Toys for women, men and couples: With our brand new tool you can easily find your perfect sextoy.

Who doesn’t know it?!

You want to get yourself a new Sextoy, but you are completely exhausted from the huge selection.

Both online and offline.

In many inpatient shops the advice often leaves something to be desired, as there are seldom trained staff available..

Online you have to trust the product descriptions of the shops or manufacturers.

In order to protect you from mispurchases in the future, we have developed a tool that will actively support you in your purchasing decisions: “Your perfect sextoy.

In today’s rather shorter article, I will show you exactly what the tool can do, how it is used and how you can get the most out of it for yourself..


n today’s reviews, you’re never so sure: Are they really real? Or are they just bought and fake??

The experienced reader and online shopper may know the difference. The normal Otto consumer does not.

We all know how much we trust online valuations. That’s why a market of millions has formed around this topic for trading product valuations..

Amazon, for example, is considered a role model and gradually pushes the whole thing forward to the bar..

But all of us know that: Two products at the same price, which are very similar, are available for selection. Which one do we take? Clearly: the one with the better ratings.

That can be a problem, because at Amazon you’re absolutely screwed with sextoy advice..

There is an Amazon Assistant to help you choose your product, but there is no contact person who is familiar with sex toys..

Amazon tries to avoid customer service as much as possible. It is a big challenge to find it on the website..

Once you have found it and tried, there are mostly automatically generated or ready-made answers, which help you only very rarely.

Given the fact that sex toys are a very intimate product area and given that there is an incredible amount of junk on Amazon, this is an unsatisfactory fact..

Yes, unsatisfactory! ��

On Amazon you should rather shop, if you know exactly which sextoy you are looking for. Then you can really save money with the mail-order giant.

Because one thing you must never forget: Sex toys are hygiene products.

This means that if you have already used a purchased toy and removed the hygiene seal, the retailer will usually not take it back. Despite the legal right of return.

It’s logical. What’s he supposed to do with this thing? Resell it? Would you want to buy a used toy??

your perfektes Sextoy

That is why it is all the more important to obtain as much information as possible before making a new acquisition..

Shops like e.g. the market leader Amorelie are already a bit further ahead.

Amorelie offers a Toyfinder that will introduce you to some suitable toys depending on gender, budget and type of stimulation..

Other shops like Orion offer e.g. a free telephone consultation before the Sextoy purchase..

However, there are still no independent reports from people who have already used these tools..

And this is where we come in.!

Our new tool “Your perfect sextoy“works similar to Amorelie’s Toyfinder, but we add our own experience to the already tested products and give you the current price for each proposed product at the most popular online shops..

So you not only get the ideal toy for you, but you also buy the cheapest one.

This tool has been available on our blog for several months, but unfortunately it was quite error-prone, which is why we decided to completely redesign it..

And what can I say..

In the last 7 days, I’ve done nothing but feed it with the appropriate data..

Day after day. Minute after minute. 10 hours a day..

It gives you the chance to find the right toy for you and your budget without searching the internet forever and relying on (partly fake) opinions of others..

It protects you from mispurchases and money loss.

Finally you can use it again to 100%. Completely without problems.

screenshot perfektes Sextoy

A few words about how it works:

  • First you choose your gender..
  • Then your age.
  • According to what type of stimulation you prefer.
  • Depending on this, you will have to make further selections to make the result as accurate as possible and absolutely perfect for you..

For example, the man is asked if he is looking for a classic masturbator or what to insert, if the toy should vibrate, if it should be in dildo- or plugform, etc..

The woman, on the other hand, has to answer whether she wants a vibrator or what to insert..

With the latter she chooses, whether anal or vaginal, whether with or without vibration, whether dildo- or plugform, whether normal size or XXL, etc..

Depending on the selection, the number of subsequent questions varies greatly.

At the end you will get your result presented for free: A selection of toys we think are suitable for you with the current selling prices in well-known online shops.

If available, you can also go directly from here to the corresponding test report..

Of course, the pair of toys are not neglected either. Don’t worry.!

Whether toys for women, toys for men or for couples: There’s something for everyone.

And now enough of the words.

Have fun trying out and shopping. ��

And again as a reminder: It is completely free for you.

If you buy one of the Sextoys then at the linked Shops, we get a small commission, so that we can continue to finance this blog..

P.S.: I would be very happy if you take the time to give me a short feedback about the tool..

Whether you liked it or you missed Toys..

Please just write me a short mail via our contact form.

Because only by the feedback of our readers, thus by you, the contents of this Blog can be improved.

Many thanks and many greetings


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