Amorelie Advent Calendar 2017 provides for a sensual Christmas.

Last weekend I was standing in Edeka thinking I didn’t see right..

All shelves full of gingerbread.

As soon as the first cool autumn days are here, the retail and online trade begins with the sale of pastries, decorations and Advent calendars..

So naturally also the erotism industry; above all the Onlineshop

I am sure that an erotic advent calendar is more exciting than a chocolate calendar for you, too. Of course, both are possible. ��

Last year there was already a particularly erotic Amorelie Christmas calendar; just like the five years before, too..

At the preferential price of 114.90 Euro at that time, a value of 380 Euro could be obtained. This price was only valid for special offers. At other, external suppliers, it sometimes cost a few Euros more. Last year, the calendar included various toys, such as the “Cruiser” vibrator from Miss V. worth 20 Euro or the “Touch me” spring tickler from Kink worth 20.90 Euro. More on this later.

Also positively to be emphasized were containing lubricants, massage oils and underwear. Both the woman and the man got their money’s worth equally well..

This product is mainly an Advent calendar for couples (also same-sex), which can also be used by singles, who want to take their sex life to a new level..

The calendar sold so well in 2016 that Amorelie designed and produced two different versions of the Advent calendar this year. Both make my heart beat faster and provide exciting intimacy in cold December..

On the one hand there is now a Classic Edition and on the other hand a Premium Edition.. In the following, both variants are explained in more detail.

The Classic Edition of the Amorelie Advent Calendar 2017

The Classic Edition of this year’s Amorelie calendar is priced at 129.90 Euro, a similar price segment to the Amorelie Advent Calendar 2016..  Of course this is a proud price, but quality costs a lot. But you get a very noble and high-quality calendar, which you will have fun with for a long time..

With a goods value of around 440 euros, it even offers a little more than that.The 24 sensual accessories of the calendar offer besides bondage and care products, lubricants and sex toys also chic underwear. All contained products can be used for solo sex as well as for intimate togetherness. The products can be used for foreplay, for a stimulating massage or just for a small excursion into the world of BDSM and Fifty Shades of Grey..

The surprises for him and her change daily and can be tried out immediately.. Also included is an exclusive lifestyle magazine with hot expert tips and inspiration from professionals..

Advent calendar Classic

129 €

  • Value of goods: 440 €
  • For beginners
To the Classic Calendar

Advent Calendar Premium

229 €

  • Value of goods: 665 €
  • For advanced learners
  • 3 Bonus Gifts(Womanizer)
To the premium calendar

The Advent calendar contains products of well-known brands such as Fun Factory (my darling), MOQQA, Shunga (ground oil & candles), Pjur (lubricants), Bold (Men’s toys), Unicorn (vegan condoms)  and Bijoux Indiscrets (very noble), who are known and loved for their knowledge and experience in “Sextoys.

So most of the time you find it in the calendars:

  • Small sex toys such as penis ring, minivibrator, masturbator or love balls.
  • Condoms, e.g. from unicorn.
  • massage and care products such as candles, oils, lubricants or creams.
  • Accessories (including BDSM accessories) such as whips, ropes, feathers and jewellery.
  • and much more.

I want to emphasize especially the products of Tenga, which became known by the men masturbators “Flip Hole” and “Flip Hole Zero” and the disposable masturbators “Tenga Eggs”..

Here a nice listing, which manufacturers are to be found among other things in the calendar.

cupid Adventskalender 2017: Die Marken

You will find the following brands in the Amorelie Advent calendar 2017.

The Classic version of the Amorelie Advent calendar is a solid calendar with lots of great products..

It is especially interesting for sextoy beginners who have had little or no experience with sextoys and erotic accessories.. The suitable entrance into the erotic Christmas season thus.

The Premium Edition of the Amorelie Advent Calendar 2017

cupid Adventskalender 2017 Erfahrungen: Wohnzimmer

The calendar fits optically outstanding into the living room.

The Premium Edition of the Amorelli Calendar, which was published for the first time this year, comes in noble gold tones and thus adapts to a tasteful Christmas decoration..

It can even be elegantly and chicly integrated into the living room. It doesn’t seem at all that sex toys and other erotic accessories hide behind the 24 doors..

I love that. Imagine a real masturbator imitating a real female ass in your illuminated glass cabinet. I would be interested to know how your family and friends react… ��

With a price of 229.90 euros, the Premium Edition is 100 euros more expensive than the Classic version, but with a goods value of no less than 665 euros.. In addition to 24 hand-picked bestsellers, the calendar also contains three bonus gifts and, like the Classic version, a lifestyle magazine with expert tips..

Among the bonus gifts mentioned is a product of the world-famous brand “Womanzier”. With the Premium Edition of the Amorelie Christmas Calendar, couples, whether homosexual or heterosexual, but also singles can melt the ice in December.

This calendar is ideal for experienced couples who have already used one or the other erotic calendar in the past years and now want to add one to it.. The huge selection of high quality products will impress even the biggest sextoy professional..

The best thing I can do is to let Lea-Sophie, the founder and managing director of Amorelie, have her say:

Be sure to observe: Both calendars are produced in a limited edition and are only available while stocks last.!

It is available directly at or in various other online shops, e.g.. Amazon. There it is however a few euros more expensive. Nice that I experience DAS also times. ��

If you’re late this year, I can reassure you: Blogs like Dessous Diary and Florentine Winter are giving away one or even more copies in November.. And let’s see… maybe I can get another one for a sweepstake..

Or, if you are on Facebook, have a look here: Launch: Amorelie Adentskalender Raffle

For whom it is important: Unlike most other calendars, the calendar can unfortunately not be hung up, but only set up. But that does not bother me personally.

In 2017, none of the products from 2016 should occur twice, which I very much welcome. It would be a real pity for all those who have or had the calendar from 2016, if they would be presented with the same toys again..

The nice thing about it all is that you also get products that you might not want to buy, but that you still like.. So ideal to broaden your sexual horizons..

Attention – Spoiler: The contents of the Amorelie Advent Calendar Classic.


If you don’t want to know what’s in the calendar, don’t watch this video. For those who are curious and want to know beforehand what they’re getting into the house, this video is:

A smartphone app rounds off the whole thing.

cupid Adventskalender 2017 Erfahrungen: Die Smartphone App

Get more product information, insider tips and interactive videos in your own smartphone app..

Since last year there is even a special app for the Amorelie Adventskalender, which will be available free of charge from November 2017.. Here you will find all necessary information about the products, hot insider tips and interactive videos on how to use the products..

The app is available for the iPhone as well as for Android mobile phones. A great development, in my opinion.

Past Amorelie Advent Calendar Experiences.

The content of the Amorelie Advent Calendar 2015 already inspired the masses. The experiences with this calendar and also the content of the Amorelie Calendar 2016 are thoroughly positive. Even though there was only one Classic version in the past, it consistently inspired all buyers. Most of the people I have talked to so far would like to try out the Premium Edition this year and are excited about further new highlights from the world of eroticism..

In the advent calendar 2016 there was e.g. a vibrator by Miss V, water based lubricant by Missgliss, a massage candle by Shunga, finger vibrators by MOQQA, a blindfold by Bijoux Indiscrets, love balls by Fun Factory and vegan condoms by Einhorn..

The wonderful Florentine Winter has gone to a lot of trouble to photograph and describe the contents of the Amorelie Advent Calendar 2016 here, as well as her personal favourites. The same applies to the contents of the Advent Calendar 2015..

Thank you so much for that, Florentine.. <3

Difference between the Amorelli Advent Calendar and other Erotic Advent Calendars.

cupid Adventskalender 2017: von oben fotographiert.

This is what it looks like..

The content of the Amorelie Advent calendar and other erotic Christmas calendars differs partly massively. I would like to go into these differences more exactly in the following.

For example “”: The erotic calendar of also offers two different calendar variants. The Classic version there costs 50 Euro and has a value of goods of 150 Euro. The Premium Edition of this calendar costs the consumer 100 Euro and has a value of goods of 300 Euro..

The price of the Amorelli calendar is very different from the price of the Amorelli calendar..

Judging by the user experiences of the Amorelie Advent calendar, the calendar offers significantly less quality than that of Amorelie. If you want to believe the various online portals, then this year many customers turn to the calendar of Amorelie.

Another erotic calendar on the market comes from Orion. For 59,90 Euro you also get 24 different toys. The banner leads you to the advent calendar from ORION. And you save directly 10%!.

banner Adventskalender ORION

My blogger colleague from Sintimate took the trouble to compare the calendars of Amorelie, and Lovehoney in 2016. Very worth reading how I find.

Conclusion – Very enriching for the love life and a romantic Advent season.

cupid Adventskalender 2017: Stark limitiert.

Since the calendar is strongly limited, it is worthwhile to be fast.

After all, it doesn’t matter which calendar you choose, the time you spend together is what really matters and what really matters..

2 years ago I was able to gain experience with the Amorelie Advent Calendar I was very satisfied. Of course I didn’t make a big leap of joy with every little door, but there were some products that sweetened our time back then and made the short, dark and cold days less short, dark and cold. ��

By the way: The experience with the Amorelie Adventskalender has shown that it is partly sold out in October.. People seem mega happy with the thing. This is also evident from the consistently positive ratings in the Amorelie Shop.

So it pays to be fast!

Amorelie Discount Code

Since 15.09. the Classic Advent Calendar has been reduced by 10 €, from 129 € to 119 €. Who knows how long it will last?!

Oh and if you still live at home or if the calendar should be a gift for your partner: Don’t worry. Amorelie always sends her products discreetly in white boxes and an evening that doesn’t suggest sex toys. They don’t differ e.g. from Amazon boxes..

I even think this Advent calendar is THE Christmas present for couples, so if I had a girlfriend… I would give it to her. ��

So get your copy of the Amorelie Advent Calendar 2017 now, before it’s sold out again!!

I wish you a lot of fun and a hot advent season..

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