Mysize condoms: 7 sizes for 100% safety & perfect fit (+ competition)

In my article about condom sizes I already explained how important it is to choose the right condom size, how you can determine it yourself and what to consider when buying a condom..

Today we want to have a look at this in practice and Mysize condoms examine sb./sth. closely.

Important when measuring your best piece is not its length, but its width.

Simply place a tape measure at its thickest point, which can be directly below the glans or further back on the shaft, depending on the shape. Just at the point where the condom should really hold..

With the determined number you go to the drugstore/pharmacy or the sex shop of your confidence and get the perfectly fitting condom. The respective size you find mostly on the (back) side of the packing.

Or, if you need an extraordinary size (no matter if XXL condom or XS), there are very special manufacturers who offer condoms in every conceivable size mainly on the Internet..

More about this later.

On the internet you can find different tools to calculate your condom size. But I find such a condom calculator much too cumbersome.

There are also other ways in which measuring can be made much easier.

For example, you can download our free tape measure here, print it out and cut it out. Ready?.

There is also a somewhat more professional alternative. I will come to this later..

But make sure that you get the condoms that really fit you. Make sure thatür so that your ego doesn’t stand in your way..

Don’t buy XXL condoms if your penis isn’t, and don’t buy XS condoms if it is, because the condom shouldn’t be too small..

It will slip off or burst. In the worst case, both will ensure that the protection is no longer given..


Mysize Condoms: My Rating.

Mysize Condoms: Overview.

name My.Size
overall mark very good
price approx. 9 € for 10 pcs (may change)
current Amazon price
Amazon Rating
material natural rubber latex
width from 47 mm – 69 mm.
wall thickness 0,07 mm
package sizes 3s, 10s, 36s
humidification medium
little/no smell
quality very good

How must a condom fit??

Is it not easy to roll it over and does it even tie up your penis? Then the condom is clearly too tight. In the ideal case, you notice this immediately. In the worst case, the condom can be easily damaged when you put it on and you don’t even notice it..

Does it sit loose or even slip after the first impacts? Then it’s probably too big..

However, most men in Germany get along quite well with the standard condoms from the drugstore..

But if you want to be on the safe side and deviate a little from the standard, you can use a “tailor-made” condom..

If you don’t like to buy your suits off the peg, you should watch out now.

Because this is where a German company comes into play that fulfils your desire for a perfect fit and maximum security: My.Size.

Mysize condoms are available in 7 different sizes.

Mysize has set itself the task of offering condoms in a wide range of sizes.

So even someone whose penis size deviates from the norm will find a condom that fits him perfectly. Then he can relax, is free in his head, can concentrate on his partner and fully devote himself to the act..

I know it myself: If I don’t trust my condom 100% and feel insecure, my lust and therefore my erection will quickly diminish. If the condom narrows me down, I even feel significantly less during sex. Especially annoying for me as a circumcised and therefore less sensitive man..

Sometimes independent of the fact that both condoms that are too tight and condoms that are too large simply don’t look good and completely disfigure the penis..

A perfectly fitting condom, on the other hand, is almost unnoticeable; I can drop myself and switch off my head..

mysize Kondome Test_Übersicht

The Mysize condoms are available in 7 different sizes

My.Size has a total of 7 different condom sizes in their assortment: 47, 49, 53, 57, 60, 64 and 69..

The right condom size makes for that:

  • More feeling during sex.
  • More safety and therefore relaxation
  • Easy and fast unrolling.

All condoms are vegan, made of natural rubber latex (not for allergy sufferers) and differ only in length and width..

For example, the smallest size 47 has a nominal width of 47 mm and a length of 160 mm and the largest size 69 has a nominal width of 69 mm and a length of 223 mm..

The wall thickness is identical for all My-Size condoms, namely 0.07 mm..

They are already slightly wetted with lubricant, so that further use of lubricant should not be necessary..

One notices this always beautifully, if I throw e.g. with change from Anal to Vaginal the used condom on the soil around me a new to snatch. On the place, on which the used lay, I slip out regularly and break me nearly the neck. ��

How do I keep my condoms safe??

I have already answered this question several times on this blog, but since it is so important, I like to go into it again:

  • Store your rubbers cool, dry and above all protected from sunlight. So if possible not on the windowsill, but rather in the bedside drawer..
  • Don’t carry her around with you all the time. and don’t put them in the same pocket as keys, pocket knives, etc. And don’t get into the habit of carrying them around in your wallet..
  • Exchange your condoms regularly, This is about 4 years for the My.Size condoms by the way..

How safe are condoms really??

A question many people ask themselves.

Of course, the protection provided by a condom is very good, but not 100%. Just as it always reads on the packaging..

Even with condoms you can catch something or get pregnant. Moreover, no condom is 100% tearproof..

But with proper use and the correct condom size.the danger is very small.

mysize Kondome - Andruck der Größen

Each package is marked with the appropriate condom size

Because then the condom neither slips off nor tears. If you don’t just pump more than 18 litres of water into it… ��

And a little tip from me: If you use lubricant for rubber, please only use water-based lubricant, as everything else can attack the latex of the rubber and make it porous..

AND: If possible do not apply the lubricant directly to your penis, i.e. UNDER the condom. This can cause the condom not to hold well..

The same applies if “she” or “he” gave you a “wet” blowjob before…

I then rub my best piece briefly a little dry and feel so safer.

Enough theory: What is MY practical experience like??

mysize Kondome Test: 3er Probierset

This is how the package contents of a set of 3 samples look like.

My.Size was so friendly and provided me with the following condoms for a test:

  • One pack of 3 each of all available condom sizes.
  • A My.Size condom size knife.
  • A Komdomguide in German.

Since I am currently in a wonderful friendship Plus, I had a full 4 weeks time to fuck my way through all condom sizes! ��

First: Determine the correct condom size.

In order to be able to make an exact judgement, I have determined the right condom size for me in advance. As I said, it is measured at the thickest point of your limb.

I’ve done that with both the Measuring tape of the enclosed condom guide, with the Strap on it Measuring tape and also with the Plastic condom size knife by My.Size made.

mysize Kondome Test: Mysizer und Kondomguide

There are several ways to measure your condom size. Here are the condom guide and the My.Sizer.

Attention: If you use the print and cut variant, please be careful, as it may cause sharp paper edges which could injure you..

The different measuring methods differ slightly (depending on how much pressure you exert during the measurement), but all position themselves around the condom size 60.

By the way, I was very happy about THE result! ��

By far the easiest and most comfortable was the plastic condom size knife (My.Sizer), which was sent with me.

Here are the different types of measurement in moving pictures:

By the way, there’s an action that gives you My.Sizer almost for free. In principle, you only need a stamp for it. To find out how it works, click here.

I have tested the sizes 57, 60 and 64 on the basis of this result. Something that I can recommend to you by the way also very much. Because depending on condom size your feelings differ with the sex.

After 4 weeks test run I have found my perfect condom size: the 57!

mysize Kondome Test: Mein Messergebnis

The proof photo for my measurement result. ��

This condom size is ideal for me because:

  • The condom is easy to unroll (even with the mouth).
  • It fits tight, but not too tight that it constricts.
  • I still feel enough during sex..
  • I feel safe and protected..

So I recommend that you try different sizes to find the right condom size for you..

How should you do that? Quite simple: My.Size offers e.g. on Amazon a Tasting set with 3 condoms each of a condom size to.

The handling of Mysize condoms is 1A.

Both the cardboard outer package and the condom package itself were easy to open every time, which I really like, because there is nothing more annoying than being so annoyed when you open it that you put your teeth in it and in the worst case you don’t even notice if you damage the rubber..

Each package contains a small instruction manual, which contains tips for the application, among others.

mysize Kondome Test: Packungsseite

The condom size is also printed on the side of the packaging..

I would just like to summarise them briefly:

  • Do not cover the rubber with your fingernails..
  • Do not tear the packaging with your mouth or teeth..
  • Don’t roll the Parisian upside down. And if you put it upside down, rub the tip once after turning, because there can hang drops of lust (they can make you pregnant).
  • Do not damage the condom with any hand jewellery..
  • Change the condom in any case if you change the sex practice (vaginal to anal still works; but vice versa in no case).
  • “Then hold the condom by the ring below and pull out the peis slowly. So nothing can go wrong.

Mysize Condoms: Price Comparison.

So that you can Purchase of your new rubbers are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of My.Size condoms at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Mysize condoms

Product price*: 35,95 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 3,95 EUR | Price may be higher now.
Product price*: 39,95 EUR | plus shipping costs*: 4,95 EUR | Price may be higher now.

Dates as of: 06.09.2018 18:08:59
Information on price comparison

And here a comparison of all already with us tested condoms

product name appraisal price
durex Invisible Kondome, extra dünn für intensives Empfinden, 12er Pack (1 x 12 Stück) Durex Invisible condoms, extra thin for intense sensation, pack of 12 (1 x 12 pieces) (3.5) EUR 9.19 PER SHARE
durex Natural Feeling Kondome, 16er Pack (1 x 16 Stück) Durex Natural Feeling Condoms, pack of 16 (1 x 16 pieces) (4.1) EUR 17.45 PER SHARE
LELO HEX Kondome (12er Pack) LELO HEX condoms (pack of 12) (3.2) EUR 19.90
My.Size Kondome, 60 mm, 10 Stück My.Size Condoms, 60 mm, 10 pieces (4.2) EUR 9.97 PER SHARE

Conclusion – Those who do not want to buy off the peg are well served here.

Mysize condom test_article imageEven though the My.Size Condoms are not quite cheap, they can definitely keep up with the big ones like Durex, Lelo Hex or Unicorn. With the advantage that they are available in 7 different sizes. If you absolutely need latex free condoms, you have to look somewhere else..

The My.Size condoms can be ordered online e.g. at Amazon or Vinico or can also be bought in well-assorted specialist shops (sex shops) and pharmacies..

As the regular reader already knows, due to my circumcision I am a big fan of condoms that are as thin as possible, i.e. as true to feeling as possible. My.Size also scores in this respect all along the line.

By the way, there are many different pack sizes online (3, 10, 36) with different condom sizes. So the selection is very varied.

In my opinion, the price of the rubbers is also completely within the range. A pack of 10, for example, is between Amazon 8 and 10 €. Can therefore compete with comparable products absolutely.

I’ve read in the net before that the rubbers stink. I can’t confirm that. I think the condoms from My.Size don’t smell unpleasant at all..

At the moment the Mysize condoms are my favorites next to the unicorn condoms..

Win 1 of every 3 Mysize condom sets & My.Sizer meter.

gains 1 von 3 Probiersets & ein My.Sizer

Win 1 of 3 tasting sets & one My.Sizer

Now I’ve certainly made you curious about the My.Size condoms. Since I don’t want to drop you like a hot potato now, I’ve got something special for you..

A total of 3 winners have the chance to dust off the following:

  • One set each, consisting of 3 different condom sizes next to each other (e.g. 57, 60, 64).
  • One My.Sizer each (plastic condom size knife).

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments: 

What was your funniest or most embarrassing sex experience to date??

Among all answers 3 winners will be drawn by random generator, who will then be notified by mail. So remember to enter your correct mail address.

I will then need your condom size from you so that you will also receive the matching trial set. I will attach the free PDF in the mail with which you can measure your condom size..

The competition ends on 17.12.2017 at 20 o’clock.

Good luck with the participation and have fun trying out the My Size condoms..

I look forward to your comment!


Update 19.12.2017: The raffle is finished. Our random number generator has spit out the numbers #2, #3 and #6 and thus “Thorsten“„, „Olaf” and ‘tino‘ as winner one My.Size condom tasting box each.

Dear winners, you will receive further information to the e-mail address you provided. I hope that is correct! ��

For everyone else, I commend you, our Subscribe to newsletter (under the article) or become a fan on Facebook.

Then you won’t miss any more competitions! ��

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