women.

If, on the other hand, you feel well, you are relaxed and open, spread a good mood and approach women. Clearly better!

Okay, let’s get started…

1st Christmas shopping (bookstore, supermarket, clothes shop).


Christmas shopping in a bookstore is a great way to flirt.

If you are a last-minute gift buyer you now have 4 days incl. today to do your errands. Remember that the 24.12. this year is a Sunday and the shops are all closed! ��

While shopping you can get to know other women very well. For example in a bookstore.

Observe women looking for a book present. Talk to them. Ask them for their opinion on a particular book or – the Oberknaller gift – just ask them the book they’re interested in and she’s leafing through it..

The same of course applies to the clothes shopping. Just try on some clothes and ask women near you for their opinion. Most women will be happy to advise you and give you a few tips, so you can also get into conversation with them..

I also think that men who spend time in bookstores are perceived by women as intellectual. A very attractive feature.

The supermarket is also a great place to get to know women..

The highlight: The shopping cart of the woman tells you quite a lot about her status: Does she live alone, in a shared flat or with a husband plus children??!

Also here you can ask them wonderfully for their opinion. For example, which sauce or side dish fits to your meat.

2. fitness studio / yoga & pilates / other events (e.g. cooking classes).


In winter you can get to know women very well at yoga, Pilates, in the fitness studio or e.g. at afterwork events..

I don’t know about you. But in my neighborhood, the gym’s pretty crowded around the holidays..

Perhaps not as crowded as in January and February, when all the sports muffles try to implement their New Year’s resolutions..

But full of the hard core. The people who do sports all year round anyway. They also train the calories from Christmas food on these days..

Most have holidays, are much more relaxed than usual and have more time.

The perfect opportunity to get into conversation with a woman. Topic of conversation included: Sport.

Plus, you’re fishing for a sporty woman with a great body..

Yoga and Pilates classes or other events and after-work parties are also a great opportunity to automatically get into conversation with other women..

Ideal especially for shy men.

Because here you don’t necessarily have to approach completely foreign women, because a conversation develops here in a relaxed atmosphere mostly by the similar interest of all alone.

And you’ll also have a wonderful start into the conversation. It’s simply the topic of the event.!

3. public transport (for everyday use).


On the train you can get to know women and talk to them in a relaxed atmosphere..

Do you know what my everyday life looks like??

I drive my car straight to the office..

There I sit 8 h on the office chair and spend the lunch break in the canteen..

Then I drive directly back to my front door and spend the evening on the couch..

Most weekends I sit at my laptop to keep this blog alive and feed it with new content..

So I don’t have that much of a chance to meet other women “by accident.”.

Why don’t you just leave the car. Take the train or the bus..

On the train you can always get to know women. First you can check them out in peace and establish eye contact. So you quickly notice whether she is interested or not..

And then you can go to her in a relaxed atmosphere and just chat her up..

The only “problem”: almost everyone today has headphones in or on their ears and stares into their smartphone..

Just take the Duplo advertising (I love it) to heart and set a good example. ��

But please save small talk a la “Hi, how are you??” or “Do you come here often??

The best thing to do is to pick up the situation, introduce yourself, maybe make a funny remark. Something to break the ice..

4th Christmas Market (for romantics).

Date-Ideas-Winter_Christmas Market

Getting to know each other can really not be more romantic than at the Christmas market.

You’d think there’d be flirting at Christmas markets with mulled wine and a romantic mood, whatever the hell it is..

Exactly the opposite is the case: Everyone stays in their own group. The boys with the boys, the girls with the girls..

There is hardly any exchange between each other.

But: Many women want to meet great men at Christmas markets. It couldn’t be more romantic.

A date at the Christmas market is THE romantic activity for two par excellence..

Yes, I am aware that it is a challenge to address a foreign woman who is in a group of other women..

You need eggs for that!

But believe me: The Christmas Market is THE opportunity to make a woman so ready just before Christmas..

For an ONS, an affair or a relationship… Never mind.!

Nobody wants to be alone for Christmas because that sucks..

Our Christmas market even has a small ice skating rink. Last year I bumped into a girl there and immediately got into a conversation..

It was very funny. ��

So, put on your hat, scarf and glove, pack up a buddy and go to the Christmas market tonight.!

But please, don’t overdo it with the mulled wine..

He can help break the ice, but he can also break everything..

“A mulled wine – Swei Glühwain – Lei Lühlein”

So you see: It’s a myth that you can’t get to know great women in winter. All you have to do is go out and do something. And always remember: Addressing women is not a big deal. Every averagely attractive woman is approached regularly..

There is only one MThe possibility of losing your fear of it and reducing your nervousness: you have to do it over and over again..

Be prepared for the fact that you will also get a basket sometimes. That is part of it. Should you definitely not take personally, but simply go on.

Do you already have an appointment and are still looking for ideas for dates in winter??

Then let yourself be inspired by the following winter activities:

1. for fresh air fanatics: the winter walk.


Also in winter you can go for a walk and get to know each other wonderfully.

My absolute favorite.

Meet in a nice area of your city that you ideally know well, then you can stroll through the area and tell her a little bit about your city. Women like interesting stories.

You’ll get to know each other in passing, you won’t be so fixated on each other but can enjoy nature. Ideally the beautiful winter landscape.

You don’t have to look into each other’s eyes all the time, like in a restaurant, for example. So also ideal for shy men.

Even if you two don’t get together, at least you had a nice walk in the fresh air..

At least I like to go for a walk on my first date. I live in the city and have a nice park with a small lake just around the corner. I know the area inside and out, have a lot to tell and know a few nice spots where you can be undisturbed by two people..

This has always been very well received so far.

2. for the sporty: the climbing hall.


When you do sports, you automatically get closer to each other..

Sports activities are also a great way to get to know each other from the very first meeting and build mutual trust..

Climbing together is at the top of my list..

It would also be helpful if she had no fear of heights or the like..

When climbing you have to secure each other and trust each other, so body contact is already pre-programmed..

The clou about it: During such activities adrenaline is released, which emotionally charges the situation especially for the woman and will definitely remain in her memory. Even if it doesn’t work between you.

But then at least you had a great day in the climbing hall..

3. for romantics: common cooking or baking evening.

Date-Ideas-Winter_Cooking evening

Not always perfect: the common cooking or baking evening.

Actually, I don’t recommend meeting at your or her apartment on the first date. I think it’s more for dates that are primarily about sex..

Nevertheless, it can be a nice alternative if you both can’t do so much with the activities mentioned above..

But if you already spend your time together in such an intimate place as your own apartment, please don’t spend a DVD evening on the couch..

Cooking or baking together. That’s the magic word..

You can get to know each other in a playful way during the cooking evening and you will certainly have a lot of fun. Here, too, physical contact can occur quickly..

Avoid overly spicy food and/or too much garlic if you want more to happen in the evening and ask her in advance about any intolerances so that the evening does not go to waste..

Ideal for a cooking evening would be e.g. Raclette or Fondue. Pasta always goes, however, also always

Ideal now for Christmas: Baking cookies together.

If you already know each other a bit, it can be a really exciting evening. ��

4. for the brave: wellness in the thermal spa.


Getting to know each other half naked in the Therme is something very special and not to be recommended for everyone..

Topic “Buy a cat in a bag” from earlier. ��

On the one hand, a visit to the Therme is ideal to see as much of your date as possible from the beginning..

But ideally you both have to feel good in your body, otherwise it won’t do any good and may become a flop..

Otherwise, it’s a great idea..

While it’s bitterly cold and snowing outside, you’re sweating in the warmth..

The beads of sweat run down the body..

You’re relaxed and half-naked. It crackles. And not just because of the stove in the sauna..

That can lead anywhere. Ideally, of course, into the bedroom..

So far I had such a date in the Therme and found it very exciting and beautiful..

Conclusion – Even in winter you can easily get to know great women.

Now you are equipped with the knowledge you need to cuddle in front of the fireplace on a bearskin this year. ��

Now it’s up to you. I can show you the door, but you have to go through it yourself..

women and also flirting is by the way, something you can learn and should definitely learn.

This is not innate, but must be trained and practiced..

You just have to do it regularly to learn it and not unlearn it..

That’s why I even recommend flirting with others during a relationship. And if it’s just the cashier in ALDI..

You must gain experience.

You’ll fall on your face..

It is important not to take baskets personally and not to fall into shock rigidity and then to do nothing more for fear of being hurt..

Flirting is a game. It should be fun and relaxed..Ipad-softcover_KLEIN-neu-1More suitable places and activities can be found in my new book “17 steps to a happy man“. Here you also learn how to flirt and where to practice it best..

But there is much more, because not only the place is important, but also your preparation, your behavior during and after the date and much more. You can find all this in my book.

On over 100 pages you learn among other things:

  • Everything you need to know about mindsets and attraction.
  • How important your appearance and appearance are.
  • Why insecurity & neediness is an attraction killer and what you can do about it.
  • How to flirt successfully, where to practice it and how to get the perfect date off the ground.
  • How to become successful online in dealing with women.
  • How to become the perfect lover the woman will never forget.
  • etc.

Which place did you like best? Do you have your own favourite place to meet women in winter??

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