How do I get from point A to point B or how do I get from my current to the future there’s some interim things you probably need to do plan what type of training what I need what type of experience what I need would I need a mentor what I need to work with someone else has been there done that what I need to learn some new technology get some new tools get some new skills and plan those things and then commit you’ve got to be willing to commit put yourself put your commit to your time your money and your effort if you can’t commit to it you’ll never evolve and get to those steps so we remember in the SMART goals right so I kind of. Find out about goals on Edusson.

If you google or look up SMART goals you’ll see some different plays off of these but I’ve selected words that are important to me and people that I mentor in this area so SMART goals can stand for being specific and creating your career goals you want them to be smart so they need to be specific if you’re not specific in the goals then it’s hard to get your head around what you’re trying to plan and even commit to it also needs to be meaningful if the goals are the career goals for yourself are not meaningful you’re probably going to lose interest quickly and again it’s going to be hard to even plan it out or commit to because when you plan your planning time resources of money and effort so also you want it to be aligned meaning you want it to be aligned to you with who you are.

If you’re going for a career that’s not aligned and who you are it’s it’s not you’re not going to last long you it to be something that’s important and aligned to you for instance the more I advance and started inventing in project management I became more attracted or drawn to things that have to do with the people part that’s more aligned with Who I am mentoring with people is aligned with Who I am so being aligned with for instance if you have a career goal of being in some role that you have to do some detail-oriented work and you’re not a detail-oriented person that’s not aligned with who you are it’s going to be very difficult you also want it to be relevant be relevant to your field relevant to your interest and also tangible.

The goals need to be tangible something that you can actually put your hands around or have an idea of what it is you’re trying to accomplish so you want your goals to be smart goals you want to be able to envision yourself in that role you want to be able to make a specific plan of how to get from your current to your future and you want to commit so those are the things that I found that are very helpful and just getting started to set in your new career goals if you need a tool that can help you manage and track your new career goals.

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