About the sex blogger scene and its black sheep: What you can really believe and what you can’t.

What we do for you and why we do it.

I’m angry..

You’re pissed off.!

For a little over 2 years I have been working together with my team on a lot of work, passion & lifeblood in this blog. We publish regularly detailed & honest reviews to the most common sex toys. The whole thing of course absolutely neutral and without external influences. So that you are sufficiently informed before a possible acquisition and you no mistake After all, sex toys are hygienic articles and can therefore no longer be claimed after use. In addition, we clarify many detailed questions with the test report for you before the purchase. We are one of the few who also deals with strap-on dildoes, masturbators and prostatatoys preoccupied.

In addition, I put myself to the test with manufacturers and online shops in order to exclusive discounts because: Who doesn’t like to save a few Euros, if he can, to negotiate for you.?!

In painstaking detail work we create comparative tables, in which we let the already tested products compete against each other, so that you can see at a glance which advantages and disadvantages the toys have and how they beat each other in the competition..

Last but not least you’ll find on this blog a few information pages, FAQ areas and a specially developed tool (The perfect sextoy), which especially supports beginners with their (first) toy purchase.

About our Newsletter and on our social media channels you will always be kept up to date and notified when new channels are added. items, test reports or sweepstakes. Of course everything free of charge.

sex Spielzeug

We have a lot of fun creating this content. Your feedback (via e-mail, Facebook or comment on the blog) is our reward. If YOU are satisfied with our work and we could help you with your toy purchase, that’s enough thanks for us. In this regard: I thank you for the trust you have placed in us.!

In addition, we also earn a little bit through our “Affiliate Links”. Means: If you are using one of our affiliate links with external Links marked links at an online shop, we will receive a small commission. For you we create no disadvantages. You pay no other price and you also get no other product. But WE can use it to cover our running costs (e.g. for servers, mail service providers, etc.)..

Fake test websites grow and thrive like disagreeable weeds.

But now in the last weeks and months I notice the following: More and more of these so-called “Fake Test Websites“They sprout out of the ground like mushrooms. A trained eye recognizes them immediately (they are usually very similar in design); an untrained eye does not. And exactly THIS is the problem.

Usually such websites have names like “www.***-test.de” or “www.***-buy.de“, but also “www.***-comparison.de“the 3 asterisks are to be replaced alternatively with “vibrator”, “dildo”, “masturbator”, etc..

These websites usually fall under the term “niche sites”, which has been massively promoted and made known in recent years by the blog “Selbstständig im Netz” (Independent on the Net), among other things. They are not very extensive sites that exclusively present and advertise products from a small niche, e.g. only dildos or only vibrators; quite different from e.g. here on our blog. There are even websites where it’s all about ONE product, such as the Womanizer.

In most cases, the product images contained there are not specially made, but which are provided by manufacturers or shops. The website creator therefore selects a (high-priced and) good seller with preferably high commission, researches a so-called. keyword (with high search volume and low competition at search engines), gets its pictures, copies Product descriptions from the manufacturer, or from the shop and reformulates it in the best case something else. In addition then still one to two Affiliate links to the shop and a conclusion, while the Product regardless of its actual quality praised to heaven The “test report” is ready..

Often the same ratings are used as well, because they are all copied from each other. That looks like this:

popular Bewertungsdesign der Fake-Testseiten

The end of the article always sounds very similar, like this: So MIR liked the *** very much. I can only recommend him to everybody. But in the end it’s all a matter of taste and everybody has to decide for himself…

Well super… and what should a sextoy beginner do with this very general statement now? Right: NOTHING.

Of course, the article is stuffed with the selected keyword until it is unrecognizable. These are the texts where you think when reading: “Huh? Why is the word HERE now??““ ��

It gets really bad, of course, when the contained Info also wrong From a legal point of view, by the way, this procedure is quite borderline, since it is suggested that it is a question of real product testing.

The problem with the thing: The presented products were usually never tested by the authorHe didn’t even hold it in his hands. Means: You as a reader and potential customer., relies on a product rating that is not genuine. And the author also gets money for his morally very questionable “work performance”. What is published there, I clap together in less than an hour.

As long as YOU as a buyer are really satisfied with the product, it is all half as wild. But if not, the operators of websites with honest & real test reports (such as we) are stupid; because if the whole accumulates, we will sometime no longer be trusted.

By the wayThere is even a COMPANY that runs at least 3 of these pages at the same time. Absolutely crazy..

How do we test at Strap on it? How complex is a sextoy test really??

sex Spielzeug: Wie wird getestet?

In order to give you a small insight into our complex work, I would like to describe to you quite roughly how we proceed with a product test:

  • procuring of the product to be tested (either at your own expense or provided by the manufacturer/online shop). However, the product may already be privately owned..
  • photography and possibly. filming of the product incl. accessories already during unpacking. instruction manual study.
  • possible preparatory actions before the toy is used for the first time; e.g. charging the battery.
  • first useFor toys for men by me, for toys for women by my two colleagues. We pay special attention to quality, design, haptics, smell, equipment and ease of use..
  • If it’s good, there’s at least one more second, sometimes even a third test.
  • Edit images/videos or cut notes together.. Write a test report & format (incl. overview table, price comparison, etc..), proofread.
  • Evtl. raffle organize sb./sth..

All in all, depending on the device, we come up with an average of 10-14 hours of total work. In the long run this only works well, because we are interested in the products and have fun testing and writing. And exactly THAT’s not what most operators of the “fake test websites” have. These people are only out for the fast Euro. In my opinion you can see that also in their articles.

Black sheep copy our content and are successful with it.

By the wayEven though a Product provided free of charge If the product is bad, this will also be done accordingly in the customer’s test report..

As long as the pages in question are “far down” somewhere and don’t get any attention, that doesn’t bother me. But if they become successful – and some of them are – it becomes borderline. Sometimes people with a technical background hide behind them, who make their pages known with questionable methods..

I’ve even had to find out three times now that Parts of our website in part 1:1 adopted and have been published elsewhere. Recently a webmaster has added our tool “The perfect sextoy“He took over the complete description text, word for word. I nearly fell off my stool..

Take a look for yourself:

your perfektes Sextoy - copycat

Click here to see the direct comparison.

I have put countless hours of work and a lot of endurance into this tool, so of course such actions annoy me a lot. But I don’t just speak for myself, but for the entire sex blogger scene.

I hope that you, dear reader, will recognize when they want to tie up a bear to you and tell you a story about the horse. In the long run I hope that the sexblogger scene will not suffer too much from these black sheep and that both the users and the search engines will recognize who does his work well and who does not..

You can trust these pages blindly in your research.

Now I do not want to leave you alone with this information, but give you something on the way. In the following you get a Listing of all German websites with sextoy tests I gave you. unreservedly recommend Without any claim to completeness:


Peithopeithoplays_thumb has been around for a long time. On her site you will find a quite impressive archive of reviews of many different sextoys; sorted by manufacturer, type or material. She is very detailed, brutally honest and largely objective in her reviews..

If you speak English, check out “Links to Read More”, because it lists some good English language websites about sextoys.


Sintimate_thumb Sintimate was called “Liebelernen” until recently, has existed for some time and is kept alive by Diana..

Diana not only specializes in sextoys, but also blogs about everything that can improve your partnership and your sex life, which has already resulted in a stately article archive.

Florentine Winter

Florentine Winter_thumbFlorentine is also an “old hand” in this business. Florentine, you know what I mean. ��

On her visually very appealing blog you will find erotic short stories as well as reviews on sextoys and accessories. Worth mentioning: Florentine takes incredibly beautiful pictures not only of sextoys, but also of herself, in a breath of nothing, as James Bond would say it.

A visit is definitely worth it.

Lvst principle

Lvst principle_thumbTheresa von Lvstprinzip is the absolute highflier. Although her blog is still quite young, she has shaken up the sex blogger scene since its foundation..

Theresa doesn’t report about sextoys very often, but if she does, you can believe the articles with a clear conscience. In addition, you’ll find articles on sex & pornography on a regular basis, very roughly about the topics sex & pornography, where you don’t mince your words..

Theresa also lets experienced guest authors have their say from time to time. Very praiseworthy. ��

So if you are looking for a test to a concrete Toy with us do not find it, I can you the above pages only to the heart put.

I hope you liked this little insight into the world of sexbloggers and that it provided you with some information. Equipped with this knowledge, you will certainly approach the next research with a lot of attention and open eyes. If you still have questions, just write them in the comments. If you need further advice or are not sure about a website, just write us an e-mail.

Thank you for your loyalty.


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