Students often encounter writer’s block when asked to produce in class narrative topics open up a world where they can explore and share their own personal experiences everybody has a story to tell and listeners and readers are interested in experiencing it with you today’s webinar will give you the basic tools for leading students in the first steps as successful enthusiastic writers our present our presenter today is eryn carlson aaron is currently an easel middle teacher in the US he also works as an ESL writing professor at Northern Virginia Community College he is over 20 years experience in second language acquisition and has lived and worked overseas in sweden poland slovakia finland moldova and russia welcome Aaron raise your hand how many of you keep writing forward to this day for a while and as the state in the introduction this is this presentation is about writing narratives.

I mean this is really a great start to begin when you want students to become confident in what they do so I’m going to start off with a little quote here it says if you have other things in your life family friends good productive day of work these can interact with your writing and will some will some be all the richer so the reason why I chose this is because our experiences our base for being successful writers we all have incidences in our life that we’re proud of that always stick with us that could be it could be five minutes that it happened it could be an hour to be a day but all of these types of stories were very important to us they stayed with us to this day and they shape who we are because from it being a positive a negative experience we learn something that’s really the basis of what we’ll be talking about today but before we do that I’d like everybody to take a survey and tell me how you feel about writing.

So we got a whole bunch of different option scared says it’s hard to try to avoid it it’s all right as long as know what I’m doing I like to write about things I know and I’m willing to write about anything anytime anywhere and you know from what’s coming up here we can see that there whoa wow look at that looks like we got a nice balance going here and one of the goals of this presentation is not only to get your students comfortable about this but also to to help you feel comfortable in this so let’s talk about some of the objectives before we start so objective is to understand why writing is important we look at some scenarios that help you with that also to recognize the strength of your own experiences in your writing leave this is the single most important part of making you an interesting person and interesting writer also will define and understand how to write a narrative you’re going to walk away today to get us a hmmm i underst hearing what I need to do when I’m writing a narrative.

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