Determine condom sizes: Don’t make the same mistake!

The shelves are full of them..

You can find them in different sizes, colours, with or without taste..


Never before have they received so much attention as today.

Because in times in which sexuality is lived more openly than 10 or 15 years ago, it is all the more important to strive for adequate protection. One does not want to be punished with any unpleasant consequences.

The correct size of the condoms is particularly relevant in this context.. Because this is the only way to protect them properly.

What you should look out for when buying a condom, how you can easily determine your own condom size and even more, you will learn in this article.

Which condom size do I need??

Welche-Condomsize_Penis messen

Measurements are taken directly under the glans.

First of all, I want to show you how to determine your condom size..

You don’t need a special condom size calculator to do this..

The only thing that matters is the width of your penis.: Simply measure the thickest part of your erect (!) penis.

ImportantNOT the glans, but directly underneath. Where the measuring tape meets again, you simply read the number of centimetres..

Write down the measured number and go with your new knowledge to the drugstore of your confidence. You will find the information about the widths on the back of each pack..

Sometimes you will also find the length of the condom there, but it is of secondary importance because it is not bad if the condom is too short or too long..

If it is too short, the most important part is still covered. If it is too long, it is simply not completely unrolled..

No problem. 

So, remember: Do not measure the penis length, but always the width of the penis.!


S,M,L,- The different condom sizes.

Now you know how wide your penis is. I’m sure you’re wondering: “What condom sizes are there and what condom size do I actually have??

You can see directly from our table which condom design is perfect for you and thus find out your individual condom size..


Penis circumference under 10,5 cm. The condom width should therefore be 49 mm or less..


Penis circumference between 10.5 cm and 12 cm. The condom width should be between 52 and 54 cm. By the way, this is the standard condom size..


Penis circumference over 12 cm. The condom width should be at least 55 mm..

Which condomsized_Ehormore Kondome

You can also find the width of the Unicorn condoms on the back of the packaging..

There are also manufacturers who offer XXL condoms with a nominal width of up to 69 (mm). The manufacturer My-Size is very well known here. Just have a look at his website.

One reads again and again from consumers that the Mysize condoms have a particularly strong smell of their own. Well, I have already used several of them and cannot confirm this. They do not smell stronger than other condoms from comparable manufacturers..

The disadvantage of Mysize is that they are usually a little more expensive than other condoms and less often found in retail stores, but more on the Internet. But the advantage is that they are available in 7 (!) different sizes and therefore the right one for everyone..

On Amazon you can also find Mysize trial sets, where you can try your hand at first..

The average man won’t need these condoms, but who knows… maybe you’re not average? ��

Update 12/2017: We have tested the Mysize condoms extensively.

Not every drugstore has the different condom sizes in their assortment, so it is advisable to make you smart in advance here on the net. Many manufacturers then also offer a penis circumference – condom size – conversion table on their homepage. Similar to the one we have presented to you here. But just for the extra large penis.

A tip from meDon’t mark the cool guy by buying condoms in XXL that are too big for you the next time just to impress your new flame. This goes backwards and in the worst case can have unpleasant health consequences for you and the lady of your choice..

Specifically: You’ll be parents!

How must a condom fit??

Whether the condom fits well or not, you can tell by the following: If it is too small, it already causes problems when you put it on. It does not unroll well and simply feels too tight..

Of course it is also too tight if it tears or bursts or if your penis loses stiffness quickly after covering..

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be very tense to see if it’s too tight or not. You’ll just notice it all by yourself..

If a condom is too big, it sits much too loose and usually slips off immediately during sex. Here you can see how it looks like in reality with the help of pictures.

Only by a perfectly fitting condom your health and the desire at the sex are secured.

Therefore you should definitely pay attention to the correct condom size and deal with this topic in detail..

But that’s exactly what you’re doing.. ��

Things to know about buying condoms.

So that you don’t stand in front of the condom shelf next time, you have already taken the first step and determined your own condom size. I would now like to give you one or two tips on condom buying on the way.


Tasting sets are a good way to get started.

How about a tasting set?

Yes, you heard right. Different manufacturers offer tasting sets.

This is a small box with condoms of different sizes. If you are still a little unsure, you can find out directly in the live test which condom size suits you best..

But this hint also goes to the women’s world: having a tasting set with different sizes in the bedside table is not a bad idea. So you are prepared for everything, because especially if you don’t know a man yet, you rarely know what he has “in his pants”..

I’m of the opinion that it’s not always the man who should carry a condom..

The right condom shape is important.

I’m sure you thought there was only one condom shape.? But this is not so.

Most condoms have the shape of a cylinder when unrolled, but some brands also offer condoms with a slightly wider tip. These are suitable for men who have a particularly thick acorn..

In the best case, inform yourself here on the websites of the individual manufacturers and find the condom that suits you best..

Do not use expired condoms.

You’re probably aware of it anyway, but I’d rather say it once too much than too little: NEVER use expired condoms and pay close attention to the best-before date..

This is printed on the packaging but also on every single condom. If condoms have expired, they can be brittle and tear without you noticing anything about it. What the consequences can be, I certainly don’t have to explain to you.

Expired condoms should therefore always land directly in the barrel and be replaced by new ones, or you can pull them over your head and blow them up with your nose until they burst. ��

Buy and use only condoms with test number.

Condoms you use should always be tested and have a test number, which is located on the condom package and starts with the letters “CE”. Only condoms with this test number guarantee safe fun and should be purchased by you..


This is what the CE mark for unicorn condoms looks like.

Never buy condoms from vending machines.

Condoms should always be bought in pharmacies or drugstores, or in the online shop you trust (but even here you may have been stored too long or wrongly)..

In vending machines, depending on where they are installed, they could be exposed to particularly strong weather influences and the basic substance of the condom, latex, could be attacked as a result. In addition, the point “best-before date” again plays a role here..

Condom machines are rarely maintained and can therefore also contain condoms that may have expired, but since you only see this when you have already paid for the condom, it would be a waste of money, because you should not use it anyway..

Welche-Condomsize_Condom Machine

Never buy condoms from a vending machine.

So always make sure you have a good fitting and durable condom in your pocket in the best case. NOT in your purse!!

Conclusion – The right condom size is more important than you think.

A well fitting condom is essential for safe and beautiful sexual intercourse..

Check exactly, which condom size fits you, pay attention to the MHD and that the condoms have the important CE test number..

Only then will “safer sex” become really good sex..

Have fun!

By the way: Just have a look at our condom tests. Here I have already taken a look at some models of well-known manufacturers. There is certainly something for you here.

I also give many tips for the safe handling of condoms. I mention this again at this point, because misadventures can happen to anybody; even the most practiced.

Only last week I didn’t hold the rubber properly while pulling it out. The result: It got stuck quite deep in her and the juice ran partly into her..

The end of the song: The next morning she left 35 € in the pharmacy and unnecessarily supplied her body with a poisonous hormone cocktail..

So please be especially careful and pay meticulous attention to the correct use of your rubbers..

Safety first! ��

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