For the perfect couple sex: Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2018 (+ discounts)


It’s time again…

In just 10 days it’s Valentine’s Day again..

One of those days that people have always argued about..

  • Was it really only invented by the bouquet industry (Does that word exist?)?
  • Is he really so important to all women.?
  • What’s all this crap about??

For me personally, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have much meaning. I think it’s just superfluous, regardless of the fact that I’m not in a permanent relationship at the moment..

You have 365 days a year to show your loved ones how important they are to you, so why should it be on a fixed and predefined day??

It’s a bit like the husband would give his wife a fat tassel on his wedding day, but otherwise go to a whorehouse every 2 weeks and take on foreign birds..

Nothing destotrotz I buy – since I am small – my mum every year on Valentine’s Day a small bouquet of flowers. ��

Flowers are still the most decently given away on this day, but there is something that is growing year by year and is triggering a real trend:

You give each other sex toys.!

Of course, the (online) sex shops will also notice that and don’t get lumpen. Also this year you will get discounts and special offers at almost all shops to save your wallet..

I’d like to list my favourite shops in this little article for you. There are also some gift ideas on top of that. ��

Here we go..

Amorelie – Toyboxes and more for the perfect couple sex.

cupid Logo
Amorelie offers you a whole slide of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Click here, select your gender and get inspired.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas für den perfekten Paarsex: Lovebox

The Lovebox from Amorelie is a great gift for Valentine’s Day..

Which is always very popular with Amorelie: sextoy boxes. Packages of sex toys and accessories put together by expert staff for special occasions so you can experience the perfect couple sex..

My suggestion: The Amorelie Lovebox; ideal for couples. For almost 80 € you get one each:

  • Pair vibrator Reef from MOQQA.
  • Finger vibrator Sails from MOQQA.
  • Massage candle from AMORELIE Care.
  • Blindfold from Bijoux Indiscrets.
  • Lubricant with taste from AMORELIE Care

The perfect set for a romantic and hot evening on Valentine’s Day.

Pair Sex Valentine's Day Pair Vibrator: Doppio

The Doppio 2.0 comes in a strictly limited gift edition..

An alternative – if you like pair vibrators and partner toys – is the Doppio 2.0 from BeauMents, currently available in a stylish but strictly limited gift edition for just over 100 €..

It is incredibly versatile and even comes with a remote control, making it even easier to use..

Fun Factory – free toy on top + exclusive discount.


The Fun Factory has also put a lot of effort into creating a little gift guide for Valentine’s Day..

Beside a few selected and reduced vibrator bestsellers there are also 2 selected Toysets, which were heavily discounted, like e.g. the Share the Fun Set.

Pairsex-Valentine's Day-share-the-fun Set der Fun Factory

The Share the Fun Set is just one of the Valentine’s Day offers of the Fun Factory

For 109 € instead of 180 € you get the popular strapless strapon Sharevibe (a partner toy for the role swap/pegging) incl. Toyfluid lubricant, Toycleaner, Toybag and Toybox.

And as if that wasn’t enough already, there are also 2 more horny facts:

  • For all orders up to 15 February over a value of 99.90 € there is the mini vibrator Jazzie in the value of scarcely 30 € on top of it..
  • With our exclusive discount code “550007” you get an additional 10% discount, so you can’t get it any cheaper…
couple sex am Valentinstag: Spare 10% mit dem Rabattcode 550007 im Fun Factory Online Shop!

Pair Sex on Valentine’s Day: Save 10% with discount code 550007 at the Fun Factory Online Shop!

LELO – Up to 50% discount on selected items.

lelo Logo

LELO from Sweden, of whom you haven’t heard so much on this blog yet, is also at the top of the list..

With the discount code “VDAY18” you get up to 50% discount on selected products in the LELO online shop..

Click here and you will be taken to the special Valentine’s Day offer page where you can choose between 20%, 30% and 50% products and last but not least gift boxes..

Just add your favorite product to the shopping cart, enter the discount code “VDAY18” and the discount will be automatically deducted from the total price..

ORION – 25% on everything on 11.02.2018

Orion Logo

In the online shop of the famous mail-order giant Orion you’ll already get 10% on everything with our exclusive deal, but only on Sunday, February 11th you’ll get a full 25% on the entire product range. Excluding books, romanizers and magazines; so as usual. ��

The ideal opportunity for a last minute gift for Valentine’s Day.

Adultshop – 11% on everything until 13.02.2018

Adultshop logo

Until exactly one day before Valentine’s Day, you can get 11% off the entire product range in the Adultshop with the discount code VALENTIN18. I wouldn’t miss that if I were you..

The assortment is very versatile and I am sure you will find what you are looking for..

True Fruits – I love myself.

Last but not least, something that for once has nothing to do with sex toys: True Fruits, my favourite smoothies, have a very special limited product for Valentine’s Day on offer: the “I love me” edition..

The marketing department of the German company once again did a great job and knocked this product out with a wink. I would almost call it a protest smoothie..

Pairsex-Valentine's Day-Truefruits

Show your fuck buddy with this juice that you value him and his performance. ��

For almost 17 € + shipping you get the big 750ml bottle with the super delicious Pink-Smoothie cooled sent to your home. I can tell you that works well, because I once bought the version for Mother’s Day.

But I don’t want to lose so many words. Just look at it yourself..

Have fun shopping and a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

No matter whether at home on the couch, in the restaurant or at the new Fifty Shades of Grey in the cinema

Many thanks and many greetings


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